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  1. I have two ride for sight entries for sale. Both 62km. Me and the wife have the flu. Selling both for R300 Race number pick ups in PTA
  2. Attempting half marathon with the mtb
  3. Hi Everyone I'm looking for a road race for my wife to do this month. Looking for a novice type of race in terms of climbing. This will be her first race and only race before she tackles the Cape Cycle challenge... We live in Gauteng and saw the following two races on BicyclingSA's website... Only looking to do the 60-ish distances. Might do both! http://germistonclassic.co.za/ http://www.cycleevents.co.za/road-events/dis-chem-ride-for-sight-2016/ Any knowledge and or profiles are welcome on these races or any other that I may have missed. P.s Where can I find slicks for my MTB in Gauteng? Please and thank you! A concerned and loving MTB'ing husband
  4. Standing at 29kg lost over four years. I once was 102kg with a 1.70m frame. All with cycling and regulating what I eat.
  5. The 947 is almost upon us. So how about showing us your kit that you'll be riding in? Thinking about going with the Johnny Cash look... black jersey, black socks, black bib, black shoes, grey helmet... Maybe not smart with the heat! Might throw on some red gloves.
  6. Hubbers First question The best LBS in Pretoria to get my bike serviced? And the price. Second question According to you, the best LBS in die Jakaranda Stad in terms of service, vibe, prices etc. Go! Go! Go!
  7. Hi guys. Been on vacation for a week, perks of being a teacher. Binged on cycling and series. Here's a few I would recommend: 1. Narcos (a must watch!!!) 2. Wayward pines (a bit frustrating) 3. Shameless(dark and sometimes disturbing) 4.Zoo (ignore the bad acting) 5. Walking dead season 6 starts tonight.
  8. Hi guys How's Groenkloof during the week in terms of safety? Always been there on weekends.
  9. Rest. Rest. And some more rest... ACC and airmune 3 times a day. Been out for 3 weeks and returning this weekend! Get well!
  10. Honda CRV '96. My ol' girl is having a tough month. That's the price at Honda Hatfield. Fitting not included.... Little Ape Sh*t pricing if you ask me. Going to see if I can seal it at Silverton.
  11. Looking forward to getting on my beast and riding the weekend away. Hectic week. Car broke down = R5500 Radiator has a crack thats growing.... another 5000 ronds.... Feeling jumpy and tense. Almost a week since I had two wheel therapy! Enjoy the weekend guys and girls
  12. As of today our fair little purple city has gone ape sh#t!!! Again. December in Pretoria was heaven. As a shopper, as a diner and most of all a CYCLIST! While half of Gauteng were busy pissing off the slow paced WP folk, the people here had a ball on the roads. Until today.. I clocked off early and decided to go for a quick ride with my girlfriend's place as n quick stop over to pick up my wallet. We live 8km apart... And death was all around. Motorist taking stupid chances just to get into a lane that's moving a litter faster. People jumping stop streets and robots. A guy making a u-turn in Duncan almost hit me from behind when he realized he had turned up a one way... Luckily I followed his actions. I had to pull on my breaks and slammed into the paving. That's when I snapped. I gave a loud whistle and shouted "oi!! Watch what you are doing. For f#ck sakes". He stopped to apologized and ask not to swear at him... He went on to say that I overreacted and that I would've been fine if he had indeed hit me.... WTF??? I only managed 20km for the day. Rather safe than sorry... Unfortunately at my riding pleasure's expense! It's a jungle out there fellow cyclist! Please be careful?
  13. Jackers don't own the roads! Face the fear and be vigilant. If you know the dodgy areas, you'll be safe.
  14. Remember hearing the news and thinking it can't be real! He was and is my HERO!!
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