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  1. not on the left side, it has reverse thread so there is it lefty tighty
  2. How is that going to help now?
  3. Have you tried posting it in the Events section of the Classifieds?
  4. Niner

    Race rules

    Does wearing a long sleeve shirt make sense to you? Does wearing a helmet make sense to you?
  5. Niner

    Race rules

    So you don't stop at Red traffic light if you don't feel like it? How many other rules do you not follow?
  6. Niner

    Race rules

    I want to know why we HAVE to wear a helmet? It is my brain and if I want to trash it i can :-)
  7. Niner

    Karoo To Coast 2015

    Instand DQ, they will know what time your "chip" is supposed to start. If it crosses the mat before that then DQ. If you ride with the other persons chip and number and they find out, banned!
  8. What has this got to do with the thread?
  9. Watch and listen to the video, they were clearly on a "promotion" day or something.
  10. While I was in the "army" we were told that we are property of the state and we can get into **** for stuff we do in "our" time even when not in uniform.
  11. I mean their employer does nothing. But 2 years ago when cyclist hit the taxi driver they were suspended from riding the "argus" . So a club has more control over their members or an event over their participants and and employer over their staff
  12. Yoh, their employer turns a blind eye, but PPA suspended those cyclists.
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