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  1. https://twitter.com/ArtifactsHub_/status/1402315293980905472?s=20
  2. I only know of Bells (specialized) and Cycle Tribe in Nelspruit
  3. There is great riding in the area, lots of quietish roads with a nice yellow shoulder, but not much flat! Depending where you are based White River-Sabie and back on the R537 is a good run, can also carry on to Graskop on the R532 but probably want to meet someone for pancakes there and get a lift back depending on how fit you are. Sabie up the start of Long Tom (R532) then down the R37 to Brondal and accross to White River (road is a bit rough) then back to Sabie. Or can carry on past Brondal to edge of Nelspruit and back. This was used quite a bit in the Panorama Tour. If you really want to
  4. I've done this more than a few times with a big SDS drill and 1.2m thick stone walls!
  5. geomark


    Yes there are definite tire issues, and its not just that spot or side either, haven't got around to looking at it with a cool head yet 😁
  6. geomark


    Have been running squirt with the extra granules for 6 months or so and no issues, it was definitely sealing for small devil thorns etc, but was on tires that previously had Sludge sealant in them. The night before a big trip (of course) I decide I really must get off by butt and put a new rear tire on. Pull a new continental off the shelf, put it all together and have never seen such a porous continental in my life. About 6 R1 coin size areas bubbling away and tire goes flat in a few minutes. Long story short, multiple short rides, re-inflations, top ups of fluid and mounting desperation and
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