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  1. Hi Napalm Are you able to confirm which trails don't allow ebikes. Id be very interested.
  2. Hi Mikey I'm into my third month of owning an ebike. Spez Leveo Comp. I've spent the last two years on a Pyga and love trail riding, I've been riding most of my life. The Ebike has opened new doors for me and I'm loving riding right now. I'm clocking a 100km+ per week where as before I'd put a max of 45km in on the Pyga. I actively go out looking for technical climbs now even though I've been more into downhill and enduro in the past it's more like adventure riding now. I've never been big on the hurt locker nor am I competitive. Riding is just more fun now. I'm getting a great workout as I have adjustable assistance from the motor. If I hit a 45km ride with a 1000m of climbing I'll have about 20% assistance from the motor and the rest from my input. An average ride I would clock 13-15km per hour now I average 20km per hour but I have increased my climbing by about 60%. You have to manage the battery on a bigger the ride with less input from the motor. The bike is limited to 25km per hour and if you want to go faster you have to put the effort in like anybody else. If I ride with my buddies i just tune the motor and ride at there pace or in some cases up the anti just to keep up. There is allot of misconception out there on how these bikes actually work. Try and take one for a test ride you wont regret it. Ignore the nay-Sayers the critics and the fundamentalists. These bikes don't rip up the trails, they are not for fat or disabled people they are a serious bit of trail kit and hell of allot of fun.
  3. Having waited two years or more for a quality bike to come to market in SA I tested the Levo last week. I work unsociable hours and on a good week I get to ride around 60km. I don't have the stamina for uphills and I ride alone quite allot, Only because of my social hours. I do group rides occasionally and I have some very fit buddies who I'd love to join on the bigger rides. To me it has opened up a new life with regards to trail riding, longer further, faster and more enjoyable. When I'm not feeling strong I will still go out and ride at a comfortable pace. I really couldn't afford the bike but the wife saw the glint in my eye. So I've ordered one. Looking at all the negativity from other riders it will be interesting to see their reactions to me on the trail. I'm already taking a **** load of flack from my purist buddies. Just like the reviews online from many of the cycling journalist who rode the test bikes with sceptisim and were converted. I'm confident my buddies will see what I see in it. Negativity is just a reaction to change and progress and I get that. It takes more muscles in the face the frown than it does to smile and I have a feeling I'll be the one smiling.
  4. Hey the've been using motors on Le Tour for years now... and drugs. Prices look like R20,000 - R150,000 which is off the charts. I believe these bikes have proven themselves in Europe and will catch on to some extent here although price prohibitive. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iGdVYHkoPlQ Given we can't stop development the fully integrated E BIKE is here. E-suspension, e-gearing, pedal assist list will be endless and as some of us are suckers for techy stuff the adage "build it and they will come" applies. It's a Human Hybrid bike.
  5. I can live with that. Especially if I get three or four more attempts.
  6. There's a few already in SA with new batches coming in the new year from Spez and haibike to name a few. I'm gonna take the plunge and give it a go. Uphill's not my strongest point and the fun factor looks awesome.
  7. Before the tyrade of abuse hits, you might want to watch these two videos on ebike trail riding from a pro downhillers perspective.
  8. Im feeling slightly confused possibly due to a large amount of Craft beer, Ive just drunk...but I feel the need to discuss the debate relating to wheel and beer size. Is it true the bigger the beer / the bigger the wheel.... the better the performance....
  9. Not cheap at R1250.00 but a good option. Clipless one side and flat the other.
  10. I'm not ready to covert to 1 x10 yet I'm thinking of doing that next year when the legs are a little stronger and the crankset is worn and ready for an upgrade. In the short term and at the lowest expense for now a guide is my first option as a dropper post is penciled in for this month. Does anybody know where you can buy Bionicon C.Guide V.02 or eco in SA. Theres one for sale here on the hub but I'd like to see if spares are available.
  11. I'm looking for a suitable guide for a 2x10 Duel Suspension Pyga. I seem to be dropping my chain every other couple of rides. Any feedback on a good guide.
  12. ditto.. Had the same set-up with the rebound set too high.. at the G-Spot the other week ended up doing an unintentional front roll with a head plant. Set the Re-Bound super low on the next couple of runs and had a better time.
  13. Growing pains, Searles is a relatively new concept and only in their third year with exponential growth year on year. I know the guys at Searles and I think it would be fair to say they get slammed and slammed hard with over a 1000 customers a day over these event weekends. The Epic is just off the charts.... They are one of the biggest venus in the town in terms of overall space and if you get chance to speak to the owners they'll tell you they never imagined or expected it to be that popular and believe they created a beast. Only last week you had riders using the shower there.. who were not even customers and created all manor of issues, over 500 customers passed through that day. The food is good thats why it's popular. Agreed a good sense of humour is required and possibly a relaxed attitude. You'll get you food I'm sure. Get stuck into the Craft beers and enjoy the vibe. The guys there work hard and it's a boom bust scenario in terms of feet in Greyton. Massive events and then dead quite. Also theres only a limited pool of talent to draw from. I think it's all about expectations and once you understand the dynamic and that Searles is not a restaurant per say it a crazy eclectic vibey venue. They have got stronger with each year and I for one would not wish to run that place. I take my hat off to them. Enjoy the ride guys both in Greyton and Searles.
  14. I bought the Etto Lid and it's saved me on several occasions. Unfortunately I used my face as a break at the G-Spot the other week. Ended up sliding across a jeep track on my head with grazing down the side of my face. A full face or clip off chin guard would be nice. So you can gun it down the trails and take it off after. It took me a week to recover. I did a nice 360 front roll clipped in. The biggest lesson I learned was a good set of tyres is almost protection itself. I've been looking the G foam knee pads as a light weight option as my knee's seam to be getting the most.
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