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  1. or instead of CRC you can keep it local cause local is leaker with: Rush Sports or Olympic Cycles or Gumbo or...
  2. shot! maybe I should just get new brakes @patches : I have moved the brakes in towards the Stem but the end of the lever still sits by my ring finger and if I move it inwards anymore the shifters start getting to far away thanks for the great feedback.
  3. Howsit, I am riding basic Tektro Drako Hydraulic Disc brakes on my bike and the long levers are driving me mad!! Anyone know if other replacement levers like Shimano, Avid etc. will work if I swop the stock ones out for a more racier 2 finger lever? Or does anyone sell the Tektro 2 finger levers? had a look at a few online shops and I can't seem to find anything. shot
  4. Shot for the ride Hairy! I will be back next week nice and relaxed pace!
  5. Hey guys! Is there a ride tomorrow morning? I am keen!! )6h30 at Rhodes Memorial?
  6. tedibear send me the link for yours... keen to check it out
  7. Thanks DJR, it wasn't paint though it's that vinyl the guys use to pinstripe their golfs with. i did put a clear coat on though!
  8. yip those bars are super narrow commuted to work this morning and they were perfect, thought it would be sketchy but it handles really nicely. Thanks Tiny K but ja I am sorted with the wheel. I just got a basic front wheel for now
  9. rest bro!! took me 8 months to recover properly from injuring my ITB while running. patience and rest
  10. not the best pic but you get an idea of what I am going for
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