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  1. Its going to be a while until I'm that size again, but I have a cupboard full of those size just waiting for me.
  2. Cool, anatomic shirt ordered. Only had the beer shirt in 5xl, but i guess its "fitting". <- see what I did there! Thanks for the advice! Hope to see some of you on the trails soon!
  3. I carry most of my spares in my back pocket but maybe (seeing that it will be a while before I can ride long enough to use 2 bottles) I should go that route and get a tool bottle for the spares.
  4. I stopped cycling give or take 2/3years ago and since then I have put on quite a lot of weight. I was a big guy even when I was cycling fit. Did w2w weighing just shy of 130kg. I want to get back into the swing of things, watching the epic just awakens something in loins. Where can I find cycling clothes for the bigger guy with the afrikaner boep, until its under control again?
  5. Mine does the same, its my seatpost, if i take it out and clean then its fine for a couple of rides untill dust gets in there as well. I went through a whole exercise where i replaced all pivot bearings and even got a very expensive bottom bracket with o-rings to eliminate noise and in the end it was my seatpost.
  6. You have to change as the world around you change...ask blockbuster or any mr video shop owner.
  7. Maybe post on wannabees facebook page as well.
  8. and whether the advice is relevant is also irrelevant.
  9. Just sorry there is no evidence to what led up to this. This is the exact reason I ride with a GoPro on my motorbike.
  10. The CWC account was last online in november last year, maybe someone should make them aware of this thread.
  11. Bought a new bike over the holidays and wanted to order some upgrades from CRC today and noticed that Shimano not available anymore. O well, now I have to wait for my mother in law to go visit in Europe in April. This really sucks.
  12. I know everyone is hardegat and "I have a right to be there" but this is why i dont use a tar road unless there is a massive yellow lane. I love my life and family too much and dont want to put them through a public trial of an idiot that thought he was far enough away from me.
  13. I just got an email demanding bitcoin with my amarider website password included in the mail.
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