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  1. Press Release For years, the Spark family of bikes here at SCOTT has been a cornerstone of our success in the mountain bike industry. From World Cup win to World Cup win, to riding singletrack kingdom's and everything in between, the Spark RC and Spark 900 line of bikes have been constant go-to's for riders of all abilities all over the world. For 2022, the all-new Spark is set to continue this heritage on race tracks and trails for years to come. View full article
  2. Building on Success Now in it's fourth generation, the Spark made it's way into our lives back in 2008. Since then, it's given us the highest of highs on and off the race track. Several World Championships, dozens of World Cup Wins, some special shiny medals and countless good times on the trails later, the newest Spark platform is something else. How do you improve upon the best? Let's find out. Integrated Suspension Technology Now, a more noticeable change is that we’ve moved to a frame platform with an integrated shock. If we take a deeper look, this approach allows us to refine
  3. Hi Gents, I am about to take the plunge into a new MTB to replace my aging Silverback Saturn . I have narrowed my options to 2 bikes, both offered by my LBS. Scott Spark RC 900 Team (2018): https://www.scott-sports.com/za/en/product/scott-spark-rc-900-team-bike VS. Giant Anthem Adv Pro 1 (2018): https://www.giant-bicycles.com/za/anthem-advanced-pro--29er--1-2018 Which is the better bike? does anyone have any experience on these? Thanks in advance
  4. Hi Guys, Need some assistance please, I have a 2020 Scott Spark 950. I was doing a once over when washing my bike and noticed what seemed to be a loose pivot screw, I grabbed the torque wrench and tried to tighten it, without even reaching 10nm the screw starting spinning around. So not sure if I broke it or if it was over tightened from the start but need a new one. Where will I be able to source?
  5. Hi Guys, i am new to mountain biking. Started this year on a hardtail and have been really loving the sport. Sold my hardtail as i want to get a dual suspension. My budget is not great, i would like to spend less than 25k. In that price bracket there are not many nice new dual suspensions so i have decided to go 2nd hand. I found a 2013 Scott Spark at a bike shop, the bike has a lot of scratches but rides really well and has great components, SRAM brakes and groupset 1 x 12, and its full carbon. They want 20k for it. I am looking to keep it for about a year, i dont think it will depreciate so
  6. Hi All, I'm new to Bike Hub but I took my 2017 Scott Spark in for a service almost 4 weeks and the mechanics noticed that both the swingarm and the frame (at the seat tube) were cracked. It took over 2 1/2 weeks to get a response - the swingarm was warrantied but not the frame as they claim the seat post clamp was installed incorrectly. I have taken this up with Scott as nowhere in the users' manual is this stated that it needs to be a certain way and I received my bike from the bike shop that assembled it with the seat clamp installed as is. The 2017 and 2018 users manuals do not stipulat
  7. First launched in 2011, the Foil has seen two major updates, with the disc version being the third. With all the effort that had already gone into making the rim brake Foil as aero as possible, Scott was not simply going to slap some discs onto that bike for a quick fix. According to their research, adding discs to the Foil would come with a three watts penalty. Scott wanted to claw back those precious watts before releasing the bike to the public. The aerodynamic gains were achieved in three ways. The first was to add "winglets" to the fork lowers to help guide air over the disc. In fact, the
  8. I had my MTB serviced after Sani - I asked for a major service. Turned out to cost me R3200.00. Parts from Scott dealers alone were R1300.00 (seals & bearings). So, what did your service cost you?
  9. Even if you don't have a gym in your back yard there's a lot you can do at home to keep fit during lockdown. Or you can "train via osmosis" from the couch. Check out the first episode of Fitter, Faster, Stronger for some tips from the World Champ. The bike community has given me many great memories… Now it's time for me to give something back and show you my training secrets in a new "How to“ series. Join me in EP1 in the gym to become FITTER, FASTER and STRONGER Nino Schurter on Facebook See more info and a Q&A with Nino on scott-sports.com. Video: RainedUpon Media
  10. With some time to kill following the Absa Cape Epic cancellation, Nino Schurter and the Scott Sports team got into the gym to share some of his training secrets. Click here to view the article
  11. Hello hubbers, My bike, Scott Genius 750 (2018), has the ability to switch between 27"+ and 29", and now I'm interested to do exactly that. The reason is mainly because my bike has quite a low BB, and I believe 29er will be able to just add a few needed centimeters. I just want to know if it's possible to trade my current 27"+ wheelsets for 29ers? I have the following: Rims: Syncros X-30s, 32 hole, 30mm Hubs: Front - Shimano HB-M6010-B CL, 15x110mm Rear - Shimano FH-M6010 CL, 12x148mm Tires: Maxxis Recon 2.8" I also have a Shimano CS-HG50-10 speed cassette, which I believe is not
  12. Nick

    Review: Scott Spark 940

    The all-new Scott Spark platform will be used on three distinct models (with very similar names it can get confusing): The Scott Spark RC is a 100 mm aggressive cross-country bike. Jenny Rissveds and Nino Schurter rode this bike to gold in Rio. The trail focussed Scott Spark Plus features 2.8" tyres and boasts a 130 mm fork. The Scott Spark model lined up is 120 mm with modern trail inspired geometry. Both the Spark and Spark RC are available as 29” (900 models) or 27.5” (700 models). In South Africa, the in stock range will favour the 29” models. We tested the Scott Spark 940 which is the top
