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  1. A bit like Donald Duck, I mean Trump
  2. I had an accident in 2008 with my then freshly paid off car. The car was recovered, and then I was called the next day by my insurer (Dial Direct - to where Budget themselves moved me) to be informed I had no claim as I was only covered 3rd party fire and theft, no longer comprehensive. This because I bought a new car and got a better deal elsewhere and told my wife to cancel the existing policy (with Budget). They called me back and said they will match my quote, to which I agreed. I asked under same conditions, and was told yes, all the same, except now through Dial Direct. After a long and protracted battle, I gave up and moved to SANTAM. I went to see the broker to tell him my story, and said the only reason I am paying more, is for the pleasure to come give him a hard time should I get any flack in future. This was in 2008. and I am still with them, no regrets. I have everything insured with Santam, and will NEVER look at direct insurance through these scammers, ever again.
  3. Outsurance, Dial Direct, First for Women, MiWay, Budget Insurance, Auto & General, VirSeker or any of these "direct insurance schemes scams" Rather go SANTAM through a broker. YES, you will pay more, but you will also GET more.
  4. Since I had a bit of a tumble in May, and being off the saddle since then, I have become a bit more "stretched" around the mid-riff area... Scale battery is flat and I am too nervous to replace it (Holding thumbs the doc says I can ride again later this arvie.)
  5. Ag tog. This is incredibly sad to lose an outstanding sportsman while climbing, he was such a legend. RIP Gugu.
  6. And then you get Spez haters... This is just too good. How does it happen that there will always be a group of people either hating or rating a specific brand, especially when it turns out that a lot of the time the issues are caused by non-cyclists? So, there will always be issues, the real issue at hand is whether or not one is willing to take a chance in buying / supporting said brand. Look at any car for that matter. There is always the good that is accompanied by the bad. Just my 2 cents worth.
  7. And then this... http://www.wheels24.co.za/News/you-dont-gotta-catch-em-all-pokemon-go-sends-driver-crashing-20160714 ..like I said, it was only a matter of time.
  8. My first car was a 3L Cortina bright orange station wagon. I would drive to Mosselbay for a surf at Innerpool from George, and the return trip would use 3/4 of a tank of petrol. Thank goodness I could fill up on my toppie's business account at the local petrol station back then...top speed was around 100kph or thereabouts. Aaah, good old times..
  9. The only people winning in this pokecrap game are the companies selling phone data, the petrol companies judging by the amount of driving required looking at popcornskollie's screen grab, etc. Then for those people who think it's a great idea to go running around flashing their expensive mobile devices, need I remind anyone of what happened to Franziska Blochliger? - No disrespect meant to her or her family, she went for a jog with her mom and unfortunately was separated from her with tragic consequences. Getting out in the world is a great idea, using pokecrutch as an excuse is just lame.
  10. close enough for hubland
  11. Heard about a hospital in Amsterdam where people were "wandering" into access controlled spaces closed to the public, looking for these stupid things. That's when I would poke a mon with a sharp needle...
  12. Couple knob's at my office play this "game"!!! They actually spend their lunch hours driving around looking for this nonsense. Yesterday I told the one I would rather crash my bike again and go back to hospital than play this cr@p.. Really people. Get a life [edit] As if people driving and fiddling on their phones at the same time is not bad enough, now that too will increase, together with people now also doing it on their bicycles...until they ride in front of a bus.
  13. What Myles said... turbulent air rising back up disturbs the "perfect cushion of air" created by the rotors, causing much less lift. It is like a chopper trying to fly in a hurricane. No sane pilot would attempt to, really. [edit] Take the Argus of 2014, when the wind was gusting to about 100kph over Chappies, and the chopper pilot had to divert as it was too dangerous to fly., resulting in the video footage of the leaders being resumed at Suikerbossie. If a chopper pilot struggles to stay airborne in windy conditions over open space, experiencing much harsher winds in a confined space makes things very hairy, indeed.
  14. This pilot has nerves (and balls) of steel. This is a very dangerous maneuver he is executing, as the downwash of the rotors in such a confined space "bounces" off the bottom, and comes funneling back up as there is no horizontal escape. This new funnel of air coming back to the rotors causes the chopper to require more power, cancelling the "ground effect", basically causing it to lose lift resulting in an accelerated descent. To fly like that in such a confined space deserves a medal.
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