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  1. Get some slime/sludge in your tubes. If that doesn't seal them holes up, then at least you'll immediately know where the hole is. Works for me
  2. Wolf Tooth Components – XX1 Style Chainring Test http://www.i-mtb.com/wolf-tooth-components-xx1-style-chainring-test/
  3. heed0

    Your Enduro ride

    So, out with the Trance X and in with the Reign X... Awesome bike! Coil fork is kinda heavy but it'll do
  4. Nice! Was thinking of doing a build like this a few months ago
  5. Does the Momsen mud guards come in black?
  6. Who sells these Marsh Guards locally?
  7. heed0

    Your Enduro ride

    Still in the process... I'll post her soon
  8. heed0

    Your Enduro ride

    With the 140mm up front, there's definitely a noticeable feel to the bike. I can run the fork with slightly less air and therefore makes the front end more plush. Head angle becomes more slack so it's great for the down sections. oh, and I just sold the Trance last week
  9. ROS9! (Ride Over Stuff) More: http://www.bikerumor...actual-weights/
  10. With the bronson making an entrance with a bang and not to mention the heckler, it seems like most forgot about the nomad...
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