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  1. It says it cost R100 on that site which seems about right
  2. This is my response when people ask me why I ride all three sides of Constantia Nek so often... It's a lekker road
  3. I have also had good experiences with Triton Express but it seems like TCG is a winner. Will go for quotes from both next time...
  4. I ride up through Silvermine gate pretty often, and occasionally to the point, and I only ever show them a picture of mine and they are happy with that... often I am in glasses and buff up and they have never questioned it. So that is also an option if you don't want to carry the card imo
  5. Like Pidcock's recovery from his crash. Quite inspirational when you see what is possible with access to the best healthcare and extreme mental toughness
  6. "I will be back on a bike in no time" ... these okes are built different
  7. I wonder if amateur cycling counts as a wanted profession...
  8. If you would take some cash to handle a few extra chains I am super keen to try this as my gf's dad has been telling me about it... He is based in Aus otherwise I would ask him to do it.
  9. Mohoric's position is so hot. He just oozes speed.
  10. The Mark Padun situation is a proper mystery. Wins two mountain stages in the Dauphine, climbing faster than the GC group alone... And then not included in Tour team or Vuelta. I don't want to point fingers but it definitely does not look good, in fact it looks positively suspicious.
  11. The cockpit I have (Vision ACR) is supposed to be fully integrated as well, but I suspect the frame would need some modifications I am not willing to perform. Only weighs 363g apparently.
  12. Except it weighs 8.4 kg fully built with sram red. Not sure how when I did the maths for a build of a cannondale super X and came out at 7.8 recently with force and no serious trickery.
  13. Two things have put me firmly on your side today: This beautiful piece of writing, and me locating my dream bike that I was second in line for, the guy not being happy with it, offering him what he paid for it minus the extras he sold, and being told I should add about 5-10k to that amount.
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