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  1. Have fun. I'll look out for the vid on youtube.
  2. oh please. grow up. I was sent a PM asking if I'd be keen to bring my gear and some of my friends, who are DOPs. I've seen MANY crap riding films. I'd just be keen to be involved in something cool. We are able to create a very cool film of some trails there. And who said it shouldn't be professional looking? YOU? So now what, you build some trails up there and if YOU say something it's the way it's to be done? Go for it, head up there with your gopro and have a laff. cheers
  3. awwww, great retort there. Well done.
  4. naaa, fists and sticks are for schoolboys. Much easier ways to fix things than this.
  5. I really need excellent photoshop skills like eccentric's. How about a 3 month unpaid trial period, which includes washing my bike and car. Oh, and our toilets get pretty hazardous too at times.
  6. ag shampies eccentric, is that all you have? GRRRREAT 'shop skills there too. Come work for me.
  7. I'm not really keen to haul my gear and buddies in for that. Like I said to the OP in a PM, if it's just going to be a bunch of riders shooting random bits of track cut to the usual thrash then I respectfully decline. I'm in if you guys want to pick one or two younger riders who can RIP it, and session one of the best lines there. Then thread this together into a coherent edit to show off the scope of the trail as well as personality and profile of the younger generation. Why younger? Because they are kicking ass and they deserve the attention. We'd really prefer to do this kind of thing on a high end level, otherwise it just ends up being a waste of time. Any ideas as to who you'd think to be an awesome bunch of young riders to use? yeah dude, got this in mind.
  8. Please rather write in Afrikaans if you can't handle English. You are hardly a snob. Unless of course your 'k' key is stuck and you pushed 's' by mistake?
  9. Except that your review was unresearched and biased, almost a justification to yourself for choosing the cheaper option. For the price, it can't be beat. This model is for the amateur film maker, novice, who would like to capture their own ride etc. For serious users, the 1080p is the only way to go. Look out soon as there are new GP models out shortly. Ok, now the usual posters can step in and assault me with the usual. David, eccentric, drongo et al (oops, wrong term?)
  10. I like the name. Which riders, and which route?
  11. I think the idea is to get some decent Tokai DH footage though?
  12. Here's Gizmodo's article on it: http://gizmodo.com/5829353/anonymous-to-destroy-facebook-on-november-5th
  13. My bad, I was thinking of the other incident: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=py7kR2jX9RM Seems like a lot of road rage in the UK
  14. Who? What's the beef dude? Care to share?
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