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  1. We raced the Western Cape Enduro race at Jonkershoek, Stellenbosch. Thanks to Western Cape Enduro for organizing the awesome race weekend and MTO Jonkershoek for letting us race in the beautiful valley. I hope you enjoy the race day edit!
  2. Fellow trail users, It’s been quite sometime since our last trail update. Almost all trails in Jonkershoek were destroyed by the recent fires. At it’s finest hour (pre-fires) 25km of single track existed in Jonkershoek. Positively moving forward, we commenced trail building on August 17. Our goal is the creation of about 70-100km of varied single track as-well as usage of the excellent fire road network. As part of this comprehensive trail network there’s a very thorough directional and safety signage plan. Most importantly we also have a self sustaining financial plan meaning that we won’t have to knock on the same doors for funding each year. FINANCIAL HISTORY: Since 2011 we have collectively fundraised R 672,260.50 broken down as follows:2012 - R 165,1052013 - R 159,7752014 - R 219,4202015 - R 128,050.50Contribution breakdown:Individual contributions (2012 to 2015) - R 244,957 (or 36%)Fundraisers (2012 and 2013) - R 84,200 (or 13%)Pennypinchers Origin Of Trails (2013) - R 54,970 (or 8%)Specialized Bicycles (2012 to 2015) - R 278,133.50 (or 43%)All R 672,260.50 went directly towards trail building in Jonkershoek. Unfortunately most of that good work was destroyed in the recent fires. We are very appreciative to everybody who contributed. Thank you, your generosity means so much. These monies demonstrated the potential Jonkershoek represented; we now aim to better grasp that potential. FUTURE: Although fundraising and contributions have gotten Jonkershoek to where it is today (pre-fires) we have always known that in order to best position Jonkershoek as a truly world-class trail destination the generation of income needs to be self-sustainable. We cannot continue knocking on the same doors for monies, relying on donations and fundraisers. Since February we have been working with the CEO of MTO, Lawrence Polkinghorne on ways to make Jonkershoek self-sustainable and in doing so create the very best trail destination. MTO are aligned; they too want the very best trail destination. We have decided that the initiative will be led by MTO; a team is going to manage Jonkershoek’s trails in partnership with MTO. Essentially the gate entrance fee will be increased, effective September 1, with all surplus funds going towards trail building. Over and above we will sell a limited number of branding rights packages to interested individuals / companies at R 100,000 per package. Based upon pre-fire Jonkershoek attendance the gate surplus income will be sufficient to create an incredible trail network. The sale of branding rights will be a positive surplus. Moving forward Jonkershoek will be referred to as 'MTO Trails - Jonkershoek'. A Facebook Page has been created, where we will regularly provide updates (please visit - https://www.facebook.com/pages/MTO-Trails-Jonkershoek/1614831528781058).New Jonkershoek Gate Entrance Fees (effective September 1, 2015):Per entry - R 50Annual Individual - R 500Annual Family - R 700We would appreciate your support in embracing these new fees, which are inline with market related entrance fees. THE TEAM: To establish Jonkershoek as the go-to spot in South Africa and a place to be proud of on an international scale requires the very best and most experienced team of people, as is the case with any business. Herein the team:Management (each avid mountain bikers and / or trail runners):Lawrence Polkinghorne - Group CEO, MTO. Thanks to Lawrence and MTO we have been afforded these amazing opportunities in Jonkershoek.Bobby Behan - Managing Director, Specialized Bicycles Africa. One of the original group who started the trail building initiatives in 2011.Giniel De Villiers - Dakar Rally Champion. One of the original group who started the trail building initiatives in 2011.Gavin King - Owner of The Ride In Cafe in Jonkershoek, Gavin brings international experience following many years working on the global cycling circuit (road and mountain).Hanno Lategan - Maties Cycling Captain. One of the original group who started the trail building initiatives in 2011. Hanno has been instrumental alongside Corrie Muller and Bennet Nel in creating the Coetzenburg XCO Course.Advisory Team (each avid mountain bikers and / or trail runners):Christoph Sauser - Founder of Songo.info; multiple Cape Epic and World Champion, Olympic Medallist.Paul Morris - arguably the most core rider in Stellenbosch, Paul’s expertise will come into play on the more technical trails. Paul is also most probably the very first ‘unofficial' trail builder in Stellenbosch!!Corrie Muller - very passionate local rider and trail builder. The driving force behind the Coetzenburg XCO Course and Pennypinchers Origin Of Trails route.Michael Meyer - Managing Director, Stillwater Sports. Michael’s expertise will come to play especially in relation to events.Alexa Cunningham - Sponsorship and Events Manager, Stillwater Sports.Kathy Crabbe - General