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  1. Hey Dexter, We do not facilitate trade ins, but would reach out to your LBS and ask the question. Not a bad idea.
  2. For the Tyre Geeks out there, check out this link on Rolling Resistance: https://www.bicyclerollingresistance.com They cover the topic in deep detail.
  3. Hello Wahooligans, ZWIFT has had some challenges in the past with dropouts and have a tendency to be more prevalent on Windows machines. In most cases the dropouts have nothing to do with hardware, but sits in the software itself. Please refer to this ZwiftInsider with some troubleshooting: https://forums.zwift.com/t/bluetooth-connection-keeps-dropping/33984/2 Wahoo offers the direct connection into the Wahoo KICKR 5 should you be a serious e-racer that can not afford any dropouts during a race or training session. Again to emphasise, in most cases the software is at fault regardless of your trainer brand. Our support team remains available should you need to reach out to them and a support ticket can also be logged on www.ikhambi.co.za Cheers! Your Local Wahooligan
  4. Local market too small for keeping secrets, but there is a First Accent kit giveaway...
  5. Maybe the yellow and green jersey giving the secret away
  6. Hey Pure Savage, We are here and respond to compliments and criticism Scotland a bit dramatic, but in SA the gun part is very possible... We'd be here if you decide to make a decision Your local Wahooligan Christian
  7. Hey Chris, Yes you will! We should have retrofit parts in the next 6 weeks.
  8. Hey DieselnDust, KICKR 1 was launched in 2013 KICKR 4 or KICKR '18 was launched in 20and '18 Time flies when you are having fun...
  9. Thanks again, and we do not see it as an attack It is very important discussions to have and transparency from brands are critical. Dollar exchange has been erratic to say the least... I believe there is a lot of pre-covid stock floating around and Cyclelab recently ran a special on the ELEMNT BOLT at R3,499 If you are a bargain hunter you can find good prices, but as things stands prices will remain where they are at... As I've pointed out even Garmin/Polar/SUUNTO prices will creep up. Cheers!
  10. Hey KnavishStream, Thanks for starting this thread. We try to keep an eye on pricing very closely and competitive analysis is key to our business. However value to customers is at the heart of what we do... Since our cost pricing is based on US Dollars and pricing models from companies almost always take VAT out of the "Margin to Distributor" equation we always aim towards having a price that calculates: USD MSRP * ROE * VAT = Local Retail Price. Therefor we try to get as possible to MSRP in the USA + 15% VAT. In the last week the exchange rate was at unexpected lows and it is hard to take these into account for what we purchased at. This will drive some swings over the 15% as it stands... say 21% in case of the ROAM. These percentages will fluctuate continuously. Back to the Garmin example. We have found that some competing products does indeed have similar differences in pricing like these at between 18-25% depending on the precise ROE: Garmin 830 - 349GBP in UK ( @ R21.15/ GBP = R7360) Garmin 830 in SA - R8949 Price discrepancy = 18% And in my honest opinion a fair price from Garmin if they follow the same business model. Please feel free to reach out to me on this topic as a DM or if you would like to give our business a call please visit www.ikhambi.co.za Cheers! Your local Wahooligan
  11. Hello Chris, Some serious allegations, but I'm happy to answer on this in a DM.
  12. This is probably the most comprehensive comparison tool out there: https://www.dcrainmaker.com/product-comparison-calculator?type=heart-rate-sensors#select
  13. Hello JK7, Our team is happy to answer any questions and feel free to reach out to us. Important things to keep in mind when buying this for your MTB specifically is: * You need a through axle adapter kit if you are not using a QR. This adds about R1500 to your purchase * The SNAP is not boost compatible * A Slick tyre is recommended on a "wheel on" trainer. Nobs does make some noise. Cheers! Your local Wahooligan
  14. Hey Guys, apologies for a slow response on the Hub. Sean, Dyllan, Manoah or myself can be contacted for support at the office. One of us is available 99% of the time. Please give a call tomorrow if you have not heard from us yet. We also use a support system that can be found on www.ikhambi.co.za by clicking and submitting either a support or warrantee form. Cheers!
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