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  1. Hi. Get your dealer to order a Giant Headset for a Tapered steerer fork (product code HE-09). This comes with an adaptor to use a straight steerer fork.
  2. There was some initial back log/ slow release of the stems as all stems manufactured went on the complete bikes but Giant SA has some lengths, headsets, spacers etc in stock and more arriving in the next few weeks.
  3. That's a stock standard 2011 Trance X 1. http://www.giant-bic...x.1/7559/46930/ There will be a Trance X 29er for 2013 but it's still early in developement. No other info besides "Yes, we're making one".
  4. We do a good amount of frames in Anthem X and Trance X and have taken framesets more seriously over the past few years. Road frames are doing well too. The thing is that when international production starts on a range all the frames that are build go towards building the completes. Only after those orders are all filled are the after market frames available for us to purchase. Getting feedback from you guys is great and knowing the demand is growing helps us to investigate these options. Ultimately we needs the stores to get more involved and carry stock on the floor. This will allow us to convince the powers that be to order more bikes. Like I said above, if you see something you like we'll try our best to get it. We can check online if the bike/frame is in stock and if it is, we can add it to the next leaving container. If it's not in stock, we can find out the next production date for you. Obviously, all orders have to take place through a Giant Dealer.
  5. Prices will be on the website once it's all finalized. On the US vs SA pricing. You really can't just take the US price and times it by whatever todays exchange rate is. SA has big import duties on complete bikes and this throws that calculation out the window.
  6. Hi guys. Yes, we are getting in some Reign's for 2012. We have custom ordered a few for riders over the past year or so and will be carrying more stock in future. With the SA AM market being rather small and stores being reluctant to carry stock on the floor, it's hard to gauge future sales when looking at importing these bikes. We have been able to get a few that will be here in a couple weeks (touch wood) but most are still in production and will only be in SA late in Dec or early Jan (Jan most prob). The SA Giant site should be live next week with all the 2012 models to view. We can custom order pretty much any bike from the range so if there's something you want and are willing to wait a little bit, we'll get it for you. James.
  7. www.theriot.co.za or www.bmxdirect.net. Both are importers of top end goods and sell to the public.
  8. Giant and most other companies use alloy hangers to mainly protect the derailleur on impacts. If a steel or iron hanger was used and the derailleur was to hit something, you'd need to buy a new derailleur. It's saver and cheaper to just use alloy and replace the hanger instead. There are companies on the net that make aftermarket hangers for most bikes. You can do a search on TheHub for the threads.
  9. Your LBS can order one at anytime. We have stock in Cape Town. The product code is DR-01. If your LBS orders it before 10:30am, we can have it there the same day.
  10. Done. Bike will be at Williams tomorrow afternoon.
  11. Sorry for the delay. I don't sit on the net all day. I'm def not trying to push product. I saw the quiery and knowing that most stores don't stock smaller size bikes I thought I'd give the OP some insight into what he could ask for when visiting a store. Most people complain that brands show no customer support. I'm only trying to help. I unboxed a bike and set it up with a spare front wheel. My link 1 My link 2 The bike does have an entry level spec but any LBS would do upgrades on wheels, fork or groupset. I've also found a 2009 Halo 2 in 14.5in. My link I'll measure that up in a moment if you're interested?
  12. You say in the first post that you're looking for a hardtail. We at Giant currently have these models in XS : Revel 2 Womens White, Revel 3 Blue, Revel 1 Grey, Talon 3 Blue, and XTC SE 2 White. These are all 2011 models and in stock (some are only 1's and do move fast). Check the bikes at www.giant-bicycles.com/en-za and give you biggest Giant dealer a call. We're in CT and if it's sorted with you LBS before 10am it'll get delivered the same day.
  13. Giant does carry replacement rims for these so if your not looking to upgrade your rim or wheelsset, get your LBS to contact us for prices etc.
  14. Abit more pricey at R13500 but is 2011 stock. http://www.giant-bicycles.com/en-za/bikes/model/trinity/8329/46789/
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