Manager, Songo.info. The trial network will have strong links to social development.Julia Skea - Attorney and trustee of Songo.info.Paul Haumann - Chartered Accountant and one of the original group who started the trail building initiatives in 2011.Over and above this group, we will reach out to local and international experts from our collective connections so we are always informed on best ways forward. Our Facebook Page will also provide us with a powerful communication platform where we can take-on board constructive feedback.If anybody would like to be involved please reach out via the Facebook Page or email me directly.Trail Builders: both are proven world-clas trail builders who also handle themselves on a bicycle:Bennet Nel - Bennet and his team of 6 people will be the main trail builders. Bennet built most of Jonkershoek’s trails to-date as-well as the Coetzenburg XCO Course. Hylton Turvey - Hylton is well known for the trails in Karkloof and has already been involved in Jonkershoek. Hylton's trail building style will add varietyUPDATE ON JONKERSHOEK: The idea with Jonkershoek is to create a multiple trail head approach, an approach adopted from learnings of leading international destinations. Each trail head will have a variety of trails stemming from them, which can be accessed by fire road and/or single track climb. For now we are referencing old trail names, but where necessary new trail names will be created as the various trails open. Felling will continue in Jonkershoek until December. Areas affected will be most trails originating from 'Bench’ and ‘Quarry’ Trail Heads. Trail building commenced on August 17 around 'The Neverending Story' Trail Head. There will be intensive work in order to have all trails originating from the ‘Neverending Story’ Trail Head completed by October / November. Upon completion trails originating from ‘Bench’ and ‘Quarry’ trail heads will be built. Although this represents an aggressive timeline, we hope that by early 2016 most of these trails will be open and complete. Lastly for now please ride / run / walk in the non-felling zones. We appreciate your support in this regard. Please feel free to distribute and to reach out at anytime. Thanks for all of your support, Bobby.
  3. First race is a week away! (F. me... Somehow I'll be ready-ish for it after 2 months of on/off illness) We have been teased with the conties route, so probably expect to see a lot of recce-ing this weekend. Who else is riding/racing?
  4. Hi all Just heard over the weekend and confirmed it this morning at the gate that the Jonkershoek permits are doubling up in price as of the 1st September 2015. One time entry: R50 Single annual: R500 Family annual: R700
  5. Hi Hubbers Two of our friends were attacked and assaulted yesterday afternoon on the Jonkershoek road. The driver made a U turn and tried to run over the cyclists with his vehicle. Thereafter he stopped and took a stick object and beat them up. Then another car stopped and 3 guys helped the driver beat up the cyclists further. (The driver apparently said "the road does not belong to us etc". The one cyclist took a video of the incident. A case has been opened at SAPS, PPA Legal and attorney was contacted. Be safe.
  6. Hi guys I'm visiting Cape Town from the UK over Christmas & NY (arrive tomorrow and here until the 2nd Jan) - and bringing my long travel mtb with me. Does anyone know of any group rides in and around Cape Town I could join over the period? Either Table Mountain/Tokai or further afield? I'm reasonably fit and used to riding black trails in Europe - so keen to try the most technical stuff you have. ???? Thanks in advance!! Robin
  7. Howzit guys, So my friend and I are planning to go through to Stellenbosch on Saturday to go ride Jonkershoek for the first time. I heard from a few people that it is an amazing track. I am also eager for a new track, so really looking forward to it. Can you guys who have ridden the track please give us advice on what to expect. How long would one ride? How much water will you need? Nutrition? Climbing? Distance? The price of permit? How late does the track open? Any other feedback will be much appreciated as I just want to be prepared for the day. Thanks. ~ André
  8. I was riding Jonkershoek this morning and had a nasty fall as someone had placed two tree branches at knee height across the trail. We rode down Armageddon and ended up on what looked like a new fast black route coming off Armageddon. I was doing about 30km/h and as i came down a steep section there were two thick branches at knee height across the trail - i had no option but to break hard and hit them sending me flying over the handlebars. Luckily for me there were not many rocks around and got of fairly lightly. This could so easily have resulted in some serious injury. There was no doubt that they were intentionally placed there. We did earlier see a group of students at the top of Saaljie who were having a bachelors party (weekend) as they were dressed up in all the kit - not sure if these guys might have thought it would be a fun prank to play - either way it was damn dangerous - we cant have stuff like this happening on our trails.
