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  1. I recently had an issue with mine where after battery was fully discharged it switched on to some test screen. Didn't think much of it but then noticed GPS wasn't connecting at all. Under the "about" page software was all up to date but GPS version was 0.0.0 and EPO was expired. Fixed it by plugging it in to laptop and Garmin express which also seemed to take forever but finally got through and did it's thing. When I unplugged it wanted to install an update and seems all good after that. Didn't find much on the internet about it so if this helps anyone out then great
  2. madbradd


    Please post some more pics. A friend of mine inherited a custom from his grandfather, and recently found an almost identical Purdy. So he now has a "matching pair" original and bootleg (second hand story is that gunsmiths used to work off hours on private jobs and that this "bootleg" is one of them). Nonetheless, I'm more a function over form kind of guy but some of these old pieces are absolutely stunning. I do hope it still sees some action though.
  3. At the price of the Porlex, check out the Timemore. I have the Porlex and am pretty happy with it, but James Hoffman did a video with a bunch and I remember the Timemore coming out ahead (but I think it was one with a different finish) https://capecoffeebeans.co.za/collections/coffee-grinders/products/timemore-chestnut-c1-manual-coffee-grinder
  4. I have a porlex mini, set it to as course as I can so that it's still pretty uniform. Fill the beans holder to the top (about 20g). Grind. Aeropress inverted, rinsed paper filter. Put grinds into aeropress. Pour about 40g boiled water into cup - this preheats the cup and cools the water slightly, swirl til the cup warms. Pour the 'cooled' water into the grinds and swirl /stir for about 15 seconds. Fill aeropress with boiled water, put in cap+filter, put on cup and press - full press should be around 30 seconds. Top up cup with boiled water if you want.
  5. I've only used it in Cycle mode, but had the same. I don't believe the "workout" page is editable.
  6. Anyone used the Niche grinder at all? Significantly better looking than anything else for one thing, and seems to be very popular with the youtubers/instagrammers. https://www.nichecoffee.co.uk/
  7. madbradd


    Out of interest, what's wrong with the .270 for long rage hunting? If you're going for a range gun, you will probably want a heavy barrel which then becomes quite heavy to hunt with.
  8. madbradd


    Also keen, but gonna take me a while to eat a wildebeest to make space in the freezer! Hopefully next time it will be with my Howa .308 (still need to do all the paperwork though).
  9. madbradd


    Also went this weekend, first hunt where I shot at something. Used a mates 30-06 on a female wildebeest after walking after blesbok and impala for 3 days! 95 kgs when dropped off at the butcher with some meat damage on the shoulder.
  10. I have a Porlex. Generally pretty happy with it but at R2k it has a problem.... Thishttps://capecoffeebeans.co.za/collections/coffee-grinders/products/timemore-chestnut-c1-manual-coffee-grinder Edit: I'd I were buying now, I'd get that Hario grinder or the Timemore (over the Porlex) if I was feeling fancy, and I'd also get the big Chemex instead of the small one.
  11. Ok, so if I can get my hands on a Breville Venezia for free that would be worthwhile? in terms of grinding, would the Porlex be OK for espresso?
  12. Would this be the "minimum recommended espresso starter kit"? I'm on Aeropress, Chemex and Porlex Mini hand grinder at the moment - wondering what progression to espresso is going to do to my pocket...
  13. No need to apologise. I bought it as an electric screwdriver, and for some soft handyman stuff. Budget didn't stretch to the bigger brands - would have loved a Bosch or Makita. Just that I was pretty happy with it so thought I would share.
  14. You're not after hammer, so If you're not going to be drilling into brick/concrete or steel or hard woods, the Ryobi (don't 8 me) one is probably fine. I have one and it's great in terms of being a cordless screwdriver and handy light drill. I wouldn't have any issues using it for a deck for example, or alu sections, but I definitely wouldn't use it for steel sections or drilling into a wall. Edit: this one https://www.takealot.com/ryobi-18v-li-ion-cordless-driver-drill/PLID49012739?gclid=CjwKCAjw2a32BRBXEiwAUcugiK_hQSwWBXD9irUVUOct5YPY9JKJDwWXb6wYModWUouIGzl7pDPY_hoCjcAQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
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