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  1. Thanks dude. It really was a brilliant event. Racing in a 3-man team like that was unlike anything I've experienced before and it made for very exciting competition. Even the lead-up to the race with our play days and training day was such awesome fun! I tried to get this across in my video edit and I think I just about got it right. I really hope I get to do the race again next year! ...and yes, Matt rode so well. He definitely deserved the national title!
  2. Want to see what Team SA got up to at the EWS Trophy of Nations? Hit the Youtube link above... Myself (Martin Zietsman), Matt Lombardi and Jason Boulle had the privilege of representing South Africa at the first ever Enduro World Series Trophy of Nations, held in Finale Ligure, Italy on the 29th of September. We put together a video showcasing all the behind-the-scenes action leading up to the race, from arriving there, to our play day exploring the local trails, the goosebumps moments during the Nations Teams Parade, the fun we had practicing the stages and the action on race day. The Trophy of Nations pitted teams comprising the top 3 ranked riders from each nation against each other in a 1-day race to crown the overall World Champions. All 3 riders on each team had to drop into each stage within a 1 minute window and the times of all 3 riders are then combined to provide the final result. The winning team is the team with the shortest total combined time over the 5 stages...simple as that. We hope you enjoy the show....
  3. I have travelled on Emirates on numerous occasions since making this original post and never had an issue again. I wrote this post in panic and frustration after being told by the Emirates help line that I will get charged (as it seems they have told other people on here too), but the staff at the counters never bat an eye-lid and just check my bike on. Very confusing that they tell you one thing and do another. Thankfully no charges incurred yet...
  4. Yup, that's correct. I have confirmed 4 rounds for this year (Madeira, Colorado, France & Italy) and am on the waiting list for Ireland. Unfortunately I don't have enough funding to race the whole series so am concentrating on a number of the Scottish and Welsh races.
  5. That's correct, it has been cancelled. Fortunately, Enduro is massive over there and there's pretty much an enduro race every weekend of the year. I will now focus on the Welsh and Irish series too.
  6. I use a broker (Riccardo Stermin at Phoneix Risk), who insures my bikes through Cyclesure. I have all my bikes, kit, shoes, helmet, GPS etc. insured. I have never had an issue with a claim, and they're normally paid out in the same week. This counts for claims on parts breakages (i.e. broken deraileur, smashed wheel etc.) as well as other claims (i.e. lost GPS, broken helmet). Changes and amendments are made on the same day when I email him. They also cover everything during transport, cover me during racing and even when I go overseas.
  7. So bummed to be missing this event! Will definitely be making plans for it next year....
  8. South Industries do a 29 XC rim.The Enduro rim is a 27.5". As an added bonus, their rims are handmade here in SA. The only handmade carbon rims in SA. Nothing like supporting local! Give them a call or email and have a chat. Awesome bunch of guys and they can even do custom decals for you to match your frame or kit: www.southindustries.cc
  9. I had a bash at taking the KOM yesterday. Did a little edit of my effort if anyone would like to watch :
  10. Martin Resting: 35 Max: 178 Age: 32 Star: Leo Sex: Male Posts: barely any (40)
  11. Thanks a lot Myles. The 'step up' is absolutely huge. Don't think a lot of people realise how big. Well, I didn't before I went. Made me soooo hungry to go back and race & train over there now. I'm working on it...watch this space.....
  12. I learnt the hard way and now live by this: "to finish 1st, you 1st have to finish"...no more compromise on tiresw and tire weights
  13. With the speeds that I sometimes approch rock gardens with, I prefer the DH casings on the rear and EXO on the front. When the DD's become available I plan to use them F&R. I raced the Trans Provence with ST Minions in a DH casing and was one of the only riders there not to have one single issue with my tires. Grip for days as well with that ST (Super Tacky) rubber compound. I've never used the Schwalbes so I can't comment.
  14. It does make a really big difference in the mud. I would recommend getting at least one to use on the front when it's muddy, you will enjoy wet riding that much more. Rush have got a huge shipment coming with an amazing selection of tires. They are changing the trail tire market in SA I think. I believe the DD casings might even be here before the end of the year. I personally can't wait for that. I completely believe that Maxxis make THE best trail tires and SA has really been missing out. Yes I am sponsored by Maxxis and am supposed to say that, but I approached Maxxis for help because I was so fedup of struggling with tires. I'm really glad this is changing now.
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