  9. Alet Morgan, a Stellenbosch mom and runner, was tired of all the rubbish next to Jonkershoek road on her daily running route. Thursday, 15 February, she organised more runner moms and friends to help clean up the 6km stretch between Jonkershoek and Stellenbosch. They only managed 1.2km, by which time they filled 32 refuse bags with rubbish. 4.8km remains. Thursday, 22 February, The team from Extreme Lights joined the runner moms to pick up rubbish. We decided as a local business, we also needed to do our part for the community. Our staff committed two hours per week for community service. As part of our #EcoPledge to #CleanUpYourAdventures we chose to join and support the runner moms on the Jonkershoek road as our first, of many clean up projects. We want to challenge other businesses to do the same. Select an area that is special to you. Everyone has one. An area that you always say: I wish they wouldn’t make such a mess or I wish they would clean that up. Go there, and clean it. Do your part for the greater good. Everyone is invited to participate in the next cleanup. It is planned for the upcoming Thursdays, 1 and 8 March on the road to Jonkershoek. 8:00 to 10:00. Contact Theresa Fourie on 084 511 8647 if you would like to join.
  10. In this episode of Destination Trail, we follow Hannah Barnes and Miranda Miller as the pair ride the scorched wilderness of Stellenbosch, South Africa. A vast network of trails have existed here since the '90s, but after a massive fire scorched much of the Jonkershoek Nature Reserve in 2015, fresh funding has paved the way for even more singletrack. And today, this lemonade-out-of-lemons approach has rejuvenated existing trails and laid the groundwork for new ones, making the area a true destination for any mountain biker with a love for dusty red earth. Click here to view the article
  11. Hannah Barnes lives the mountain biker's dream. She competes in events like the Enduro World Series but in between she travels the world taking on adventurous races and exploring trails, all in the name of fun. Hannah recently visited Stellenbosch to shoot to film the latest episode in the Destination Trail series at Jonkershoek. We sat down with Hannah to find out how she managed the great mountain bike swindle. Click here to view the article
  12. Early in 2015, the greater Cape Town area lost a few of its flagship trails due to wild fires. One of which was Jonkershoek - a piece of land with immense scenic beauty, and loads of trails for both hikers and mountain bikers. Months of downtime allowed for logging and getting the trails safe again, which meant zero access to the public. During that time though, two very talented individuals, Bennet Nel and Hylton Turvey, put their heads together and resurrected the playground that we've all been missing so much. Aptly naming one of the trails, the Red Phoenix. Click here to view the article
  13. Does any one have information on the fire in jonkershoek? I can see the smoke from my digs.
  14. I seem to have left my 15mm Maxle behind in the parking lot @ Jonkershoek on Sunday afternoon. Not sure where I left it, most likely on the ground as I packed my bike into the car. fail. Only realized this morning when I wanted to ride again! Its a 15mm Maxle. screws into a Rock Shox Revelation fork. Axle is black in colour... like this http://www.amazon.com/RockShox-Front-Maxle-Ultimate-Black/dp/B00D0S1242 If anyone picked it up please let me know. Its a brand new bike so not that keen on paying for another R500 axle. Thank you!
