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  1. Link to results? Can't find them on the monster website
  2. Last year 5:55, today 4:38! There were times when I questioned my sanity though
  3. I'm there for round 2 of me vs the Monster. Rode the 75km in 5:55 with 30 minutes trying to find the quick link I dropped in the bushes after breaking the chain. Want to do sub 5 hours this year.
  4. Paid about R125 for a Scott hanger and R82 for a Giant hanger at the LBS last week. Don't know whether that's good or bad though
  5. Nope, started at 8:30 with the rest of the one day riders
  6. Just got the SMS showing my time from the Mini ride yesterday - 14 minutes slower than my GPS time. Anyone else have a similar result?
  7. Johan Bornman (Yellow Saddle) does a weekend course on bike repair/maintenance, which includes the Parktools Blue Book in the cost
  8. Johan Bornman runs a course in Northcliff: www.yellowsaddle.co.za
  9. I looked at that - it looks great until you get to the brakes. I can't tie in the part number given to 2012 XT brakes (or any XT brakes for that matter). I phoned the contact number for the online shop but no-one could give me an answer as to what brakes they were and whether rotors were included or not. In terms of stock, two LBS's have told me that Cool Heat will only be getting their shipment in January.
  10. I was quoted about R10 500 for the 2012 XT groupset (excluding pedals and wheels) Apparently there will only be stock end January.
  11. Same symptom on my XTC29er, new brake pads sorted the problem (and improved braking performance!)
  12. What is the distance from the speed sensor to the head unit? My Polar is very sensitive to that and even approaching the stated maximum distance gives problems where it doesn't register. Try moving the mount to the same side as the speed sensor (contrary to the instruction leaflet).
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