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  1. @nigelhicks just reading your post above, and the success that seems to gaining momentum with other provinces ...would you say you have received resistance from the WC in the past? It would seem by the sounds of things that WC needs to pull the enduro series back in under a provincial body operating on an NGO type framework, to make a series both possible and financially achievable to most entrants. Would you say this would be a good direction for the WC to consider? There is definitely still scope for the more specialist events in a format by WildAir, or EzelEnduro, catering for that single day monster event. But that is not everyone's cup of tea.
  2. The simplest solution I have seen is a piece of metal plate cut / bent to fit over the end of a fortuner exhaust and fastened with a hose clamp or two... easy to install, and easy to remove
  3. Bike Spec: Banshee Phantom 2016 - Silver / Red, Monarch RT3 with custom HV air can MRP Stage fork South Industries 29 Enduro rims on black straight pull Hope Pro4 hubs...about a unique as you can get! XO Carbon crank GX drivetrain CSixx END high rise bar on Kore Repute 50mm stem Fox Transfer 150mm dropper Guide RS brakes SDG Duster saddle (Red colourway)
  4. Yup, some of us even fell over on the ground. It would be great to see everyone who bravely sits behind a keyboard ride this event!
  5. Rock Razor on the front - sounds like you have a good relationship with your dentist! Gooi a picture or two - keen to see it!
  6. https://www.pinkbike.com/news/what-the-heck-is-a-down-country-bike-opinion.html
  7. Hey G-P, pull into Stoke and let's have chat. Lots of options to get XC bikes more trail orientated. Also, as Droo mentioned, air spring is also a good option. Also have a look on Pinkbike for the "Down Country Bike" article. Makes for an interesting read of an avenue that the industry is looking at...
  8. Check the damper while you are at it....might need a service!
  9. Check when last did you have the fork and shock serviced..... that will affect performance! The issues you describe with the shock may be related to the damper. The standard RT3 Monarch cannot take bands, only once a Debonair can to it can you start tuning the air spring. With the DVO, does it not have the OTT setting as well? Yes, the neutral setting will make the bike more playful as it steepens the angles a touch. Will definitely climb better...
  10. % sag is just a starting point to determine what pressure works for you. I run about 3-4 clicks LSC, so no...not to much. I do run at least 2 tokens. I also weigh around 76kgs... With regards to the Monarch, 30% sag as well, but tune the air spring with bands....can't recall but do you have the Debonair can?
  11. 14mm sag on DB Air Inline (recommended is 15mm), with a little added HSC 160 Pike fork, 30% sag more or less
  12. Yip, add a foam insert to help with that (Foamo, Cush Core, Huck Norris etc etc etc) Also for CT trails, be aware of the strength of side walls on your tyres....we have surprisingly sharp rock conditions down here...exacerbated by the dry conditions
  13. @headshot, there was a Bike / MTBUK / Singletrack article a year or two ago, put the SLX brakesets at 4th most powderful on the market. Outstripped the Saints too surprisingly. Guides are nice, but IMHO, not great. Bike sounds like a ripper, what are the specs....or has that been posted before?
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