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  1. I thought i'd start a Rocker Plate topic I follow the Rocker Plate page on BookFace - Lots of guys making their own and some good designs. I think its a cool DIY project to build my own. taking one of the members design i need to locally source the following parts - all available on Amazon but want to source locally. Anyone in the engineering retail trade know where i can get them locally ?
  2. Hi guys, I noticed that no one has posted anything about the Zwift L'Etape du Tour and was wondering what you guys thought of it... Stage 1: 30.32 km/682 m Stage 2: 47.61 km/309 m Stage 3: 21.85 km/1535 m I thought that stage 2 last week was rough considering that it was a full out sprint for 47k's and the last stage was just brutal! The new France World is a nice addition. Considering the ZAR's we pay, I wish Zwift would add more worlds, more often. How did you guys find it?
  3. Hi everyone I have a tacx satori trainer that doesn't want to switch on. It's been standing for about 2 months and now when I want to use it, it won't go on. I changed batteries, and still nothing. Has anyone else experienced something like this? Chris Willemse said I can bring it to them to have it checked out, but before I go there, I want to see if I can fix it myself (hopefully it's something small). Thanks!
  4. Hi I just thought I'd post this to the forums in case it's of help to someone like me in future. I recently bought an overbed table from Takealot for my IDT setup. The link is here. I'm not affiliated with this company in any way, this is just to give people an idea of what the item looks like in the context of an IDT setup. I have a large dual suspension MTB set up. At maximum extension the table is about level with the handlebars. The table surface is good quality and has retaining rubber strips on either long side. The unit is on lockable roller wheels that pop into place into the base. The dodgiest parts of the unit are the locking mechanism for the table tilt and the way the bolts in the base attach to the stem; they're just not very well made, but probably well-enough made. I noticed a small amount of, what might be, rust on my on one of the welds. So yeah, "Deluxe".
  5. Hi Hubbers, Im joining a friend of mine to raise funds to feed the hungry! SO Whats the challenge!!, Well my good friend will be swimming in his pool for 12hrs / 36km while I ride a stationery trainer for 12hrs / 250km or until I fall over!. We are desperate to get support and would really appreciate if you could at least share the love!. DM me for the links to share. You can catch the live feeds on facebook to see the pain on my face if thats you thing too. Th how: 8am to 8pm ride/swim. Live Facebook feed every hour, I will be tracking the milage and will update as often as possible. https://https://www.givengain.com/ap/gavin-brophy-raising-funds-for-the-clothing-bank/ https://www.facebook.com/gavin.brophy.3/videos/2578475135759309/ Thank you for your support in advance Hubbers!!
  6. Hi Hubbers! Now that the chill is upon us in Gangsta's Paradise, some (like me) will retreat to their Winter Pain Caves (or local VA). Just before LÉTape I followed one of Hunter Allen's 8 week Sportive training programs and it kept me occupied abd motivated. A few club members have told me about Training Peaks and TrainerRoad. To those who use these (or any other paid service), what do you guys recommend? Also, I only have an Andriod phone, not a tablet!
  7. I've been wanting to try out the Zwift steerable courses and also upgrade the horrible riser block my IDT came with. I'm probably not on a sufficiently high level yet to do the courses, but I found this SUPER COOL 3D printable design on Thingiverse (similar to this): https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4239532 I'm curious if anyone else has given this a go (or wants to give it a go)? This is my current print progress (started this morning): I'm using clear PETG filament due to availability ( ), ease of use and low thermal expansion coefficients. I don't have bearings, so I'll have to print those too. PETG is good for moving parts apparently.
  8. I am looking for a route that is 25km long and has a constant gradient of 3% or 4%. Which will give you either 750m or 1000m of climbing over that distance. I am looking for this / and not this /\/\/\/\. I have tried looking at creating a route in Rouvy or plotaroute but can't seem to find an option to create such a route. I just want one constant climb for 25 km. Any other tools I can use to create such a route? Oh, and I want to use it on the IDT, so a gpx will be most welcome.
  9. Good afternoon folks! Hope you're all having a great Sunday. Had this Tacx indoor tyre since mid-December 2018. Then after my session on Thursday evening I noticed a very small bubble forming in the tyre. This after I took the tyre off hoping the tube underneath was bust. Turns out the tube was flawless, and my tyre is de-lamitating. This is my second Tacx tyre. Has this happened to other Tacx tyre users before? Is there a better tyre on the market? Do these new tyres come with a warranty? I usually run it between 7-8 bar on a Tacx Genius Smart trainer, doing TR workouts at night.
