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  1. what @TCTG said. send it to garmin, pay R1700 and you get a brand new unit. the only way to get a battery is to order from the likes of amazon
  2. strongs with the recovery. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one breaking bones doing stupid things. I broke my ankle in march popping a wheelie and not being able to uncleat when I started going backwards a little too quickly for comfort.
  3. thanks to the headsup by @Pieter-za in the Daily deals & specials thread
  4. I attempted to order from them twice (site indicating stock & it being offered on sale) just to be told, sorry no stock now I can't be bothered
  5. https://buy.garmin.com/en-ZA/ZA/p/823272?utm_source=335259790353552&utm_medium=paidsocial&utm_campaign=fitness&utm_content=614462632d4a03605e474a32&fbclid=PAAabI3_yN-aBFfp1BoQyp1PFw1BBMGaW3odQMBiZctKMZ-Kc-SkKmonzzIZw
  6. i HATE screen printed shirts, they start looking crap very quickly if you talk sublimated printing, I'll be keen
  7. 😍😘 Ons maak Oktober weer so Edit: en dit was Castle lite so dit tel net as een
  8. yes I use a garmin unit with a polar strap. you might need to trim some of the rubber around the contacts on the polar strap.
  9. Then you must come and ride sweaty hill and wings Park..... The K2K is a walk in the park
  10. There are a few out that way, a few big circular routes depending on the distance you want to do
  11. fanievb

    Attakwas 2021

    that was tough Thank goodness I listened to reason and took the Full suss, either me or the bike would have been broken if I took the HT. Got to meet 2 hub legends today @BSG and the Max Menses (can't remember his hub handle)
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