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  1. I hope he is still WT (Trek?) but if not a maybe 303Project cause of Saffa Johan van Zyl?
  2. Looks suspicious to me, Enve wheels and all! Thanks for posting it
  3. Side note: does anyone know what time and which channel on Supersport the mens race is being broadcasted on? Trying to find it on DSTV mobile and i'm not winning.
  4. Brilliant race by Robyn, taking 3rd in a very close sprint. Interesting to note that South African Barry Austin coaches Robyn and Pauline. Well done to Robyn and Barry
  5. Found a pair of sunglasses between Lions Head and Tamboerskloof (trail name Bosskakdown) on my ride this morning. Please send me a pm with a description of the sunglasses for a happy return
  6. Buy this You will hardly need much to finish your fixie build. https://www.bikehub.co.za/classifieds/350304-steel-large-frame/
  7. I have a BH Lynx and love it! The new model is every hotter
  8. Good news to hear that he is continuing, it would be a pity for him to leave the race this early on. Bring on the race within the race for stage honors vs GC!
  9. Sam and Kulhavy finished 24 minutes behind Matt and Alan. Its going to be interesting to see how the team dynamics change and if Sam continues
  10. Anyone had battery issues with the 920XT? Its battery ran out a few days ago and now won't turn back on, every after many hours of being charged. I've tried different plug points, usb adapters, etc. Anyone had a similar issue?
  11. Thank you, DieselInDust! Keen to check it out, its basically an XCO world cup
  12. Will the international only be competing on the Sunday or both days?
  13. The Cycle Workshop is excellent, a small shop but the only place that I trust to work on my bikes. 21 Heerengracht Road, Bergvliet.
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