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  1. USN energy cycling bars are the best! i eat 1 every 1.5 - 1 hrs while riding keeps them energy levels up throughout the ride and legs feel great after ride aswell. You can buy a box at Discem for R125 for 20 bars, well thats what i do
  2. Shame guys having to travel so far, to suffer 120k's on the ATTAKWAKS...
  3. Ya Defs, if you dont stretch them hammie's are gona tighten up. If i dont stretch regularly i tend to cramp up easily.
  4. Yes the route did change, they cut a 15k loop off the race, and people started riding 29ers
  5. Loving all the feedback guys really helps! Sounds daunting but like Repunzel said thinks crossing the finish makes it all worth while!
  6. Hahahaha Thanx That does wonders for my confidence!
  7. Perfect, thanx for the feedback. Living in the Garden Route there are no shortage of steep and technical climbs. What about intervals?
  8. What is the best training to do for the Attakwas 120K?
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