  10. Good evening folks, Even though spring is upon us, I'm not in too much of a hurry to put my IDT away. I've grown more concerned about the sheer amount of noise my specific Genius Smart trainer generates. I've read on a few forums now about the "Superglue" and "Epoxy Fix". Simply put, the Superglue fix requires one placing small dots of said glue on the 12 "tractor holes" (like you get on dot-matrix printer paper) you find on the metal sleeve on the roller and leaving to dry. The epoxy fix requires one to drill these holes out completely (the roller is made from PU) with a 4mm bit, and refill the holes with epoxy resin, clean thoroughly and leave to dry for 24 hours. All these fixes claim a significant reduction in noise. Any Tacx users out there who has tried either of these two methods with success? Thanks!
  11. shaper

    Kickr Core

    Just released at Eurobike, will be priced to compete with Tacx Flux, the Kickr Core
  12. Good morning Hubland, This is a very particular query I have, but humour me. I started training with power in approx January 2017 in preparation for the then LeTape Tour. I continued training with power using a Wattbike in my (then) local VA. The crowded atmosphere in the VA detracted me so I decided to go the smart trainer route. Having now used the smart trainer for some weeks I can categorically say that the Wattbike and (this particular) smart trainer are not the same. The most simple away to distinguish between the two is my RPE. Put even simpler - it feels easier to do a certain wattage on my smart trainer than it did on the Wattbike. My HR is an indication of that too. I am aware HR has a lot of variables including temperature, how well you slept, how well you ate, how hydrated you remain etc. etc. I only used the "fan" setting on the Wattbike, only the magnet on the rare occasion when I had to go 350W+ for LOW cadence. Is it at all fair to compare the two? Should I just discount all my training I did on the Wattbike (in excess of 2500km)? Am I actually doing myself a disservice by using a smart trainer? Just to answer some questions I know will appear - I never (re)calibrated the Wattbike for each session (no clue how that was even done) I hardly ever used the exact same Wattbike due to space issues at the VA I always calibrate before my ride on my IDT I use the same bike each time (on the IDT) with about 7 bar pressure I calibrate using the Tacx Utility App and TrainerRoad Thanks for reading!
  13. Hi all (once again if this topic's been covered, apologies.. I couldn't find a thread) I'm contemplating getting a bike to permanently leave on my IDT (a Kickr 2) So nothing fancy would be required.... or am I wrong? wheels, brakes etc obviously matter not. last thing I want to do is damage my IDT.
  14. Evening Hubbers, Does anyone have, or know of someone, who has an indoor spinning bike, but with a power meter attached? Only possibilities I can think of a pedal and crank based. I know Stages have an indoor bike like that. Is it worth pursuing?
  15. Hi guys/gals, I've started this topic, with the same idea of what the Cycleops event is. For those who're not in the know, it was to create a platform where we(hub users) could organise a ride together and suffer together. I would like to suggest that each hub member riding on Zwift would post the time and route he/she will ride (evening/morning) and what workout he plans to do...so it might not be a race all the time, but more a structured program. We could also do race nights(like Zwift's "Tuesday nights worlds" event). Zwift let you change your name to whatever event you participate in, however I think we could change our name to include BH (for BikeHub), so we can follow each other on Zwift. If you have more and other ideas, please let me know and I can add it to the #1 post... #rideon
  16. On Saturday 24 June, 2017, I'm riding 100 Miles on Zwift at Cycle Lab Fourways to raise awareness and funds for Qhubeka. More than half-a-million kids walk for more than a hour a day to get to school. A Qhubeka Buffalo Bike has been proven to improve attendance and focus and therefore results for kids who receive them. Kids earn their bikes through the Study to Learn programme. The details are here: http://qhubeka.org/2013/?page_id=962 Please support my project. I've committed to raising the funds for 4 bikes. They cost just R 2,850 each. It's really easy to donate. Just click on this link to GivenGain https://www.givengain.com/ap/100IndoorMilesforBikes/ Any donation will be gratefully appreciated. And, you can have the dubious pleasure of coming to Cycle Lab on 24 June to watch me ride my 100 Miles. Thanks Hubland. I know you'll help me out.
  17. After 3 months of exclusively riding on my VR Trainer I'm afraid to admit that I've pretty much used up all the interesting programmes and imagination that I posses. As it's still a few months before my shoulder will be healed enough to be allowed out onto tar I fear that I'll lose interest in the pain being inflicted on me by my VRT. Anyone got some suggestions to spice things up a bit through different power based workouts or specific intervals that are: a) a bit different b) beneficial c) FTP or PPO rather than heart rate or perceived effort based d) don't drag and seem longer than they are Please share your favourites.
