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  1. Hi I recently crashed whilst wearing my Garmin 935 watch. The watch is working but the screen is cracks and the casing is scuffed. Can it be repaired and who can do it? Thanks
  2. Hi everyone, garmin released theirs new series to the instinct watches the garmin instinct 2X but I see that it’s not for sale in SA yet. Does anyone know what’s happeneing?
  3. Hi all, so I am looking for a new watch strap. I have a Garmin Fenix 6 which uses the 22mm quickfit system. I currently have the stock rubber band and it works great, starting to tear where the buckle joins to the strap but other than that no problems at all. I do however LOVE the Velcro/nylon strap that Garmin introduced with the Enduro 2 model, only problem is that it is only available in 26mm width. Does anybody know of a different brand that might have bands similar to these? I saw that Forza Trading launch their own line of garmin watch bands but unfortunately no velcro/nylon option Link to the Forza straps - https://www.forzatrading.co.za/collections/watch-accessories
  4. Garmin today announced the Edge 1040 Solar, the ultimate GPS bike computer featuring solar charging and multi-band GNSS technology. Harnessing the power of the sun, the Edge 1040 Solar features a Power Glass™ solar charging lens, giving cyclists even more ride time between charges – up to 100 hours in battery saver mode – while […] View full article
  5. So I stumbled onto this piece of chocolate brownie today. https://www.virginactive.co.za/memberships/perks/garmin#:~:text=Please note%3A,on the Benefit Partner's website 25% off on basically all Garmin products except for things like HRM and cadence sensors. No idea how exactly to redeem it but since it's VA, I'm going to assume it's legit. You're welcome
  6. Hi, I am look for a Dual suspension Bike and Garmin Edge 530 or upwards. Requirements Large (Dual Suspension) 29er Budget for bike and Garmin R35k Any Recommendations? Thank you very much
  7. I’m in the market to buy a GPS Watch/Activity Tracker. I can’t bring myself to spend in excess of R12000 on the Garmin Fenix that I want, so am wondering what to spend my money on. I have to get do something about my general fitness, post COVID I’ve been battling and feel I need to become a bit more scientific about my training. In this me gone by, I’d start Strava on my phone to just track the activity. Activities are mainly cycling (MTB), a bit of running and swim tracking would be nice too (I will still swim Midmar before I die...) Is the Apple Series 7 worthwhile? What are the shortcomings for cycling? If not Apple, what is the alternative? Garmin 745? Budget up to R8k Any input and advice will be appreciated.
  8. Garmin Fenix 6 just launched https://www.dcrainmaker.com/2019/08/garmin-fenix6-pro-solar-series-review.html https://www.techradar.com/news/garmin-fenix-6-series-is-official-with-big-screens-and-new-running-tools
  9. Beginning of this year I bought myself a Fenix 5. Great watch! I could however not for the life of me find a suitable mount to mount my Fenix unto my handle bars. There were the universal bike mounts out there, but usually they were sold out as soon as i contacted the seller. Either that or they were very expensive. Some background, i am currently studying Engineering and as a hobby i bought myself a 3D printer. Only after a while i put two and two together and realised that i could just print myself a mount. I could also customise it the way i wanted. I opted in for a mount that attaches to the quick release mounts of my Fenix’s straps and mounts to my stem for a clean look. I started selling these mounts here on bikehub and i was supprised by how many people were interested. At this stage I am wondering of there were more people out there can can just not seem to find a specific part they are looking for, or replacement for something that broke. Do you guys have any suggestions on things i can design and print? Things like flat pedals that clip into your spd pedals, or more funky things like a coffee cup holder for your bike? What is that one thing that you just can’t seem to find? And have you thought about maybe 3D printing one?
  10. OK so I have a strange observation and I wonder if anyone else has experienced something similar. The group I ride with do weekday rides following the exact same route every time. I recently upgraded from a 26 inch bike to a 29 inch bike and my ride distance, measured by a Garmin Edge 820, changed from 15.13km to 14.94km. That's 190m less and is a 1.3% difference. Now I thought it was a new downhill section that may be shorter, but looking at the map, both rides I'm comparing used the same route! Could it be possible for a Garmin mounted on the handlebars to measure a difference in how I track through corners on these new bigger wheels and could it be that big a difference? It seems so crazy yet I can't (yet?) see another explanation?? So, am I crazy or what?
  11. Hello fellow Hubbers Where can i get my Garmin GSC10 Speed and Cadence Sensor repaired? Is it worth it?
  12. Hi, My Garmin 920xt battery life is shot. The device can be opened with a hex screwdriver. Would be interested in hearing from anyone that’s changed a Garmin battery themselves. Has anyone attempted a battery change, and if so, which battery did you buy (see below) and from where? Do Garmin sell the batteries and if so for how much? I’ve looked at YouTube videos and there are a few that have changed the battery, which is attached to the back casing. Can import the battery with the casing -cost is under USD15 but the shipping is USD99, if anyone interested in a group order to bring pricing down let me know. Takealot has 920xt batteries for about R400, but (1) the connection is different to the ones shown in the YouTube videos and the ones that come with the back cover, (2) they don’t include the back cover, and (3) a video by Triathlon Taren indicates that the battery that’s attached to the back cover is malleable and can’t be removed from the cover easily. Has anyone bought these batteries from Takealot and how easy was it to change?
  13. Good morning folks, To those with a Forerunner 945 and using Deezer, who has had issues after the last update with syncing the music over Wifi? When I hold the bottom left button down to access my playlists, it just shows a blue IQ text with a small yellow exclamation mark. When I bypass that, and it does try to sync, after a short while it just says not all content can be downloaded at this time or something to that effect. Help will be appreciated. And please, don't tell me to use Spotify instead.
