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  1. Merlin is great, did a purchase a month or 2 ago. As long as its just bike parts, wheels, tubes, tyres, groupset etc its just supposed to be 15% and R150 admin fee to DHL. They once threw in a cliffbar bar thingy as a gift and this messed up my duties amount. As long as there is no clothes/helmet/gloves/shoes you're good to go at 15% Lekker shopping!
  2. Thank you for all the replies I've been hearing some bad stories about the Ranger and this is making me rather want to play it safe and get the Dmax. And then there are others who praise the 2.2 Ranger with no issues just normal servicing. The bakkie will be kept for a long time, 10+ years so reliability is a major factor. If I do go Dmax is it worth going auto? Hilux is out as work only allows the petrol(budget cap) Im going to look at the Navara today aswell I've decided against the GWM as I dont know what to expect after the warranty period is finished
  3. Due to restrictions from work I can only get the petrol Hilux as the diesel is too expensive for the cap work has put on the RRP
  4. Because Im getting a work allowance and they cover maintenance I'm limited to 1 year old and 24000km. I also want a canopy due to tools and my Rottweilers 😆
  5. Thank you for all the replies I'll be testing this week and then hopefully make a decision. Wifey would like the GWM as its the prettiest, Im swaying between the Ranger and Dmax. Also, do I look for a demo,+-10000km and save about 30-50k(demo normally has extras already fitted) or just bite the bullet and go new? Im in CPT and there seems to be better deals up country, is this an option?
  6. What is your guys reasons for the Isuzu? Do you have the manual or the automatic?
  7. Hi everyone So I'm in the market for a double cab. Ill get an allowance from work which covers about 50%, depending on how I structure the finance. After the 5 years the vehicle is mine. Ive narrowed it down to the following: Ford Ranger 2.2 XL(sport pack) manual +-R469k Isuzu Dmax 250 manual R470k GWM P series LS R440k I head is saying Ford but my heart is saying GWM purely from a value for money perspective, Isuzu is the dark horse, its a bit dated but its a proper workhorse. Ill probably do about 25000km for work with a 50/50 split between tar and gravel with light offroading/ I curently use a nissan NP300 4x4. I might use the 4x4 1 a month thought BUT a difflock would work fine too What do you guys think?
  8. Non what so ever. Really really sucks though. WP will need to get their shite in order
  9. hahahahahahahahahahahahahah
  10. Hi, does anyone know where its buring in the Boland area? Smoke is thick and has been since Tuesday
  11. Hey Raptor Ive sent you a DM for BCC
  12. So I'm in cpt and the buyer is in jhb. I never wanted a deposit but he insisted after saying his taking the item. I sent banking details to then see but he's only paid 25%. He'll pay the rest once a 3rd party has verified the items. I'm cool with that, But its been 10 days since he paid the deposit mean while he's had a loss in the family, Which I fully understand but when do I contact him about the sale?
  13. Quick question, How long do you as the seller keep a deposit for?
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