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  1. Streeeetch Long time no chat . How you doing bru?
  2. Wayne Sl topic change but did you ever manage to sell your magnificent “village bike “ that the whole hub had a hand in choosing the bits ? That would be a good example of bikes holding value ?
  3. Paul , Rocky Bay trails is right next door . Cracker , safe and fun routes in the trail park .
  4. Like you Stretch , I love watching the actual sport competition. Agree wrt sports like Athletics and swimming and cycling , mostly because we identify with them . But how do you even begin to argue which other sports needs to be cut ? I don’t take any notice of the equestrian events for example , mostly cos I’m seriously scared of horses . But the equestrian athletes work as hard as Wayde or Chad and the equestrian supporters see it as vital to their lives as we do the bike racing. So cutting sports is hectic
  5. Other than the 2 main descents , which will be fast and quick, uphill the whole route. Nowhere to hide tired legs today
  6. Yeah , all valid technical points . Agree regarding the press , seems to be on a different system. Villareal seemed to have lots of space when pushing from midfield last night , and would have been quite a handful had they decided to attack more . Agree re team stability , but seems to be building around a system of more versatile players who shift position. I think Holding is a great option where he is now , and TP been one of our best signings for ages. But , with the time already invested , seems a waste to abandon that and start with a whole new gig. I reckon the great Arsene took a few years to sort things and start developing his game at the start , and we should give MA a shot at settling down. A few months ago there was shouting form all over for Ole to get axed at Man U and now suddenly he’s golden . The one tactic that drives me nuts now tho, is this need to have 4 or 5 cute passes in no space at all in front of goal once the keeper is involved. Just get the thing upfield......
  7. Nope, leave him be. We’ll get better with time , building is a slow process . Seems to have the support form the players. What we do need is some creativity up front . I’m optimistic for the next few seasons , let’s see how things roll
  8. Thats R 111.24 in proper money for a beer . Eish .
  9. This made me smile Wayne. Thought I was the only one who put old burglar guards on the lawn holes to stop my lab from digging there again. Wish I had a solution to stop her destroying the washing line . And the electric cabling under my caravan
  10. I’ve never understood the beef with DSTV, esp as far as the sport goes . And that’s pretty much all I watch on it . To be able to channel hop between golf, bike racing , soccer, cricket , rugby, boxing , athletics, now ESPN as well , without even having to think about where and how to stream something is worth the subs to me
  11. Anyone watching The Serpent on Netflix?
  12. Ja, but at least we through to the next round . Jose not so much. Hes not shy to lay into his players after they rubbish. Wonder how well that goes down in the dressing room
  13. When you do get on the idt, don’t be surprised at how hard it’s going to feel . Riding with the sling is uncomfortable anyway , but after both my surgeries, was toast on the trainer in no time with rubbishy low numbers . Remember thinking how on earth do some crash , break , plate and then race within days . Hang in there, takes a while Re your original question , check with surgeon before you do, there’s lots of critical wound healing going on . Don’t want to disturb that .
  14. Benjamin


    To Shebeen , and all my other Province and Stormers supporting mates , sad to see the end of an era at Newlands Rugby Stadium yesterday . Holds some remarkable rugby memories. Most iconic for me at Newlands was Pieter Hendricks rounding Campo with his fist raised to score in the 95 World Cup opener , but as Province fans , I’m sure you guys have many more personal memories of the place. However , your new stadium has, judging by the sevens and the soccer, got to be one of ,if not the finest stadium in world rugby , so look forward to that in future . Imagine that place packed full and singing vs the All Blacks or Lions . All the best to Province Rugby going forward
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