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  1. Pants Boy


    Let me know if you wanna give it a go - we've got a family friendly spot at Bronkies dam, I'll probably spend 99% of December there.
  2. Pants Boy


    Just a couple more pics.
  3. Pants Boy


    No, that's a brand new mesh tramp. And yes, the last pic is of 'our' Hobie 18. It's kinda owner-less at the moment, so we just abuse it when we can.
  4. Pants Boy


    Lotsa fun was had. A ton of Gopro footage still to be edited.
  5. Pants Boy


    Yay! Only 9 days to go untill the SailGP finals AND Wilgedraai Voortrekker camp - a week of sailing on the Vaaldam at Oranjeville
  6. Jip. Ek's te lelik om gesteek te word.
  7. Pants Boy


    No pics, wife wasn't around with her trusty (actually, it was mine not long ago) camera. I seem to have, uhm, lost my 2 trapeze harnesses, somehow somewhere. I also want to re-do the trap wires and adjusters, there's only one per side and not greatest of conditions.
  8. Pants Boy


    And so it begins ... Replaced side stays, both rudder gudgeon pins, both rudder cams, most shackles and clevis pins as a precaution, all plate adjusters, all the ropes and put on a new mesh trampoline (dankie vroulief!) Spent Friday afternoon and Saturday morning redoing everything and rigging the boat up. Went out for a quick sail and holy balls she's fast! Reactions like a go-cart. It's a whole new ballgame from my old Halcat.
  9. I had one of those - was, by FAR, the heaviest BMX on track on any given day. But even I couldn't break it - had many moer groot sloege on it. One stands out in particular - a local kid (riding a SuperGoose of course) convinced his cousin to park his Cortina on the back of one of the jumps at Zita park BMX track - all the big-shots tried clearing it and mostly failed. I came in from the blindside (being a few years younger than most other riders there) and pedalled like a madman. Cleared the bakkie, plus another 10 or so feet, landed on the flat and bought the whole of Garfontein Agricultural Holdings. Banged my knee up all bloody, but got up, bent my handlebar straight, got on the bike and pedalled home. Ahhh, what a day.
  10. Saw these at a flea market in pretoria on Saturday. I've got the guys details at home if anyone's interested.
  11. You won't regret the Bosch Blue 18v - I've got two and they refuse to quit. If you can, get a Bosch Blue jigsaw as well - I upgraded mine last year and have even cut stainless steel sheets for bartops with it. The bigger motors ensure a smoother/easier cut and the 'better' models have a wider range of blades available. Sanders .. I switched over to a Bosch green random orbital jobbie - if you blow it out with a compressor every couple of days it lasts forever. The velcro pad on the bottom goes after a while (mine quit in year 2) but is a fairly cheap (around R400) replacement. For just about everything else I'd go cheap - maybe get a tracksaw instead of a tablesaw. Plenty of good advice on this thread about that.
  12. Pants Boy


    Ah ****, something followed me home again. 'Stole' this Hobie 16 off an old toppie near my home, been stored in his garage for ~20 years. It's old as dirt but surprisingly few nicks and dings on it. Sails are still crinkly, I ran twine over all the cables and not one loose strand anywhere. Will need a new gudgeon pin on the one rudder and a good polish. Would also love to replace the original white vinyl trampoline with a mesh one ... my burfday is coming up so I've started the hints
  13. Has anyone posted Small Town Titans here before? This cover is amazing.
  14. Food lover's .... eish. Prices sometimes 'Okay', quality I've found is a BIG hit or miss. They don't use the same suppliers constantly. Rather find yourself a new 'local'
  15. Kid's doing great - therapy is working but she hasn't gotten back on her bike yet. Driver came away crying from her ride-along in the plus-bus (ambulance) as the first scene they attended was a hit and run (motorbike but the point was amply made)
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