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  1. Any one find a pair of Rudy Project sunglasses at Northern Farm on Monday, 22 March, or later? They have a silver & white frame with photochromic lenses. Thanks.
  2. For those worried about others unclipping and wasting your time note that it is impossible not to unclip on the 54km version. There are parts that you need to get off to get over pipes or up stairs etc. I can't comment on the 22km version.... If you are a seasoned cyclist why bother changing to flat pedals, you'll just lose all the benefits of clipping in. Then there is free will so do as you please. My advice, hit the wet spots and water as square as possible and stay away from the green spots. Good luck!
  3. I found the activity file using the USB connection to my laptop. The file would not manually upload to Garmin Connect, only Strava. I now have the Strava stats but Strava does not link to Vitality, only Garmin Connect, therefore this is still an issue. I'd prefer save on the device & automatic sync to my phone from the get go. I could not find anything of use on the DC Rainmaker website.
  4. Thanks! I have found his website useful before.
  5. Today I tested the navigation/ routes function of my Garmin 510 with a Spruit route in preparation for Berg and Bush as I had never used the function before. When I got to the end, the Garmin peeped, displayed end of "training ride" & then switched off by itself straight away. I now have no data from my ride as the ride wasn't saved which you usually do manually. I don't want this to happen after 99km of Berg and Bush Day 1 & I'm a bit bleak that I've lost a ride in terms of stats, goals, Strava, Vitality etc etc. I don't want it to happen again, please help. Thanks!
  6. Thanks Cassie. I sent the organiser of the shuttle service an email with your suggestion. If anyone reads this and is driving from Emseni to Windmill farm please DM me.
  7. That is a very good idea but I don't know anyone and I've already paid the R450 (no problem with supporting the charities or potentially writing it off now). We are 2 guys so we would need a lift for 2 with bikes & bags. Unfortunately I don't know anyone who could help and the event is around the corner. Your solution for the future events is actually a good idea as well as already your overnight bag comes on a truck to Em'seni, not in your vehicle, so you don't have to worry about that. I'm going to share that with them if you don't mind. My insurers say as it is a complete stranger driving the vehicle, he only got his drivers license in December '16 and they have no idea of his insurance history, they are therefore refusing to cover.
  8. I've got an insurance risk now.... I signed up for the transfer of my vehicle from the start to the race village. The organisers say it is at my own risk and my insurers won't cover me as well due to various reasons out of my control. Anyone else with the same problem or a solution?
  9. Sign up for the Buffalo category http://www.buffalomtb.co.za/
  10. I took heavy heavy strain. Following up on some of the other posts, when you get back to within viewing sight of the start area, +- 73kms in (stated distance of the race), and the lightie says turn left to go to the cruel joke of another 7km of the bike park I was not happy. You even cycle past the building next to the river and it still wasn't over.... Oh well, first marathon race done, but I don't think I'll be returning there in a hurry...well who knows. My Garmin read the max temp as 37 degrees. My Strava suffer score was "Epic" at 318 which I didn't know was possible. 203 was my previous highest.
  11. Thanks, I got an update from the organiser which agrees with what you say. I misread the website. The route is a bit longer as well. 73km vs 68km.
  12. I'm keen to enter but a bit nervous at the same time. I see they have a sweep vehicle at 12:00 per their website. If you start at 7:30, which I doubt I will as I'm assuming there will be batches, my maths says that is an average speed of +- 15.1km /hr. This is a tough route with 1 405m of climbing over 68km, not flat and fast, and in my mind it will be very tough to average that speed. I'm second guessing myself as to paying R350 (more than a Trailseeker) and travelling from Joburg just to possibly get a DNF. I'm no rookie but not a race snake either. Or am I just over analysing this.... Any thoughts?
  13. Just remember if you fall with a baton or anything similar in a pocket etc it may cause major damage to your body.
  14. JeffD

    GoPro advice

    Hi again, Going back to the OP and skipping the diving discussions (no offense), what software do you use to edit videos? I'm finding Quik on my iPad frustrating. Any other suggestions please.
  15. Late reply to this post... For someone that doesn't know much about the specing of a chainring or the cassette part can someone please explain the above. I get the whole 2 x 11 part but admittedly I'm ignorant about the rest. Thanks.
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