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  1. Thanks for the message Hilton, between Wahoo and COROS our single biggest frustration and set back to scale has always been Vitality. We're always actively engaging with Vitality in multiple countries where they are active to have this integration done. We have seen significant growth the past year on Coros and will continue to speak to the purist market that understand the value proposition of these brands. We continue to work towards the goal of integration, but have no date set. Willing to give a free smoothy to anyone who buys a COROS unit. Cheers from team Ikhambi
  2. Our company, Ikhambi was recently awarded the distribution rights for COROS - www.coroswearables.co.za I've been using the Vertix for my Ironman Training and the product is really solid. Worth keeping on your list of options. Kipchoge, Gerda Steyn and Kilian Jornet use Coros as their watch of choice.
  3. Hi Sirmoun, please feel free to reach out to our support team on 0876541940. It might be a simply fix... you can also log a ticket on www.wahoofitness.co.za
  4. Cyclelab has them on sale: https://www.cyclelab.com/product/2016546-tyre-mtb-schwalbe-racing-ray-speedgrip-29x225 https://www.cyclelab.com/product/2016137-tyre-mtb-schwalbe-r-ron-addix-spdgrp-ss-tl-e-29x225
  5. Hi Steady Spin, Sorry to hear about that... Please reach out to the support team, they will push to get an answer for you. It might not be hardware related, but something to do with the software. Ready to help Christian
  6. Hello All, Christian here from Wahoo SA. Happy to engage on this thread. Certain products are unable to be fixed, but all products carry a warrantee as long as the original proof of purchase can be supplied. This is important for various logical reasons. This is a standard in the industry and across brands, we are in no way unique in this fact. One thing we pride ourselves in is after market support and takes the side of the customer within reason. Other threads can speak to this. We do assist with some replacement parts like belts which can be purchased from us for KICKR products, the CLIMB's however can not be replaced and has to go through a warrantee process. Second hand purchases can create a situation where we can not confirm when it was initially purchased, age of the product or if it was used in the correct manner for the duration of the lifecycle. We have KICKR products in the market for over 11 years now and giving excellent value to their users after all these years. Should there be anyone who wants to engage with me directly, please feel free to DM me. Or call our support team at 0876541940. We work closely with Wahoo HQ to resolve issues or queries. We are always willing to discuss. Your local Wahooligan Christian
  7. This is great news! I'm glad for the Faces group... Keep in mind that during COVID these race organisers weathered a big storm, and Faces were bold enough to refund any canceled event in full. I will celebrate any sponsorship for them. Tough times past with some headwind ahead, this is good for the cycling and events industry. Cheers to a successful event!
  8. Cheers to them to make an awesome success internationally!
  9. Hello All, happy to jump in here and answer some questions, especially regarding pricing. Firstly, our aim is to ensure we offer the best value possible for both the Wahooligans out there and the grafting retailers to survive. In SA we are priced based on the USA pricing. USD of $999 at our current median of R15,80 - R16,00 / USD places us in and around R16,000 for the pedals. We have to account for VAT on this. Note that we can not use GBP/EUR pricing as many of these countries Wahoo operates directly in and manages the local VAT etc based on a different business case. * Where we take the R16,000 and add VAT to this we end up with R18,400 retail pricing. * We receive these units via Air Freight. Firstly, we always have to find a flight that can manage "hazardous cargo". The batteries, and the master boxes we freight these in means we can not simply book a flight and ship them. Some red tape to add to this, and compounding this red tape, secondly is general freight charges that are simply not going down. * Certification. We have to get formal certification from two governing bodies in SA. ICASA and NRCS. We have to pay a for of levies to both these parties. These levies and certification applies to all Wahoo products. Just as a matter of interest, our last NRCS testing and approval cost us R40,000. SA uses a different test report to the rest of the world in many instances and we have to take these costs out of pocket to ensure we comply with local government requirements. At Ikhambi we also employ a team of experts on both the sales and support side. Our lines are always open on 0876541940 should you need any customer support, product queries or need to troubleshoot. Supporting local bolsters our team's efforts and keeps the retail business flowing. We are however cognisant that VALUE to the end user is of the greatest priority and our job is to ensure that we offer it, regardless of import bureaucracy, exchange rate fluctuations, rising import costs and retailer margin viability. Onwards and upwards Your local Wahooligan www.ikhambi.co.za
  10. You ca also try Wahoo RGT - it has a great "freemium" option. Some structured workouts, virtual riding and joining of group rides without subscription. https://www.rgtcycling.com
  11. Hey All, Aftershokz Demo stations are set up at most iStore, Sportsman's Warehouse and Independent bike dealers. You can test the product and get a feel for the unique product this is.
  12. Thanks @edgarblount will DM @lechatnoir 0876541940 is our direct contact line for general enquiries.
  13. Hey Dexter, We do not facilitate trade ins, but would reach out to your LBS and ask the question. Not a bad idea.
  14. For the Tyre Geeks out there, check out this link on Rolling Resistance: https://www.bicyclerollingresistance.com They cover the topic in deep detail.
  15. Hello Wahooligans, ZWIFT has had some challenges in the past with dropouts and have a tendency to be more prevalent on Windows machines. In most cases the dropouts have nothing to do with hardware, but sits in the software itself. Please refer to this ZwiftInsider with some troubleshooting: https://forums.zwift.com/t/bluetooth-connection-keeps-dropping/33984/2 Wahoo offers the direct connection into the Wahoo KICKR 5 should you be a serious e-racer that can not afford any dropouts during a race or training session. Again to emphasise, in most cases the software is at fault regardless of your trainer brand. Our support team remains available should you need to reach out to them and a support ticket can also be logged on www.ikhambi.co.za Cheers! Your Local Wahooligan
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