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  1. Panic training...you ride every day all day. What's your problem?
  2. Hmmm, do I actually put my saddle back on my road bike and come join?
  3. I think Bardet is really feeling this tour now and will struggle today. But let's see.
  4. Team Sky have had the worst tour ever. Richie was very disappointing throughout and they all seemed to have fallen apart without Froome. It has been a tough tour without the heads there as every day there have been attacks and high speeds throughout. No rest time at all. I have enjoyed it thoroughly. Like you said, it is nice to see what the other pro's have and hear new names and get to see what they can really do, as I never get to watch much cycling but try make the tour a little bit of my time.
  5. Well in my household as soon as cycling goes on daddy falls asleep and my 4 year old gets ratty. Though this week she has been awesome and let's mommy what her cycles. And then makes the comments that Paul Sherwin is saying....Slowly training her.
  6. Can't they put up poles to stop the cars from being able to ride in the lane? Little more expensive but would make sense. If you are going to do it, may as well do it properly.
  7. Yes sorry, I missed a couple pages. And kinda been out of racing for 4 years. Even any serious training. Real pleb these days.
  8. I think testing is fantastic for the people who are racing for money. So in the older days this used to be for anyone holding a licence. Now however they make everyone take out a licence and I guess that is why they now test anyone and everyone. But to be honest, when I was racing with the pro ladies I was very aware and careful what I took. However if I went and did a tour now and had flu or something, having paid in a fortune to ride this event and just to go and experience it and enjoy it. I wouldn't hesitate to think twice whether my painkiller was a banned substance or not, I would just take it. So yay for testing but seriously, if you are going to do it, do it properly and test the people who need it, hence those racing for the prize money.
  9. Surely he must be up for one who has ridden and completed the most tours. Love this guy. Always sooo composed.
  10. Amazing what the tour can do
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