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  1. Hello, For Open Water Swimming and Stroke Correction/Video Analysis contact Jana Schoeman 082 823 9478 http://www.facebook.com/ReplayVideoAnalysis/ Hope this helps!!
  2. Nahhh if I cant ride full 360 then I dont ride. Just my personal preference.
  3. No, after Trans drak I know I do not have the fitness required for 36One and I do not want to NOT finish again. (If I did not know what is waiting for me, like last year I might have still stay entered) Will see what next year holds. FYI I am selling my entry for R1000 o.n.o and buyer responsible for sub fees. (full distance solo)
  4. Hey guys i have a solo entry to sell! Full distance.
  5. Guys my husband is going to follow and meet me at some of the water points. Does someone know if spectators are allowed at all water points or if they are only allowed at checkpoints?
  6. I see the temperature does not drop really low. 20 degrees min on weather.com hmmmm wonder how true this is.
  7. 4 sleeps.... everybody ready for the weekend?
  8. Awesome!! My dad is doing 180 this year again, he did not make the 12hr cutoff by less than 5min last year. So hopefully this year I can pick him up halfway and ride to the finish line together!!
  9. My long/night ride is Trans Draak next weekend,
  10. I have been nervous since not finishing last year's 36One, got to 310km and called it a day. I am very quiet this year, focussing on the positive and to finish this year. From my side to the first timers, do not under estimate those hills and the section after Calitzdorp was pure hell for me, thank goodness I was riding solo, for the first time cried on my bike he he he he Hopefulle learnt from my mistakes from last year.....let's see. All I can also say is that the guys passing me was always so friendly and up for a joke or a chat.
  11. Also make sure that your bike is insured, in racing also. Most insurances dont insure your bike in races. We are with MiWay and my bike is insured for R38k and we pay R162p/m.
  12. @Dale... the bibs are fairly new just put that comment in so that guys dont think my bibs are done and i am blaming the saddle. @Tumbleweed No. If i pres my thumb lightly up and down on the left hand side of the saddle bridge it makes the squeak. Less if i do it on the right. Oi my 5hr base rides have been squeaky and i did 36one on the saddle without a squeak. O the saddle could be 3 yrs old, not more.
  13. Does anyone know the lifespan of the Fizik Vesta saddle? Have done about 450hrs over 2 years. It started to squeak alot recently, my comfort is suddenly also not what it was. (Riding with new bibs)
  14. just if you guys and girls wondered..... 135 dayzzz..... and 80 dayzz to Trans Drak
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