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  1. In your experience with them in your studio, what are the major issues encountered where spares would be a problem? Can you let us know what spare parts the bike would require other than the friction pad for the flywheel? What are the consumables that would be a problem? There is someone trying to buy a working one at an affordable price, can you shed some light on the above as well as what can and cant be done down the line. Im sure that would go a long way in building ties with "potential" customers down the line by assisting with some solid advice on something they or anyone else can use now. Not everyone can afford a brand new smart trainer right now in these times.
  2. Thats correct... typo, my bad
  3. Ive cracked 3 Flow mk4 rear wheels on my singlespeed... the only Flow thats lasted on the rear wheel is the EX that I was given the last time round. Personally not a fan of Stans wheels based on my experience with them.
  4. These days I think it comes down to how brand conscious you are, to what extent your wallet extends or simply the colour of bike you want... If you want a Santa Cruz Blur, youve got a choice of Merida or Kona If you want a S-Works you have a choice of Titan and I think a Momsen is close in similarity
  5. They were having a 3some when drawing bikes!!!!
  6. 28 August... plenty time to train.
  7. Me thinks the designers are roomies.... Merida; Santa Cruz Blur.... same same
  8. Nice to see you following this thread... lurking in the shadows!! I presume you gonna ride with me?
  9. For sure!! Jean Spies is gonna be going...
  10. ChUkKy

    Sani2C May 2021

    When the flag drops on the following days: Day 1 - Train Day 2 - Taper Day 3 - Race Its all downhill
  11. Time to name and shame. Too many bullshyters and liars are getting away with nonsense in the know that they will get away with it and nothing will happen. The time of playing nice is long gone.
  12. Ive also got a Phantom 5 and battled a bit with Rouvy AR when lockdown originally started in March 2020... I havent tried since. I use the normal Rouvy without any issues. There is a little + and - on the screen of your tablet that you can use to change gears on the AR routes.
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