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  1. Garden Route is GS territory by a long shot. The very reason I bought the Katoom! Seriously though, I had my eye on a Yammie Super Ten in fine fettle and at a good price. Was keen on the Yam due to reliability. I so nearly laid down the Randellas and then bought the Katoom on what can only be described as an impulse buy. I have done around 20 000kms in the 19 months I have owned the bike and that is with about 7 months away at work. (Been home a lot due to Covid) The bike has proved to be very reliable. I would really like to try a Yam T7 for the more tech stuff but they are still really pricy 2nd hand. I would likely chose that over a Katoom 7/890 due to the simplicity of the bike. Anyone on here own a T7? let is know your feelings of the bike!
  2. Arrived in The Kingdom a day or two ago. Thought to share these of our machine on the remote parking.
  3. It is noisy, handling is entertaining! In the wet one has to be particularly cautious. It really is a different cornering style altogether. I am a great believer in learning to ride dirt bikes and getting used to how the bike moves around. Personally I think it helped me in the early days of Sportsbike riding if the bike was moving around a bit on bumpy roads.
  4. Thanks! Dunlop 606 on the rear and Pirelli MT21 on front. I removed the rear foot pegs too, kind of looks nicer, IMHO of course!
  5. I took the little KLR for a 300 km jolly to have coffee on the top of Swartburg Pass and return via Kruisrivier, Volmoed and Mount Hope road. I use the Giant Loop Mojave saddle bags for my tools and spares with my first aid kit, hydration bladder and rain suite in my back pack. I do think a small top box would work to just leave the hydration bladder on my back. This was my last big day out before I return to the Sandpit for work on Wednesday. I rather fancy the Triumph 1200 that parked next to me at Kobus se Gat at the base of the Pass.
  6. Ha ha, na……not for me hey, though perhaps the XR1200 flat tracker. My twins are my V twin KTM and my Italian Mistress the L Twin Ducati 1098.
  7. This is a super account of biking!……...I travel everywhere with my tool kit and rain suit if the trip takes me away from George. I do not set out in the rain if I can help it but I do not skrik for it when on a trip. Wind this past week was horrendous. I rode to Uitenhage and back on Thursday to buy some model bikes to build. The return along the cost was frankly scary. I turned inland along the R62 via Kareedouw……was a better option, and really beautiful.
  8. I gave this a lot of thought last evening. I believe the value growth is there on such a bike but the market is way too small in SA as you say. People who have the money seem more into the classic cars. These 1100R’s can fetch as much as 25000 Dollars but this might be the peak price for many years. The guys here are asking overseas prices already for bikes like the CB1100R, RD350 etc. I think I will pass it up…………and perhaps kick myself years down the line!
  9. Guys……thoughts from you, investment potential of a 1981 CB1100R? I have the opportunity to purchase one in extremely good condition one owner since new, original purchase documents, but it is expensive and I wonder if it has potential for further growth in around 10 years. Any ideas welcome! I wont hold you to any dodgy decisions I may make!!
  10. Yeah, really enjoyed this, looking forward to Part 2.
  11. She is back in Holland now. Not sure where she is up to in her her rally vids but I saw her bike at The Motorcycle Room in Knysna last week. Savannah looking a little worse for wear after a prang.
  12. Congrats BSG……wish you many happy miles. I am up the road in Hoekwill, shout if you need info in various routes (though sure you know the area) or feel the need to share road space with a Katoom driver! I have trekked the surrounding area for several tyres worth. There is so much good dirt riding in our area. I am however back to mid east on Wednesday.
  13. Man, I admire you guys carrying your bicycles…….if I am on my motorcycle I think the bicycle will be the last think I think about!! Honestly, I would be riding to an MTB area and just think…….buggar that, got in excess of 100hp……let’s s jol!
  14. The top box has grown on me. I did not like it at first as it is harder to get on and off the bike. I am getting on in years and also only 5 ft 8 tall ( sorry, old money there ha ha). However, I like that it is lockable and secure. Mine had an issue where the pin holding the C clips that lock on the rack was working loose when bouncing along gravel tracks. I dismantled the lot, drilled through the pin with a 1,5mm bit and inserted a split pin. It does not move now. Further to that I loop a strong bungie strap through the rack and stretch it forward over the box to the hand holds. The box is very stable now. Also pack that box tight. Any free space in there and the content of the box will bounce around unbelievably! If necessary I even stuff in an old towel or piece of foam to pack it tight.Sounds like a good sized tank bag is what you need for your camera gear. I would advise against putting that in a top box unless well wrapped in foam. I have had no problems with stability with luggage on the bike and I do cruise at enthusiastic speeds . I run Motoz Tractionator GPS on the rear in the dirt orientation and a Pirelli Rally STR on the front. Very stable up to speeds approaching the tyres rating. Great on tar and hard pack dirt. I prefer my Anakee Wilds in the dirt but recent trips have been tar biased. For me the GPS tyre is sketchy in the wet. If I do not put the rain mode on the bike spins up very easily! My favourite tyres if travelling long distance predominantly on tar or hard gravel are the Michelin Anakee Adventures. Which ever bags you choose ensure they are well tied down. Gives huge peace of mind to know the luggage is secure when steaming along a Karoo dirt road trying to get airtime off any natural ramps in the road!
  15. I use an ATG roll bag as well as the ATG Overlander soft panniers in 30l size and my Tourtech topbox in varying combinations depending on my trip length. I do have a tank bag for small items, like leatherman and phone charger. I carry my tools, puncture repair kits rain suite and first aid pack in the top box for easy access. I don’t carry any camera equipment beyond my phone and occasionally a Go Pro type action camera. My iPad and chargers travel in my back pack. I do carry a hydration bladder in my backpack too. Clothing I keep to a minimum. The ATG roll bag has a great strap system which clips onto D rings on the bag. I also use cheap ratchet straps as extra tie downs. On the dirt I also secure the top box with strategically placed secure bungee. Seen too many accounts of these boxes bouncing off! I like the soft panniers as they can be strapped up small if not filled up. The internal waterproof bags are brilliant. I only stay where I have secure off street parking so I leave the bags on the bike when overnighting. I don’t camp with the bike, easier to take the bakkie!
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