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  1. Yip, impossible to be everywhere at once. The fact that the 2 Equadorian riders had a connection to Ineos and Pidcock played in their favour. The poor Jean Spies probably has no such connections.
  2. It seems South Africa is not alone in this regard. Richard Carapaz and Jhonathon Narvaez were also abandoned and left to fend for themselves by their Federation during the build up to the road race and were basically "saved" by Kurt Bogaerds who stepped up and took care of them. Bogaerts is a Belgian who is Tom Pidcock's mentor and trainer and is employed by Ineos but also doubles up by working for the Irish Cycling federation.
  3. I am hoping his trade team will let him and Carapaz/Bernal loose at the Lombardia in October.
  4. At least Alan had no mishaps and could give it his all... 8th is probably a fair reflection of where he stands in the world of Cross Country mountainbiking. His compatriot Henry Schoeman was not so lucky as he was forced to withdraw from the tri during the run leg. He looked splendit up till then after a great swim and very comfortable bike.... and then his ankle decided it had enough.
  5. After today his name will never be left out again in any discussion about who is the most complete cyclist in the world.
  6. haha...very good.. Old Frankie as Yster Swart
  7. "Now I‘m old, I’m 30, and I started to realise that all those people who say they know, they actually don’t know. Many of them don’t know, and especially those who say that they know, don’t know, because those who do know say that they don’t know." - Anna Kiesenhofer, Olympic gold medal winner.
  8. How to win an olympic gold medal in cycling according to Anna Anna Kiesenhofer the anti-authoritarian 'mastermind' of her own Olympic glory | Cyclingnews
  9. Perhaps that is why she was the only cyclist in the field who was not confused about who won the race
  10. I think Brad has a very good point this time. The fact that it was man on man with no team radios etc probably played into the hands of a streetwise rider like Carapaz. Race radios obviously has its place in the sport but I found it quite refreshing today to see the riders having to do a bit more thinking for themselves. A few even seem totally lost
  11. Yeah, as per usual he went down. As did Tao G Hart, who has clearly taken lessons in the art of crashing from G.. I wonder if Ineos will even offer G a new contract as has just become too much of a risk.
  12. So Mr Gritty himself takes it ahead of all the rock stars. Only the second gold medal ever for Equador at the Olympics. They had only 2 riders in the field so Richard was really up against it. What a rider!!
  13. I saw Rohan Dennis withdrew at the last minute from tomorrows road race in order to focus solely on the ITT. It is probably best for Rohan but Richie P and the other 2 in the road team must surely not be happy especially as they were already a man short in comparison to the strongest nations. The pressure is now really on Rohan to win the ITT.
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