  15. Winter has delivered so many gorgeous days this year, but when it decides to rain... it POURS! Friday was one of those days & DH racing was not sounding like the best of ideas, the roads became rivers & the freshly burnt pine plantations had turned into a mush of mud & ash. A few riders braved the storm & got a few runs in, but my window weather report was not making photography a look like a good idea. The online reports were showing clear all day Saturday & Sunday, but on Friday that felt very far fetched, especially in a valley that has some of the highest recorded rainfall in the country. Click here to view the article
  16. According to Volunteer Wildfire Services, Jonkershoek is off-limits till further notice. Does anyone have more info on the duration. They say "further notice" but would appreciate more detail. Thanks https://www.facebook.com/VolunteerWildfireServices
  17. Cape Nature reports that Jonkers is open to public again, not all that excited to go and see what is left; but at least its open
  18. Well not quite but almost. I rode there this weekend - my third ride this year and the only one when it hasnt been raining. Wow is all I can say. The 8 km slog up to the neck is worth it - so much well built singletrack, so much flow and interesting bits to test you and yet quite ridable for people with moderate skills. The canaries have a bit of everything for all skill levels. We also tackled the WP DH course, not realising it until we had got half way down. Again, beautifully built and surviving pretty well despite the exposure and heavy rain we've had this year. For every big feature there's three smaller ones. The bermed corner with catch fencing and 60 deg "get back and hang" on descent sections are amazing. My wife managed to ride most of it on her Zula. Then theres that 1 km loop near the dam. Hardly any gradient but it just flows over rocks and between trees - you hardly notice the pedaling. Awesome fun. You just need time to do all teh trails because the place is big! I am thinking of moving to Stellenbosch :-)
  19. Hi guys my name is Grant and I recently moved to Stellenbosch and this is officially my first post. I am involved in motorsport and find that I was very unfit during last years season and aiming to keep on top of my game this year. As a result I have started running as well as cycling and do some some light weight training as well. I bought me a cheap MTB and it's been okay for what I need it for but have considered getting me a slightly better entry level MTB. I have decided on a Avalanche ATX 350. So I have only been out 5 times since cycling and have done the following: 10km,10km,16km,16km and this past weekend i did 35km in 2 hours which involved 350m of ascent in total. Now I know I am not that fit when it comes to cycling but overall in terms of fitness I am not to bad. I do a 10km run in just shy of 1 hour. My questions are as follows: 1: How difficult is Jonkershoek, I see they list online an intermediate trail and advanced trail. I want to do the intermediate trail which is listed as 13km. 2: Will I be fine with the Avalanche ATX 350 Frame: 6061 Aluminium Fork: SuntourXCT MLO Gears: Acera 24 spd Brakes: Promax mechanical disc Wheels: 26″ Avalanche Rims Thanks in advance.
  20. Hi all. Happy new year to everyone out there. This is a very interesting topic for me and I'm quite interested to see what other riders have to say. I haven't been doing trail riding for very long. I started in Tokai with my KHS 3000 alite hardtail and that's pretty much where the bug bit me. All my riding buddies had dual sus trail bikes and I would try my hardest to keep up. Eventually after about a year of exploring all but the downhill trails in tokai I realized my KHS had taken a bit too much punishment and it was time for my first dual sus. After much searching I became the proud owner of a Trek fuel ex5 2013 for a great price! And proceeded to take her straight from the point of purchase to the lovely trails of tokai. All I can say is wow! Best choice ever! Anyways to make a long story slightly less...long. I moved to Gordons bay and have been riding Jonkershoek pretty much every weekend for the past year and it blows my mind nearly every time I ride there! Granted I've had to bad crashes and luckily no serious injuries but I really think can it get any better? I fully intend on branching out and trying out a few more trails as I've only ridden about 2 others(oak valley and helderberg plans) since moving to Gordons bay. Sorry for the blabbering but I would love to hear ur feedback.
  21. Anybody know how much the annual permit is for Jonkershoek for 2015?
  22. Hi, I'm currently visiting Cape Town and have really enjoyed the Tokai rides. I have one day top do something a bit further afield and am tossing up between the 32km circuit at Oak Valley or venturing to Jonkershoek. I love beautiful scenery, some challenging ups, exhilarating downs, but nothing extremely technical; if I wanted to walk I'd be hiking! I like the idea of going on a "known" route, because with only a day we won't have time to do much exploring and would rather just ride something known :-) I'd like a distance of 30-50km. Would love to hear what the experts have to say about my potential choices!
  23. Morning all. I lost the top part (the handle) of my pump yesterday at Jonkershoek. I think it is somewhere in the Fire Hut trail region. Please PM me if you find it lying around. Thanks.
  24. If you lost some keys at Jonkershoek recently, PM me and if you can ID them, I will tell you where they are.
  25. Hi guys, I am down in CT for business for a few days and I've brought my bike along. I'm planning on riding at Jonkers on Sunday and I'd really appreciate it if a kind soul could share a GPX file or 2. I've riden here once before and I got very lost which wasn't a bad thing but I really wanted to find the rock "wall ride" that I've seen in pictures. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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