  18. Please join me this evening (3 April) at 18h00 for a virtual race on your Tacx trainer. I will be the Lobby Leader, and my Tacx user name is ....erm, ..Harry. The race will be called "The Hubsa race to Roodepoort" The route starts in the North Eastern suburb of Sandringham, and finishes in Discovery Roodepoort. It is 25km and has 382 m ascent. If the time does not suit, we can always change it to make it later in the evening. Please advise if you will be able to take part - and if so, please give your Tacx user name. If there is a nice response and we have fun, i hope to make this a regular event - heck we can do it every night!
  19. Hi I want to buy a trainer to set my wife's old bike to trundle. I can get a 2nd hand Giant, or a new Fluid for the same price. They do look more or less the same. Do I go through the hassle of buggering over to Benoons, or make Makro deliver the new Fluid?
  20. Please dont laugh.... I have serious problems with getting flats on my spinning bike. I ran for a couple of years with out any problems and now during the last 8 months I had 3 flats? I did replace the tyre and it is still happening. I use a cycle ops fluid trainer and even take the tension of the tyre , must i also deflate the tyre like I do with my road bike when not in use??
  21. Sorry for another IDT topic. Firstly is this a good deal, and a good trainer ? http://www.sportsworld.co.za/product.php?id_product=904 So while I'm at war with myself to become a better cyclist, and after reading many online articles, it seems that a trainer is going to help improve my riding, especially with interval training. I don't get much intervals done when I'm on the road, I push myself hard on some days but I think its basically just TITS, so a trainer can help improve this and will allow me to get more time in. I don't want to spend crazy amounts of cash on a trainer, so at about the R4k mark, what would you recommend ?
  22. I have 8 Tacx Real Life Videos that I've over ridden, time for a change. Or not ridden at all as they are too damn long and steep to be any fun. They are: Aube Valley Col d'Aspin Pyrenees including Col de Azet, Col de Peyresourde, Pla'd-Adet Mt Ventoux Passo Gavia Passo Vivione Mortirolo Stelvio Happy to swap video for video. Any interest?
  23. So, an Oslo-based fitness company has unveiled this IDT. "For most adrenaline-seeking mountain-bikers, sitting on a stationary bike is less of a substitute for the real thing and more cruel and unusual punishment. But as technology aids indoor trainers in becoming more engaging, staying bike-fit throughout the dark days of winter can feel a bit less like work and more like the fun of actually getting outside. Oslo-based fitness tech company Activetainment recently unveiled their latest solution to indoor training at CES. Ripping down a virtual trail on the Ebove bike is the closest you'll get to the real thing without leaving the house. The bike moves up and down, as well as side-to-side, forcing riders to use core strength to navigate turns. Moveable handlebars, brakes and gears complete the riding experience while Oculus Rift compatibility is so enthralling, you might actually want to throw on a helmet." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nxSpWZjn3eg What do guys think?
  24. CycleOps S.A. has opened a new training hub on the door step of Sandton, Boasting industry leading power based CycleOps Indoor Cycle 300 and 420 bikes as well as the popular PowerBeam trainers, our facilities will allow coached or self coached riders access to accurate power based training sessions. Our Virtual training sessions are structured on your personal Functional Threshold Power (FTP) - measured upon signup and at specified periods in between. This will enable your coach to validate the training you are doing and track your progress (or non-progress as sometimes happens) and alter your schedule to suit. Training can be performed in a group session in VIP with times starting from 6 - 7am then from 5 - 6pm. Alternatively if your program/working hours do not allow a group session or times then we have a separate space in VVIP with limited numbers where you can book a bike any time of the day and come through to train, times also from 6am to 6PM. We will be adding more time slots as the demand increases. Each bike has its own tablet with our bespoke training App loaded so all your personal metrics are displayed in front of you, we have a selected route/workout displayed on the HD big screens at the font of the room so you can get lost in the French Alps whilst training. Once done with your session the showers and coffee are hot, whilst your workout is automatically uploaded to the cloud onto TrainingPeaks.com, ready to be reviewed by the time you get to the office. We are running free sessions until the end of the year (18th of December), bookings are essential via mail or phone, assesments (FTP) will need to be carried out before hand and can be booked Mon-Fri between 8 am and 4pm. To find out more, feel free to call on 011 072 0847 or drop us a mail at info@cycleopsvip.co.za
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