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  1. LMAO on the rider name on SKY jersey "Lawless"
  2. LMAO on the rider name on SKY jersey "Lawless"
  3. Not latest but 2 weeks ago, along with new kit, shoes, pedals...you cant ride a new bike in old kit!
  4. 2 weeks and still smiling! Love ❤️ this bike
  5. 2016 has been a great year. Achieved way beyond what was set out at the beginning of the year. Now the next chapter needs to be written on distant shores.
  6. Hope everyone had a good weekend. Been around since 2009 but don't comment much, prefer to just watch from the side lines every now and again. The Hub used to be a place I enjoyed back in the day when forums used to be interesting and make sense but over the last few years its more drivel and trolling than anything else. A lot of those members have moved on I see. Never the less, there is some interesting topics once in a while. In the meantime I'm enjoying the hot weather for the last few weeks before I will be riding in sub-zero temps in Europe Have a great week everyone
  7. Naas I need a 11spd Sram Cassette and Chain for my 1x MTB
  8. I would love it if local bike shops could open a topic page where they put links to their black Friday specials, just the links with no reply tabs so there is not 20 pages
  9. Don't know it but just remember that does not mean it is a bad brand. South Africans are all about brand names like Giant, Spez, Cannondale but really the brands we have here compared to the rest of the World is maybe 10%. The variety of other brands in Europe, States etc is absolutely massive! So don't discount a brand that you have not heard of, chances are you may be pleasantly surprised
  10. By this time the big net of "bikehub" would have surely got back to CWC...still not 1 F!&% was given
  11. Im glad for this but why does it take a police offer to be robbed before any action is taken. Surely all the robberies, bikejacks etc the unfortunate people who were robbed went straight to the police to make cases? Or am I missing something?
  12. In reply to Ashleigh Moolman ChronoDesNations ‏@ChronoNations 16h16 hours ago It is worth clarifying that @ashleighcycling fell and slid to come hit a motorcycle that was parked on the low side. No collision on race
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