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  1. Mate, I don’t know if you had the same Zwift advert over and over and over and over and over during the Tour. MvdP was on his Zwift more in those adverts than he was at the Tour.
  2. He seems to have taken the Dutch pastime of getting stoned to new level.
  3. Guess MvdP should avoid the Zwift ramp test.
  4. Edit: joke has been made already... read the thread in order Patch, come ON man!!
  5. He better be careful, before our local virtue signallers get all “offended”.
  6. Was it CSA’s fault that he missed the time cut at the Tour too?
  7. Gravel bikes are slowly evolving into 90s mountain bikes. Those who can’t let go of the past are going to be getting worked up about this 🤣
  8. G with the stickiest energy bar, and bottle, I have seen for a while, must have been a melted Strawberry PVM one
  9. Come now, while it’s fun to play up fairy tale stories, he didn’t crash out, he got dropped. He got lots of coverage and support after he did. Waaaaaaaaay more than other riders who missed time cuts, so I doubt it was a case of having to pull himself up from a bad place mentally. He was one of the public’s heros of the Tour.
  10. So a bet is a bet. Cav made it to Paris. Well done! As agreed, 20 bags of dog and cat food and some blankies have been delivered to Louise at @DJuice’s request. @Wayne pudding Mol here is me eating my dog biscuit. Now you guys all keep your end of the bargain and support your local SPCA.
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