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  1. Lovely collection and photos. It must be a wrench to leave them behind.
  2. ..And you haven't mention a Tiger 900 yet, just to add to the confusion.
  3. Fair enough. Just thought it was a non-negotiable.
  4. Nice bikes but I thought you wanted shaft drive?
  5. Looks good but.... Just FYI, I have read bad things about webuycars
  6. Expends on the reason for its write-off. If an accident then you'd better be sure it's all straight and not prone to wandering, especially at speed. If expensive engine damage then as long as it's been replaced all should be well. What was the reason for the write-off?
  7. Haha. I have been out of cycling for so long, I thought it referred to YouTube, even though I knew of YT bikes.. I pretty much log on here for this thread only.
  8. " with the idea that the market would see more of them coming out in a few months, and hopefully a good few with low mileage that have been garage queens that gets parked outside the local coffee shop on Sunday mornings.". Thw owners of these bike ar the ones from whom I was thinking that the ad may tease out a reaction. What's a YT Jef?
  9. Hairy, Have you considered putting up a "Wanted" advert on Wild Dogs in the Buy and sell section? There may be somebody there thinking of selling but not yet sure and knowing you're looking may convince them to sell.
  10. Beaut project Andy and well-deserved recognition in the article. Chapeau to you.
  11. All good logic and quite true. Just as a matter of interest what was discussed with the ST owner to give you mixed feelings?
  12. Great bike but I think you will pick up a Super Tenere cheaper.
  13. Another: https://wilddog.net.za/threads/very-clean-2014-xt1200ze-super-tenere.280010/
  14. Hairy, just a thought. Given your preference for shaft drive - a wise one I might add - have you considered a Yamaha Super Tenere? Good reliable bikes and I think you should get one for less than a GS. Just a thought..Unless you have reasons for preferring the GS. Edit: https://wilddog.net.za/threads/supere-tenere-for-sale.275942/
  15. That would be great. I'll be sure to check with you before I set a date. We'll have to fight over the coffee though. Aeropress only makes enough for one cup at a time.
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