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  1. reviving an old thread here. Dartmoor has not seen a lot of love recently? considering a DARTMOOR HORNET 27.5" from trailtech, it is a good frame I assume?
  2. Looking for an old 26" wheel with 20mm TA or just a 20mm TA hub Willing to pay
  3. I have done a couple of rides with the Oval and I must say it is really great. It takes about a ride or 2 to get use to but after that its brilliant. on the down strokes I can feel its a 36T but on the over/under stroke it almost feels like you are spinning, if that makes sense.
  4. Hi guys So this weekend my dropper decided to stop working I have watched alot of youtube videos on how to resolve this but none of the tricks seem to work on the morewood if I unscrew the bottom the shaft that comes out of the air chamber still works, so I think it is either one of the keys or just a huge amount of dirt in it, but my problem is I cannot seem to open it, so I am turning to the hub experts for advice This is the dropper Normaly there is a screw here that you can take out, but as you can see nothing on the mamba there is also nothing at the bottom to loosen like with the bontrager droppers So any advice on how to get inside to clean and inspect would be greatly appreciated
  5. I have a 44T if you want. not much bigger but its something
  6. Psychological barrier and its sort of become a hobby Are you Johan btw? use to be Sir Maxxis?
  7. I have been vaping for almost 6years now Feel alot better than I did when smoking when cycling and during the day I need to kick that habit but it almost feels more difficult than quiting smoking
  8. New handlebars and stem. Really impressed with the quality of the Lyne products
  9. Being stuck in lockdown I did that a few times on Zwift, how does the real deal compare, that is if you have zwift to compare
  10. My gat juk vir een. But on the other hand I want to wait and see if the GT Zaskar LT are going to be available locally. I do agree that the Revelation is a really nice fork
  11. On the topic of the Slade Is it worth going for the Slade Comp and upgrading components as you go along and finances allow it, or is the SR Suntour XCM34 Boost LO just horse sh$$ and a waste of time?
  12. the want/need factor is at such a high level for this
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