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  1. Had to drop from 28s to 25s to get mudguards on. It’s a shame, and it feels like I have teleported back to 1972 on them. (Been on 30c on my Factor for a while now). As to the leather saddle in this weather, Brooks seems to be very popular here, it’s always wet here in winter, so based on that quaggaesque logic, I am 100% sure it will be fine. To be fair, I wanted the Cambian but they didn’t have a one in tan in the shop….
  2. And updated. Mudguards will come when it’s wetter.
  3. Got me a little steel frame Ribble 725 for the wet and gritty winter. Its in the shop being Brexited. Tan bar tape, Brooks B15 Swallow saddle, some SKS muddies and some stem slamming. Will post after pictures on Sunday when I get it back.
  4. Artisanal Firewood. Makes a massive difference to the meat flavour.
  5. Somebody caught our little group a few days back. Sunrise in Richmond Park
  6. Checkers apparently does a nice sock
  7. Surprised that Delarey is contradicting himself? You must be new around here.
  8. I agree, its good to see the narrative on this thread changing. We can improve our behaviour AND still demand that motorist do too.
  9. If the perception out there is that cyclists think they own the road and are a bunch of selfish twats, motorist will not be interested in being educated about these bunch of inconsiderate lycra wearing idiots. This is EXACTLY why we as cyclists have a responsibility to be more considerate. If we are, fewer people will hate us and more motorists will be willing to listen to a message from cyclists.
  10. Patchelicious


    Silverstone was lots of fun. Racing wasn’t great. But was nice to be out. Picked up a little memorabilia too.
  11. “Well that’s going to be a challenging wank” seal clubbing, rectum of the year, love letters from the abattoir…. Man he was good
  12. Taking a lane in Bakoven to stop cars passing you on a blind corner, and acknowledging them, is riding defensively, and the acknowledgement of the car shows consideration. Few rational people will have a problem with this. Riding into oncoming traffic to film a group riding 3 abreast for a social media post is not done for safety.
  13. What this thread quite clearly illustrates is that there are entitled people on bicycles and and in cars who use the others behaviour to justify their own entitlement. Be more lekker, whether that is in a car or on your bike, society will be better for it.
  14. The fact that you agree suggests that you know the answer.
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