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  1. Pic is of my buddy. He ordered them from bikeinn.com
  2. Saw some deer on a ride. Stopped to take pictures but they ran off like it was hunting season. Can you spot the White Tail?
  3. Annual service, road bike. Bike stripped cleaned and re-assembled. New chain, tyres, brake pads, cables and bar tape. Cassettes and chainrings last about 3-4 years. New wheels every 4-5 years. I just replaced my old Deda cockpit that lasted well over 10 years.
  4. I used one in the Netherlands. They are amazing bikes. The only drawback is that the battery can't be removed for charging. So if you don't have to carry it upstairs then you're good to go.
  5. Merino Baselayer and Castelli Gabba will get through anything. In Canada 14C and up - Short sleeves + Shorts (Arm warmers if it's early morning) 10C to 14C - Long Sleeves (Castelli Spring Jacket) + Shorts 5C to 10C - Base layer + Long Sleeves + Tights ( I don't like leg warmers) 0C to 5C - Base Layer + Winter Jacket (Castelli Espresso 2) + Tights -10C to 0C - Base layer x2 - Winter Jacket (Castelli Espresso 2) + Tights x2 (Second bib no chamois)
  6. As much as 600 000 bikes are stolen in the Netherlands annually. In Canada it is also a huge problem were thieves will break into your shed steal bikes and power tools. Where there are hungry mouths to feed and no steady income theft is present. Welcome to planet Earth!
  7. https://youtu.be/Nkq9AWjWHrU Man rides Bison to grocery store in Alberta CA
  8. Breathing some new life into my ride. Mechanic only charged for parts, free labour. Complete rebuild, Cables and Bearings. Deda Zero Stem, Deda bar tape and Shifter Hoods. Deda Superzero Seatpost Tacx Bottle Cages Vittoria Rubino Pro 25 Tires Cassette and Chain
  9. Bicycles are beautiful is all their forms. I love riding as many different bike as I can. If I pedal and it goes, then I'm a fan!
  10. Because he is an Italian bike fan and hates working on Cervelo. People in Canada buy Cervelo cause they are cheap, end of story.
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