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  1. Never. But look very Chinese import / brand yourself. Aliexpress pop's up when I search them. But I have seen a few sets floating around over the years.
  2. Work terribly for me! Pittty they labeled as 'active' buds but ALWAYS fall out of my ears. They should have ear hooks or something. And Jabra dont offer any support!! Other than that, fantastic hahaha
  3. Ah okay! Makes sense... I shall keep my money!
  4. Do you know them? Are they a trust worthy bunch? Only reason I am asking, is because they seem to be very dead and website doesn't seem to be updated. Tried calling, but no answer as well. I did not know that their shop was closed, thanks for that.
  5. Has anyone shopped at https://cyclefactory.co.za ?
  6. Yeah, Lake seems to be HIGHLY recommended! But my a tremble a little when I see the price.. but as I said... its better to pay the higher amount and look after your feet for the next 10 years before a replacement than to have life time struggles because I was too cheap...
  7. Thanks for the detailed response! Yes, my inserts did hurt.. think I cried a little when I paid for them haha. They did a 3d scan and then plaster I would presume. I did find them to help all that much... I get INSANE blisters when I run in them longer than 4km unfortunately. And they DO NOT fit in my cycling shoes at all. I have fibroma on my left foot, so thats the main reason for them but they seem to cause more harm than anything else haha. As for the flat pedals etc.. I am a roadie
  8. Hi All! I have been having some feet issues over the past few years and according to my podiatrist... my feet are deformed.. who knew. Here I just thought they weren't the most attractive lol. Anyway, I have a pair of Factor Techlace and I need to take the one shoes off here and there to allow my feet to stretch and breath before continuing. Now I am in the market for another new pair of shoes and I do not want to break the bank but with saying that, I do realize the importance of quality shoes. I do not want to have completely wrecked feet by the time I hit 50! (its a good few years away) Some shoes I have been looking at. https://lakeshoes.co.za/product/cx237/ https://www.trekbikes.com/za/en_ZA/bike-clothing/cycling-shoes/road-bike-shoes/bontrager-ballista-road-shoe/p/13675/?colorCode=white https://www.evobikes.co.za/product/shimano-s-phyre-sh-rc901-road-shoe-white-wide/ I have been looking at Bont but not entirely sure how badly I will get nailed with duties. I dont REALLY want to spend R5000 plus, so if you know of any cheaper alternatives, please let me know!! Thank you!
  9. Yip, I can't disagree with what you're saying! The situation is a bit of a double edge sword. No matter what your stance is, Versus will get cut either way and they can recovery greatly either way. In my opinion at least. People just love to complain.. heck even I fall in to that category some times... comes with having little patience Additionally, I don't even support them haha. I find their socks to be way over priced! I am not much of a brand prostitute so nothing really appeals to me. All of their socks which I have owned, disintegrated in to dust after a year. I bought some CAM socks about 2 years ago for like R40 each, AMAZING socks! Still looking fresh as ever!
  10. Hmm. I think that protesting / objecting to the way people do things in SA is part of the territory when running a successful business, or any in fact. Having your opinion heard whether emotionally charged or not is a beautiful part of life, regardless of who takes offense... there will ALWAYS be one person. I think that I can understand both sides of the story... I think. 1. Yes, I do believe that there should always be a level of inclusiveness. As privileged people, we can never fully understand what it is like to not be able to afford a pair of R130 or whatever they cost now socks. Nearly 60% of SA is under the poverty line, so I honestly support them including people who may not be able to afford such socks. With saying that, I don't think the selection of PDA shouldn't be based on race alone, but, A. Do you love running / sport ? B. Can you afford our product? C. Can we get a return on investment? 2. The other side which I understand is, it's our company, why should we kneel to some people complaining? Part of my pet hate on cancel culture, it's an absolute cancer. if you would like to not include PDA athletes, totally your choice and there should not be a single person to influence you otherwise. You're a privately owned company. If people truly want to complain, go to government and ask where the basic services are. If you want to cancel anyone, look at the government.
  11. Over Ant+ it works fine. But not bluetooth... its weird. I can only ride at one speed / effort and it adjusts my speed in the app if that makes sense.
  12. Hi Hubbers! So I just got Rouvy and the primary use would be to participate in the races on Rouvy AR. Now the AR does not support Ant+ yet and requires Bluetooth. My laptop has Bluetooth and I am able to connect to my trainer, the Tacx Vortex smart. But the issue is that it cannot connect to the trainer as a controllable. As I understand things, it needs that connection in order to use 'erg' mode to simulate hills. In the Rouvy workouts, erg mode works. So I no idea what is going on here, I have a feeling that the Bluetooth compatibility is the issue, but I am not sure. Has anyone else had this issue? Thanks!
  13. To be honest, I do not find the ad's intrusive at all. In fact, I like them! I like to see who is offering what and give's you a bit on insight in to the world of selling bicycle components etc. And to ask for money now? I am already paying gym membership with no gym. Think I'll keep my randela's.
  14. Have a look at Trainshift App... I got a free year subscription. I have not used it as I cannot sync it to Traineroad.. but maybe it will be what you're looking for.
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