  14. Hi everyone my 6 month old Garmin Edge's one ear broke off? Would Garmin help out or am I left on my own to sort it out?
  15. Evening. Anyone racing the 2021 joburg classic this Saturday. Looking for a gpx file for the route if anyone has created. Pls hmu. The route seems to have changed from last year btw. Thanks.
  16. Rigorously tested pedal series introduces compatibility with SHIMANO SPD-SL and SPD cleats for on- and off-road riding. [center][attachment=1684207:Rally - Flatlay.jpg][/center] View full article
  17. Hoping to get some help here. I've googled around and can't find the exact thing, but I'm guessing if it's possible someone on here would have figured out how. The problem: I want to be able to view WHERE I am on an elevation profile for a certain route - quite practically, I've often done (Mtb) races and pulled out my phone to look at the elevation map, cross that to how many km's we've done, and been able to go "OK, looks like we have that x big climb left", or "we're this far now into that hard piece" etc. I'm wondering if somehow, using the EDGE 520's segments or route profiles, you can load a race's route before the ride and be able to map yourself during it on the unit itself. i.e. on one of your data screens, have some version of the 'total' race and be able to track yourself on it.
  18. I'm looking at purchasing a new Garmin watch. I have had a look at the Venu SQ i really like it A LOT! Any Venu SQ users out there that can maybe give me some insight on this piece of tech?
  19. So I am looking at buying the Fenix 6x. I'm leaning towards the Sapphire, but would probably have bought the Pro from Takealot for R9999 if I didn't miss that deal last week. The Pro is R12k at Takealot now, and the Sapphire is between R15k and R16k. At these prices I'll probably still go Sapphire (unless I get a really good deal on the Pro somewhere). I'm currently on a Fenix 3 (not Sapphire, not HR) I love the color of the bezel. Does this color compare to the 6x Sapphire bezel? Not so sure about the black on the Pro. Amazon is the same price as local after shipping, duties and having to buy additional maps. I've checked Takealot, Makro, EasyGIS, Navworld, Cape Union and Sportsmans Warehouse. Have I covered my options there, or are there any other suggestions on where to compare prices?
  20. Good morning technie/touring Hubbers! Planning on doing more long distance challenges this year incl. longer Audaxes etc. Been interested in the Edge Explore for some time since it was known as the Touring, but cannot find any evidence that it is sold in RSA. Seems more geared towards the European touring market. Anyone have one/seen one?
  21. Hi there Hubbers! First thread for 2020. Didn't reach top 10 for 2019 like I did in 2018, need to get back up there!! To those who own the FR945, or even any Garmin that has the Music capability - do you also face the issue that once you "activate" the music (holding bottom left button) and it searches for your BT earphones/headset, that if said earphones/headset isn't already turned on, and you turn it while the watches is searching, it refuses to connect? Then you have to "forget" the earphones, re-search (where it promptly finds it again)? I always forget to turn the earphones on before activating the music, perhaps for my own sanity I should start doing that. Also, does anyone know how often the music provider has to sync over Wifi? One a week, fortnightly? I have a premium Deezer account, so not using some cracked website. Thanks!
  22. Hi Hubbers - Not sure if there is a thread like this so sorry if there is already one. I'm in the market for a decent cycling / gps computer.......navigation is not necessary but will be a added bonus. Main features to track your ride; display HR / Cadence / Power ect. I would really like to have a device where I can import a previous race and then compete against that time.....I assume this will be like virtual pacer? So if my previous CTCT time was 4hrs, I want to know how far I'm off in reaching the goal. Any advice or device you can recommend? Garmin / Wahoo / Bryton ......... ?????
  23. Garmin has announced the Edge 130 Plus and Edge 1030 Plus, its latest GPS bike computers that include state of the art navigation, performance insights and safety and tracking features. Engineered for cyclists, by cyclists, the Edge 130 Plus and Edge 1030 Plus will not only track a ride, but monitor stats, provide training guidance and more. Ideal for riding no matter the weather conditions, the Edge 130 Plus features a button design and a 1.8-inch display that’s sharp and easy to read, whereas the Edge 1030 Plus offers a 3.5-inch touchscreen display that is quick and responsive – even when wet or used with gloves. Click here to view the article
  24. Which would you pick between the two? Any pros/cons.
  25. I am in the market for a bike computer, I have been deliberating between the Garmin Edge 530 and the Wahoo Elemnt Roam for quite some time now. This is more of a question on Wahoo South Africa's pricing than opinions between which is better (I am however still open to suggestions!) In South Africa, the Edge 530 (*listed at R6000) is nearly R2000 cheaper than the Element Roam (listed at R7999), fine. When observing UK prices. the Garmin Edge comes in at R5499 (at a R21.15 - GBP exchange rate), making it an 8% price increase in SA to UK. The Element Roam is listed at R6345 in the UK (again, at a R21.15 - GBP exchange rate), making it a 21% more expensive on the SA shelves. The Bolt, listed at R5499 here in SA, is priced at R3912 in the UK (difference of 29%). Long story short, why does Wahoo have higher markup prices when comparing SA to UK than Garmin? Would it be because Garmin has a greater presence in the country and therefore able to turn more stock over? Just found it interesting more than a complaint. *Just wanted to note that prices were taken from official website listings - the Garmin unit however is listed at R6949 on their official website - but have only seen it listed at R6000 on most of the popular sites.
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