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  1. Awesome news, truly an African MTB team, local riders, local bike and local sponsors. Hope they take the red jersey at Epic next year. Too bad about the kit though...
  2. Apparently the driver didn't have a licence and the car wasn't road worthy or licenced to. Lets hope stricter action is taken against these bastards and not just a slap on the wrist.
  3. VERY nice, looks like loads of R&D, scared to see the price tags
  4. Seeing as Spur is the biggest and only sponsor of youth schools MTB id say its targeted towards the up and coming. With the lack of sponsors in the sport as it is, i recon Spur are doing an amazing job and growing the sport from a young age, well done Spur and everyone involved.
  5. couldnt agree more, how can you send someone who is ranked 210th and not send our best female. disappointing when government gets involved in sport.
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