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  1. I hear you... but if the win was by consumption of illegal muti, then by default it should go to the next man in line who is abiding by the rules. He should hand over the win, the trophy and the prize money. Then go back to the naughty corner.
  2. If he's going to Bloem he can ride with @Vetseun
  3. Try O-Corner https://www.ocorner.co.za/shop/spare-parts/oakley-radar-nose-pad/
  4. True story... I know of a few that have failed from being mounted on motorbikes, its pretty common. Its mainly the newer ones from iPhone 11 onwards. I have an old iPhone 5s which I use as a dedicated GPS on my adventure bike, its had a few rough trips and its still works fine. The new ones dont like vibration at all.
  5. I do feel for Robyn... There were almost tears with Arianne. Now she will experience the French revolution, I hope shes in excellent shape again!
  6. Masturbation isnt a workout
  7. ChUkKy

    Attakwas 2022

    Fighting with the tyre in the river was a good choice in hindsight. Got many welcome splashes from passing by riders. When we found those beers I may have slipped my beer some tongue when I kissed it hello… we go back next year to finish 👍🏼
  8. ChUkKy

    Attakwas 2022

    That’s 100% correct. fixed my first sidewall puncture in 40 deg heat. Not pleasant. second one in was almost in the same spot so stopped in the river to pump my tyre and get splashed by riders going through it to cool down. That heat was insane, legs felt ok but HR didn’t wanna drop so decided to live another day and pull plug at WP2… sleeping last night wasn’t great, HR didn’t drop below 77. A normal night sleep it sits between 40 and 43 so probably a good call to get out that heat when I did. will call it unfinished business and hope next years is cooler and not like yesterday.
  9. ChUkKy

    Attakwas 2022

    Im just going for the beer. I cant go fast... Im undertrained, too much food in December. I am beer trained
  10. ChUkKy

    Attakwas 2022

    I got roped into it eventually... aim is to finish before dark or before the search party finds me.
  11. ChUkKy

    Attakwas 2022

    We are... Old man has nice shirts, pockets look strong enough for me to hold onto
  12. Seems theres a lot of areas to watch out for but suppose its not much different to riding in Joburg... Im gonna be in Somerset West from the 23rd December and one of the rides I wanted to do was from SSW through Strand, Gordons bay all the way on the coastal route to Hermanus. Is there any caution areas? Ive gone as far as bettys bay and then back to SSW about 2 years back and it was fine. Will br riding MTB mostly but a tar ride on the MTB isnt out of the question and thats one of the rides I want to do.
  13. So sorry to hear of Francois passing, may he rest in peace. He fought a long difficult battle 😢
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