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  1. We had a friend at school, he was one of the boarders at an all-boys school, for context. He got us to hold him down and burn off a wart with a magnifying glass using the sun. You could literally see the smoke and smell it.
  2. Anybody driving through early Saturday morning and coming back afternoon who wants to carpool? At this stage I'm likely driving up all alone and have roofracks for two bikes. Leaving from Southern Suburbs. Anyone interested?
  3. Entered. Anyone know any good camping sites in the area?
  4. I remember the first time I looked at a time trial bike, I mean really looked at one. I was filming an event called the Westcoast Warmwater Weekend. Paul Valstar was commentating. A bunch of kids, maybe 4 or 5 years old, had gathered around Dan Hugo's bike. Paul went over to explain that it is called a time trial bike and a bit about how it worked. As I stepped nearer, one of the kids called to his brother, "Come look here! A time-travel bike!". Click here to view the article
  5. I've always wanted to do an ultra-distance triathlon but it has always been a bit out of my reach. I'm not a member of a triathlon club, I don't own a time trial bike, and I can't swim properly. I've completed a few shorter triathlons, including the Jailbreak Minimum Escape, but Jailbreak Maximum Security is my biggest triathlon undertaking to date. Click here to view the article
  6. Are you talking about the auto-generated subtitles made by youtube that you need to switch on? Mine don't come on automatically.
  7. I also rode this bike at a demo day and loved it. Felt good on it immediately and I was surprised how fun it was even after demoing the speedfox first.
  8. WRT to devices, a phone picks up way fewer gps points per second than a proper gps device. Good gps devices you can also calibrate to say how accurate you want it, ie low accuracy lets the battery last longer. The way phones work it looks like one of those connect-the-dots pictures but proper device is actually very accurate. WRT segment hunter we do use a GPS device.
  9. If Coquard hadn't zigged and zagged so much he would've been a hair ahead. Kittles just cruised a straight line.
  10. This evoc bike bag... Is that perhaps my one that you still haven't returned? Plus a case of monster rehab cans you promised?
  11. If you check out the data on strava, Louis hits a top speed of 56,5km/h, Gert only hits 50,4km/h. He smashed it harder around corners and put out more explosive acceleration out of corners.
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