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  1. Andrew, small world. 2pm yesterday...
  2. Haha Hairy, look at you . Getting all competitive and defensive too. First month on the bike and already doing drags...What next? Wheelies? Just be careful. She's an old girl and it costs to fix dropped valves.. But it's damned difficult to resist, I know.
  3. Wannabe and Stretched, I hope you can work something out. How cool would that be? Good luck.
  4. Haha, are you surprised? That wind must have been something - it's blown somebody's hair right off!
  5. Wannabe. Dammit, but in this economy being self-employed, despite being a risk, is the best way to go with the ability to change models etc. So sorry to hear of the current problems but let's hope we are able to help each other somehow. Hairy: ahem, yes.
  6. Ah yes I know it. Next to where my favourite Friday after work bar used to be . And I can't even remember its name. Haha. Edit: I remember it now: Wakame.
  7. Thanks Boet. Curved balls and all that. That ride of yours sounds very lucky. Riding in rain, though sometimes fun, is mostly not. Is that Sotano? I used to hang out there a lot but of course not much of late. It's a great location although the sewage smell is too much if the wind is wrong. Great photo.
  8. Wannabe, sorry to hear that. What kind of business are you in? This raises an opportunity for us, I think. In my experience it is often the case that having a network of connections opens opportunities which you might have otherwise missed or not been aware of. To all here, I use Signal now rather than Whatsapp and I thought that those of us here who wanted to stay in touch outside the thread and either just swap stories, have a chat, arrange a ride or even perhaps talk about (un)employment, could exchange numbers and do so via a Signal group. Send me a PM with your number if you re interested in either just one-to-one chatting or forming a group and we can go from there. Cheers
  9. Nice Hairy. That's a nice ride for a Harley. I rode out there in Sept 2019 to see the daisies in Darling and thought what a cruising kind of ride it was. Once past Koeberg it really opens up. On a more current note, I just lost my job so I think I'll be spending more time here. Once I am vaccinated I hope to do some rides and make some videos and of course make plans for that coffee catch-up with you guys.
  10. To the renamed fella now proudly mounted on a Davidson, I have to say I'm loving your new avatar, identity and obvious pleasure and enthusiasm on this new lifestyle of yours. It's great to see it finally come to fruition.
  11. Interesting. I agree that HD riders are not the only ones who ride loud bikes but my experience is that ALL Harleys are loud and that is not the case with all other brands.
  12. I took a ride to Milnerton yesterday and got stuck behind two Harleys. I got to wondering; Why do Harley riders all want to make their bikes so loud? It's annoying even for me and I can only imagine how car drivers must feel about them. Ideas?
  13. Now you're just showing off. Seriously, though, I'm so happy to hear of people complimenting your bike. More accurately I'm glad that it makes you happy. You're seeing one of the many other sides of biking. Yes, the thrill of the ride is top but being part of a like-minded group, seeing the outdoors, immunity from traffic jams and receiving compliments for your bike are all part of the buzz and I'm so glad you're part of that ..at last. You are, after all, top contributor to this thread. 😄
  14. Hairy, that's brilliant. And very quick. Are you in graphics by any chance?
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