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  1. Jeepers Guys Any of you seen this Challenger 605 crash at Truckee Airport in California. I saw on Blancolirio on U Choob. Man, what a horrible accident. I even woke up this morning at 0430 with this playing over in my head. In my opinion and before even watching Juan on Blancolirio it seems to be a screwed up Circle to Land. Sadly the procedure is not even authorised for the Challenger which despite being a Cat C aeroplane is required to use Cat D mins for the Circle. This resonates with me as I have relatively recently (end of last year) stopped flying the 605 having Typed on my 7500. I do the FAA 61.58 recurrent in sim each year which includes a Circle to land at night to a Max effort landing. My heart bleeds for this crew. I believe they were going to hammerhead the turn to final and stalled while trying to tighten the turn. Again, my opinion at this stage. So so sad. The little Chally is a handful and a busy aeroplane. But such an unnecessary crash considering conditions with a perfectly serviceable aeroplane. Check it out on U Choob……..let me know what you all may think. Sorry for no link, I can fly an aerie around the world but some tech eludes me ha ha!
  2. LWB Good Luck with your new ventures. One of my brothers friends has also lost his job there after many years. In 1981 I did my one year as an “appie” at SAA Technical. I left and joined the hotel industry. In 1994 I started my flying training and bar one period of two years around 2007/8 where I worked freelance for only 12 months, I have managed to stay flying. Not without tough times however as with many in this industry. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to be on this new Global having also flown aircraft as ancient as the DC4 in my career. I really wish you and your colleagues all the very best. With out you engineers us pilots would have nothing to break! Swing by Hoekwil for a beer and a chat if ever in the area (if I am home too!)
  3. Arrived Biggin Hill on the Mud Patch a few days ago. Routine maintenance, nice to be here after recently reading the Sailor Malan story from WWII.
  4. A pic from Jepp Pro on my company iPad. Jepp Pro is really amazing in what it is capable of. I have a tiny GPS receiver that connects to the app via Bluetooth. It works on the flight deck through the side windows. It is a realistic and valid backup to confirm error checks in NAT HLA Airspace. As you are keen to learn to fly, search for Code 7700 online. Lots of incredible gen. The site may seem overwhelming to begin with but Eddie has a lot of useful info. Also check out Everything Explained Pro Pilot by Richie Lengel. Both are something to aspire to.
  5. Jeepers, this is amazing, although I imagine it is more than a wheelbarrow full of dollars!
  6. A bit of a read for those who may be interested. I am a big fan of our new aeroplane and here is a little of what the machine is capable of as achieved on our long sector yesterday. We flew Seattle to Dubai, normally the preserve of long range airliners like the Triple 7ER. It was extraordinarily hot in Seattle for our scheduled take off time of 1630 local on Monday. We managed to load 50500lbs of fuel against a max of 51850 but I was happy as the OAT was 39c. Runway 32L out of KBFI showed a take off run of 6200 ft out of the 10000 ft runway. In any event Rotation started at the 4000 foot marker from a rolling take off. Climb out was at M.83 straight to FL 410 with an average ISA of +14. We were 20 mins early which was a bonus due to the rising temperatures in Seattle which would have left us obstacle restricted on take off just 2 degrees hotter. Updating the winds aloft brought us another 22 mins early which became a problem as the runway at OMDB was only opening at 1800 Local on Tuesday. So our LRC of M.85 was reduced to M.83. We crossed Oceanic at FL410 climbing to FL450 at 30West. Random route north of the Nat Tracks took us to 68North. Monitoring our ETA we were able to accelerate to M.85 and also climb to FL 490 with 5 hours to go. Over all we had a flight time of 14 hours 55 landing with 4600 lbs of fuel from a ground distance of 7145 nm. I am very impressed with the aeroplane and the quietness overall. The pics show a little gen like the low fuel flow at altitude and the low cabin alt which remains lower than Joburgs elevation even at that high Flight Level. If anyone notices the high N2 reading it is not alarming! It is well below the max of 114.9.
  7. It is a joy indeed Mathew, great performance. Good luck with your flying training!
  8. Thanks, yes, it is very long. I did not even notice until the comment was made 😆. Does look odd! She is a very fine machine to fly.
  9. Today I flew up to San Francisco for the day from LA. Was overcast at 800 feet on arrival but had cleared really nicely for the departure. Took off from 01L in an enthusiastic crosswind. Left turn out to head south to Van Nuys. Lekker flying. Trip back was over 10 mins longer, NOCAL control had us down to M.72! I have just 6 PF sectors on the beast now, loving it!
  10. Parking up in The Bahamas earlier this week. This is the tail cam pic displayed on the Airshow screen in the cabin. We have multiple cameras. I shall get some pics and share.
  11. A few random pics of my first jaunt on our new G7500. Mid East to Miami at .85 for Long Range Cruise. 14.5 hours flight time. She is quite the machine. The pop up window menus are great. This one showing Equal Time Points. Very easy to use and constantly updated as per the current winds. The machine is very quiet in the cruise compared to my previous Global. Straight to 430 at a 34 degree ( cool night) takeoff with 49800 lbs gas. Max is 51850, was disappointed to not get a bit more but clearly the temperature played a part. Flows are as per Global XRS. Down to 2600lbs per hour at 470 later in the cruise.
  12. Meeting up for a chat, grand idea. I am always up tor a bike ride! Currently this ADV rider is out of country, back at work. Bikes safely stashed away on their umbilical cords to the chargers.
  13. Big Orange enjoyed a magnificent trundle along to Pringle Bay.
  14. Take a ride down to Pringle Bay, of course you know the road living down here but......awesome on the big V Twin. I was recently there and the sound reverberating of the mountains and of course great scenery encouraged me to slow down and enjoy it. Franschoek Pass, beautiful, again a fine ride on my big Katoom but I prefer Outeniqua Pass on my Sports bikes, just me. You will start to pick your parking spots with great care! Gravel, gradient, lean angle on the stand etc. Learn filtering and get confidence in it ( your choice obviously) Makes for much speedier progress in town. In George very few people filter, I know peeps have their own opinions but if a traffic light is red I try and get through to the front as soon as able so as to have the clear road when it turns green. Having recently ridden a few hundred kms in and around Cape Town and especially down the south ........mmmmmm, filtering is almost no option! Man the traffic is crazy! When the open road grabs you for a Garden Route tour, pop by Hoekwil. Congratulations on your bike, enjoy it!
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