  13. The Scott Spark is an iconic cross-country and marathon race bike. While it may have been tempting to stick to a successful formula, Scott took the bold move to completely redesign the Spark range. For 2017, forget what you knew about the Scott Spark as everything from suspension design, geometry, and even the intended riding style has seen a complete overhaul. Click here to view the article
  14. Hi there, First time here. I would really appreciate some help. My husband enjoys Mountain biking as a recreational hobby. He does some trails like the Berg and Bush and other MTB races. He currently has a Scott Aspect 740. I want to surprise him with a new bike. I have looked at the Silverback Sprint Plus or Scott Scale 960. He is a big dude. Weighs 118 kg and is about 1.86 tall. Could you please point me in the right direction? My budget allows for a nice bike up until R22 000.00. Any feedback will be highly appreciated as I am totally lost and it has to be a surprise, so asking
  15. I think this could be interesting, seeing as the current iteration of the Scott Spark has been around for a while and something new should be coming out sooner than later, but how do you change something that just wins everything? I think the hidden shock from Bold will be just that! link to article
  16. I was wondering why you would choose Scott's HMX SL carbon frame over the HMF carbon frame? Just for reference, here are 2 mountain bikes that make use of these 2 frames: SCOTT SCALE RC 900 SL BIKE https://www.scott-sports.com/za/en/product/scott-scale-rc-900-sl-bike?article=269720008 SCOTT SCALE RC 900 PRO BIKE https://www.scott-sports.com/za/en/product/scott-scale-rc-900-pro-bike?article=269722007 If both frames had the exact wheelset and groupset on, what benefit would the HMX SL frame give over the HMF frame? If you were blind folded would you be able to notice the difference? I'm
  17. The all-new Scott Sparkle? Nino Schuter's Scott Spark RC 900: FrameScott Spark RC 900 Carbon HMX SL CustomForkRockShox SID Ultimate CarbonShockRockShox Nude RLC3Remote LockoutScott TwinLocWheelsDT Swiss XMC 1200 Spline Carbon 30MM, 29″TyresMaxxis Aspen 2.25 EXO TRHandlebar and StemSyncros Fraser IC SL Nino EditionGripSyncros SiliconHeadsetSyncros ProTop CapSyncros XR Computer MountSeatpostRockShox Reverb AXS 100mmSaddleSyncros Tofino 1.0BrakesSRAM Level Ultimate BlackboxBrake rotorsSRAM CLX 160mmShifterSRAM XX1 Eagle AXSRear derailleurSRAM XX1 Eagle AXSCassetteSRAM XX1 EagleCrank armsSRAM
  18. I bought my wife a new scott spart and she was complaining that while she was going around corners it seemed like the tyres were moving on the rims (Alex xc-44). I thought it may be the rocket rons that were fitted, so tried some kenda nevegals that were lying around and has the same response. Not sure if this is due to the narrow internal width of the rim (I think it is 17mm (ETRTO 559x17mm) or the rims weren't stiff enough. We looking at converting her bike to tubeless for Sani, is it worth converting these rims, or should we replace them for something with a wider internal width. She has
  19. The first American World Champion for 17 years. Not many had Kate Courtney on their shortlist for a medal at World Championships. Although she won Cape Epic and the US national title in her first year as an elite pro rider, she was considered to be a dark horse only by some optimistic experts that knew about her potential. However, with the ride of her life, she not only surprised her competition but also the whole mountain bike community. The SCOTT-SRAM team trusted in her talent already prior to the World Championships and believes this was just the first spark of a firework to come. Welcome
  20. Hi All, This is my first post on BikeHub I've recently started doing stage races and rode the Sani2c, Berg & Bush 3 Day and just did a 4 day trip through Lesotho on some rough terrain. The time has come to upgrade my bike. I've been super happy with my Scott XL frame (Scott Scale 960 - 2014 - 120mm Default Stem) (height: 186cm, weight: 86 - 90 kg). I am in the range overlap between L & XL on the size charts of most manufacturers. I'm really happy with the Scott geometry but also open to some other options (only brands where spares and service are easily available in SA) I've
  21. Hi Guys, I would like some Expert / Experienced Feedback and guidance on this please I am looking to buy a Second hand Scott Aspect 10 It got Hydraulic Brakes, 30 speed, remote lockout air fork. I took a quick ride on it and it feels really nice (Upgrade from my current Silverback Stride 20) Is it a good upgrade? Also dont want to be paying more than they are worth. I am new to this and only ride locally but entered into events coming up so want to be as ready with my gear as can be ANY feedback will be appreciated. Steno
  22. Hello everyone, I want to start riding dirt jumps, but I can't seem to find any stockists. Does anybody know of a stockist in South Africa? Few options I've looked at: Scott Voltage YZ 0.1 Specialized P.3 Canyon Stitched 360° (*) *Only available through shipping, but if someone has it for sale,I'd really like to buy it! Thanks a lot, Oscar
  23. I recently brought the Scott Genius 750 2018 with 27.5 plus tyres. I've been thinking of getting a 29er wheel-set for the bike( even though it fly down the trails with the plus tyres) I was just wondering if someone has tested both wheel-sets on the bike and what the difference feels like. Also if its worth buying a new complete wheelset for the bike? Thanks
  24. Time for something different! this thread is for those who appreciate the welded beauty of aluminium... cause who needs carbon. Thats right. F*** Carbon!!! I'll start us off with my Alu Scott AFD Elite road bike... pic taken this morning on my ride at the cradle.. this is right by the sterkfontein turn...
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