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  1. A lot of sense being spoken but also seeing some of the entitled attitudes which are rapidly earning us cyclists a very bad name. We are not entitled to ride anywhere other than on public roads where we are classified as vehicles. Everywhere else we get to ride is a privilege granted by the people who either own or manage the land (be that farms, green belts, national parks, ...). We need to realise that it takes no time or money for these people to withdraw these privileges so we need to ensure that we as a community of mountain bikers, adhere to rules and treat all others we encounter in these areas with a level of mutual respect.
  2. There are 3 land owners involved. One I know is slowly warming to the idea of mountain bikes on their land. The other 2 have more perimeter security than a prison but if anybody has good contacts at De Grendel and thinks they may be able to assist in negotiating access, please pm me.
  3. Tygerberg MTB Club is often approached by land owners outside of the Tygerberg area who are interested in developing trails. Our main focus however is on trails within our geographical area, particularly if there is a possibility of linking them. We were approached a while back wrt developing a corridor of sorts from the atlantic seaboard to the tygerberg trails but the proximity to DuNoon made it a non-starter. If a more feasible option presents itself or if the landowners surrounding the nature reserve reconsider allowing cyclists on their land, we'll definitely try to make a plan to at least make some of the detour route exciting.
  4. One of the land owners is no longer allowing access due to people riding illegally at night with bike lights. Trails will have to be re-routed around the farm in question. Not the first trail network to lose access due to the action of entitled individuals.
  5. We rode that route in a group of 6 ladies last weekend and it was sublimely beautiful and would do it again in a flash. No crime or traffic problems although wind can be a beast at times.
  6. Just one suggestion regarding visiting a doctor - if you are diagnosed with anything chronic (ie needing long term treatment or medication), get a second opinion before embarking on long term medication. Your symptoms can easily mimic depression and you do not want to be too quick to start meds which are very difficult to stop taking at a later stage. Don't underestimate your body's ability to heal itself but it sometimes takes longer than we are prepared to wait. I had a severe over-training spell 2 years back and it took 6 months to recover and it was humbling to go from hero to zero and starting from scratch again but it was worth the wait.
  7. I cycle 7 passes frequently on my own - lots of holiday makers are out on their bikes that time of year. Some of the dirt routes (eg to Montagu pass) are safest in groups.
  8. 7 passes road is easily accessible via whites road (George direction) and Hoekwil (knysna direction). If you want a longer ride, make your way theough george and go up outeniqua pass. Definitely worthwhile.
  9. Given all your nipples are same make and age and under the same load, all will start going at the same time. Agree with ChrisF, rebuild is only (safe) solution
  10. Now that will be a surreal experience!! Having ridden on sowa pan before, the prospect of crossing the entire pan will be amazing. What's more, it will no doubt be the flattest multi-day sporting event ever lol! Looking forward to the ride reports and pictures.
  11. Correct - while our land owners are happy for us to return to the trails, the lack of clarity on the government gazette leaves it to the discretion of the police to decide if what we are doing is legal or not. Our lawyers have advised us to close the trails in the interim. Due to the size and visibility of the club, we are probably at a higher risk than some of the smaller networks for being targeted by over-zealous law enforcement officials. We have sent a letter to the Premier requesting assistance with re-opening our trail network so we're trying to be as responsible as we can. That said, I share the pain of many of our members. With the trail network a mere 300m from my home, the 5km radius would give plenty of riding territory.
  12. Hi there Chris Patrick and the committee have been discussing this as it isn't straightforward. We need land owners' permission first and we will only find out the status of cycling in general on Friday. The trails will also need to be recced to check for damage - hospital visits are best avoided. We will however be communicating to members as soon as we have information.
  13. I set rollers up next to the trellidor for max hand holds for when (not if) one of the mutts takes me out. Hook up to a good music station and every 2 tracks I hop off for a quick set of crunches or push ups - gives butt and brain a break.
  14. I agree with you on back of Dorstberg - gnarly indeed. Throw in a bit of speed and it becomes suitably challenging. Sadly it's sometimes used as a shooting range so its not possible to throw it in. We are however holding thumbs that another landowner will open his farm gates to the club in the future and it has the potential for some gradient and unmanicured lines.
  15. Holiday memberships at R300 are now available (valid to 31 January 2020) https://www.tygerbergmtb.co.za/product/holiday-membership/?fbclid=IwAR0JDNPSgCho7S-X7mjqGN_ReTJb8EVNcwrBG0BiZD1tO3VESpkA3mHViS8
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