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  1. I recently switched from a Liv Hail (160mm all round - similar to Reign but more ladies specific) to a 2019 Trek FuelEx8 - which is 130mm all round with 29er wheels - but took a token out to make it 140mm. Made a world of difference in climbing - when I want to go and ride 40km now, the uphills are really not such a stress, but the bike is still plenty aggressive when you want it to be. It seems to be a case of that you need to really ride with a bit more technique and foresight on the 130/140 verse a 160 - as the suspension is not as forgiving as 160 (obviously) - so put it this way, your skills will go up, and you can ride further and faster, but still enjoy all the tech and jumps etc.
  2. Is there a date for this being bandied about yet?
  3. Good morning all, and thanks for all the positive feedback. For a bit more information, the N3 Gateway Tourism Association, in partnership with Terra Firma Trail Solutions (Glenn Harrison) and CESBE (Pty) Ltd, has been awarded the contract by the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site Management Authority to build a 14km mountain bike trail within the road reserve of the D374 and D101. This is an extension of the existing 18km Cradle Gateway-2-Gateway mountain bike trail, and the end result will be a full circular loop. The project kicked off at the end of 2017, and is estimated to reach completion at the end of April 2018 (latest). As mentioned in the earlier posts, the trail is visible and people have started to ride it - but here is where we need to ask politely that riders stay off the trail until it is completed. We know this will be difficult as enthusiasm levels are high, but it is a health and safety requirement, and any kind of accident could result in the project being delayed. By the end of this week yellow signs will start appearing on the trail, as well as barricades and danger tape, asking riders to please stay off the incomplete trail. If you could please respect these measures and perhaps share with your friends and riding associates who may be heading out to check out the new trails, that would be appreciated. If you have any questions regarding the Cradle Trail project, please feel free to contact Matthew Drew on matthewd@n3gateway.com
  4. I did exactly the same thing...whacked my SLX pedal on rocks one too many times. I knew when a bunch of silver coils fell out it was game over. I wound up buying a new one for +- R550, Greg Minnaar Cycles in PMB sorted me out pronto. We investigate the whole inserts thing and tapping etc - in the end it was just easier and quicker to get a new crank arm. I was really surprised it was in the R500 mark.
  5. Agreed - Tahnee is cool, would be rad to see her just step up. She's had poor luck this year, and I guess it compounds in your head to making you think you can't do what you need to do. Mark and I were watching the race at Andorra on TV and we both can't figure out why the girls can't go as fast as the guys (I mean like the top girls - like Top 5, aren't as fast as the Top 5 guys - by at least 30 - 40 seconds usually). Because it's not the jumps holding them back as they do all the crazy **** these days. My only comprehension is that girls have some strange preservation gene (even the most talented women who do bat **** crazy sports) don't push it to the edge that the guys push it (except Ragot - she was mental - knew no boundaries really) AND more logically, that perhaps their body strength is different to guys and the force at which they throw the bike around and control it is not as easy for a woman?? (which I sort of doubt). I just don't get it. I can understand it in muscle related sports like running etc - but on an assisted sport like mountain biking - and on super steep tracks where it's not pedalling that gives the advantage - I puzzle about this.
  6. He he he he...That's what she said...he said...Nigel said it first!
  7. There's also Tracey Hannah and Miranda Miller My bet is 1. Rachel, 2. Tahnee and 3. Tracey or Manon, but probably Tracey - because your chosen calendar model will probably do herself in pushing too hard (as Nigel said)...
  8. Ja, I said to Super_Mil that I can understand why she gets frustrated at their consistent bland commentary and brother comments, but I also don't think Claudio and Rob were being flippant or intentionally dismissive of her hard work, her own career and pathways. I am not a fan of venting on public platforms - so there were possibly other ways for her to talk to them about it, that would have seemed less like she was asking them to meet her in the town square at noon for a shoot out She's impressive and I wish I could ride as fast as her - but as stylishly as Casey Brown and have the sense of humour and easy-going nature of Tahnee Then I would be a happy rider...Actually I wish I could ride like Rika
  9. Ha ha I was just reading this comment and thinking "Oh no, some dude is going to rip into Rachel all over again"...I only realised it was my Super-Mil when I looked to the side bar! But that is pretty funny..."sarcastic font" - I must remember to use that in the future.
  10. http://www.11karkloof.co.za/ - R350 per night for self catering per person (4 sleeper cottage) - right opposite an Entrance into the Howick trail network, and about 5km from the Karkloof Trails parking lot. Bike Friendly establishment with bike wash facilities, very close to town too so easy to duck back into Howick for things. http://www.shawswood.co.za/ - Backpacker Style accommodation - from about R120 per person per night. Further from town (about 25km from Howick, and about 11km from Karkloof Country Club). Basic but comfortable and good if you have a big group who are on a budget. Nice braai facilities, fire place in communal kitchen/dining hall. Or you can actually camp at the Karkloof Country Club - I think that's about R60 per person but I would need to confirm. They have hot showers and make the club kitchen available on request, otherwise there are some electricity points around.
  11. Hi Chris, all the trails that you see in this article are all used as part of the 60km Karkloof Classic Marathon route - it's not suited for DH bikes, there is a lot of trail pedalling in between everything. And the majority of the trails in Karkloof and Howick trail networks are not at all suited to DH bikes - except the actual DH trail, and even that is doable on a trail bike. Depending on when you plan on coming, a new 30km and 37km trail have been plotted and are "in progress" which will lead you straight from the Karkloof Club out onto the Rene's Rumble section of trails (the forested pictures here) as well as many other classic trails. We also have a 15km Falls Loop trail which is just...perfect...and a Supa20 (20km) trail orientated loop. If you want more information on the trails, accommodation, guides (if you want them), trail fees - anything - just drop me a message. Oh and I have seen people on hard tails having a ball here - but my preference would be a 140mm - 150mm travel bike for the maximum fun if you like a bit of jumping and pinning it through rocks etc - otherwise the standard 100 - 130mm travel bike will be totally happy here, and much better if you want to do long distances. We sort of have it all
  12. Good idea Griffin (this forum)! There are also some cheat lines/new lines on Gums (upper and lower). I hesitate to say the one in particular may be an improvement as it gets better flow - looks like it's been done on purpose to avoid going out of the trees into the one open grass corner where the trail has eroded quite deep down (get pedal catches). And I have to say - my ride down Gums lower the other day was maybe like closest to the most fun I've had ever on a bike. It was flowing like CRAZY...nothing hanging in the way, grip like super glue...floaty...was awesome.
  13. Hi there, Thanks yes we realised Question 17 was not worded well. I will look into changing it today, and will look at Question 11. Haven't had issues with that one so far, but will check it out. Thanks for the feedback! *UPDATE* - have changed the wording so it is not ambiguous.
  14. Hey there, I am Kath (who is referred to at the bottom of the press release). You're welcome to ask me anything that isn't clear in the Press Release - but essentially we're doing some research into risk management on the Spruit to build a trail management plan - emphasis being on 'plan' - as in a set of guidelines for JCPZ on recreational trail management. We want to be inclusive of all user groups (as much as possible) and the mountain bikers are currently well represented on the Project Steering Committee. Thanks
  15. https://www.puremotionsports.co.za/product-category/bike-wear/ Pure Motion Sports sells POC shorts - I have a set of the ladies specific ones and they are rad. I don't know anyone whose complained about the fit/quality of POC shorts TBH, flexible, tough and look pretty good.
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