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  1. I had similar frustrations with tubeless set ups ( mainly Conti 500TL's). If it works it is brilliant though and therefore I will probably never switch permanently back to tubes. If anything goes wrong the week before a race again I will however just play it safe and use tubes for the race.
  2. How did it go? Tubeless or tubed?
  3. She is probably the only under 15 girl in history to do a sub 3
  4. Nice to see that the 2018 Cape Town Cycle Tour Girls under 15 winner is the new junior ladies world champion
  5. Incredible effort by Ganna in beating Wout and the crowd today. Tough luck to Wout but at least he has another very good chance in a week's time.
  6. This race continues to be very exciting with a new leader every day. Pity about the crash but nevertheless a great sprint by Hayter who is quickly developing into a top versatile rider.
  7. Some proper racing I thought Alaphilipe was going to take it. This race has been excellent so far- good terrain, great scenery and some real proper racing.
  8. I have been using Isadore merino wool baselayer for the last 4 years... it is 10 times better than cotton.. worth every cent It is difficult to explain why it is so good, it just is.
  9. They did not manage the situation after he crashed well over the last few kilometers and lost even more time as a result. Only Nizzolo seemed to be aware that the rider who crashed could not hold on and needed assistance.
  10. Team Qhubeka Nexthash really stuffed up at the end. If it was not for Nizzolo who had the sense to drop back and helped the rider who was in trouble it would have been even worse for them. I have no idea why the other 2 remaining riders kept pushing ahead.
  11. Seems you underestimated Ineos Like you know Porte, Carlos Rodrigues, Dennis, Kwiatkowski are all excellent time trialists while Hayter is an Olympic track medalist. It was great to see a team time trial on the road again.... one of my favourite disciplines in cycling.
  12. There is a team time trial at the Tour of Britain today to watch for those who are interested in this discipline. It should be interesting to see how the world tour teams do against the smaller teams. In general the racing has been very good so far in the race.
  13. I just saw on the Ineos website ( as per quote below) that Yates was indeed chasing the stage and not really the podium. I agree with you though that he could have changed this strategy after realising he was not going to drop Roglic. As it stands now his chances of making the podium is probably just about zero unless there is an accident or other mishap during the ITT. "I’m quite far down on GC and that was a stage I really wanted to try and win. I kept getting chased. I tried my best but it just wasn’t enough. If you’re trying to win a stage you need to drop everyone, especially when there are still some fast guys there in the group. I tried a few times. That’s all you can do – I tried my best." - Adam Yates.
  14. I wonder why Yates did not push on when he had Haig on the ropes a few times. Maybe he was trying for a stage victory but that was always going to be unlikely as Roglic was covering his attacks. I think Superman might have a new nickname after today... Maybe something like Crybaby?
  15. I will not write a rider who has won 2 grand tours at age 24 off so quickly. If he can stay healthy there is no reason why he cannot win quite a few more grand tours in the future.
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