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  1. A XC bike typically has less travel (front and back) and a more aggressive geometry (ie more forward leaning). As a roadie this is something you will be fairly used to. Overall these are the faster bikes. A trail bike has a more relaxed geometry (more upward) and have more travel (rear and front). The bike is designed to handle rougher terrain in a more comfortable manner. Unless you have the desire to ride things as fast as you can, I would go for a trailbike for the use you mentioned
  2. Sjoe, you're a better planner than me cause I've done all 3 ... multiple times. What's the furthest (distance) / longest (time) you've gone on 2 wheels?
  3. ^^^This is very sound advise in my view
  4. XX1 chain will do 10k BUT will have eaten your cassette and chainring when you do change
  5. As they say in the ads: Who are these people??? I do not get more than 3.5k km on XX! chain
  6. Restday means I am working my gat off so I can work half days for the rest of the week
  7. Some geekie numbers from TT yesterday: Wout Poels had av power of 420W for full stage and weighs 66kg, so ~6.3 w/kg .... and comes 53rd on 2.41!!!!! So Pogi must have been around 7w/kg for the full 32 min.... nogal woes ek se!!!
  8. Sjoe, I only get ~3k km per chain. Nearly all my riding is on off road trails but find it hard to believe that would explain the difference. Are you maybe a light rider in terms of weight?
  9. Is the 6k km within 0.5% chain stretch or do you just ride it past that?
  10. That's huge. I ran my last XX! till 3.5 and it has already chewed mt CSixx chainring .. so ended up replacing both
  11. As I understand it 1299 is XX1 and 1295 is XO1. The former is a tad heavier and usualy gold. These cassettes are indeed more durable. In order to get the full benefit you should also switch to XX1 chain. These are also more durable (I get 3.3k km on XX1 and at best 2.5k km on GX). The price however is ~ 2x GX chai. So it is more expensive to run per km.
  12. With you on this. Ineos by far the strongest team in terms of depth but the Slovenians the strongest individuals in my view. So an battle between team and individual class. Pogacar is not gonna get the freedom he got last year (at least initially) so suspect he and Roglic will be stuck to Ineos wheels and will have to decide who to chase and who to let go ...that's not easy with the depth of the Ineos team with 4 potential winners. There is a case for the two Slovenians to work together but that's also dicey Looking forward to seeing it all unfold
  13. mvdp got outplayed by JV team at nationals.
  14. Only issue with it is that you can't keep the smaller stuff in there
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