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  1. Always happy to help. I'll pledge a bag of dog food to the same doggy sanctuary for every 100km that Guy manages. Will double it if he does it on a BMX.
  2. I asked somebody this exact question, but they got rather annoyed that I did so on "their personal FB", so I'll ask here: "Did he (Darryl) ever name the irresponsible pharmacist who almost, through complete and utter negligence almost ended his career?"
  3. Speaking of which.. this is interesting. Driving a bakkie for work vs driving a bakkie for image.
  4. No not me, when I said that I "rammed a bus from behind" I was referring to you mom.
  5. I’m at my investor offices and this is their entrance hall art. Spoke to the owner, he has never ridden it in 50 years
  6. So after many years, my OG is on the stand getting restored back to new! Have had this bike for 23 years, motors is as sweet as ever thanks to Oom Stretch, but now it’s getting all the body bits made pretty again.
  7. I popped past there a few weeks back to look for some jackets/gloves and saw the same two bikes, but under about 1000 boxes! Felt like they needed rescuing from an abusive owner.
  8. The Epic is not supposed to be average.
  9. Another problem with this approach is that the tribal tatted Randpark Firethorn members will start with “Listen charna, I paid 150kaaay for 8 days of social media posts!”
  10. What was THAT little 92km the queen stage??? Things are difficult! 2000s: “Work harder!” 2020s: “Change the standards!”
  11. Haven’t read the thread yet, so this is not directed at anybody here. From my various WhatsApp groups etc, it seems people are ONCE AGAIN whinging about the race being hard. WTF??? Every damn year. “It’s too hot, it’s too steep, it’s too this or that” Its the Catalina “Cape Epic” Wine mixer! FFS!! Go back to the driving range if you can’t handle it. There is no “handicap” system in cycling to sandbag, it’s just you and your legs! Watch how they will soon let the ABSA VIP clients do it on eBikes….
  12. Ben “Colin Edwards” Reaper!
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