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  1. From what I understand you can still sue if something serious does go sideways. The indemnities are there to keep most people from taking action against the organisers.
  2. Good morning all, Did anyone here cycle between PE and Grahamstown? Any safe back roads? If anyone can assist with a GPX file. Thanks
  3. Does anyone here have experience or know some that used a cash crusaders bike rack?
  4. Hi all, I've never owned a new FS and are looking at two bikes. The Scapel Si 3 2018 and the KTM Scarp Master 2017 I enjoy both endurance racing, done the 36one a few times, and I do love single track and fast downhills. Would I be happy with one of these bikes? They priced the same and this is the max I'm willing to spend on a FS bike. I'm currently on an Vipa AC and riding a 38T oval. Can I fit a 38T oval on the Si crank and is this available as an option. I'm worried about the parts compatibility on the Cannondale. Thanks
  5. Pitpaplo

    Attakwas 2017

    I'm riding a single chainring. will it be ok to ride with a 38t chainring or will i need a smaller one? Thanks
  6. This will be my first attempt. Will be heading towards Sutherland after the 36one. There is plenty of accommodation in the caravan and campsite just outside Sutherland. Looking forward to this. Will be my first time in Sutherland
  7. its a easy ride just enjoy last year i've done 300km per week training with only two rides being 150km each over two consecutive Sundays. It was my first 36one race and very happy with my time.
  8. That doesn't look serious. Its aluminium and strong. I would just shape it the best I can and continue riding.
  9. Please see the attached screenshots. Is this possible? Riding at 40km/h plus with HR of 100bpm and pushing to 80km/h plus and HR nearly touching 135bpm? This is on a stationary bike. If he rides on the road it looks like he can only get an avg speed of 20km/h I've never been close to this fitness level ever. This guy is unstoppable.
  10. We got a big group riding Tuesdays and Thursdays from the Petrol station in KraggaKamma just before the Spar. We leave at 18h00 sharp. Some are training for the 36one and some for Baviaans. We riding tonight and you welcome to join. Leave your cell number if you on Whatsapp and we will add you to the group messages. take care and don't cycle alone
  11. I'm riding a Momsen so please don't stone me to death for sharing. This will be my last Momsen so if myne brakes and the insurance money will go to a different brand name. A friend bought a SL729 R 2012 model in March last year. Warranty on frame is 3 year if the bike is not abused. So this bike showed some cracks on the chainstay close to the BB. As you know the cheaper frames do have joints and this is the case with Momsen. Now the bike was send down to the bike shop in PE that sells Momsen and confirmed that its a crack. TWT reply that they don't have stock of 2012 frames. They also don't have 2013 frames. Remember that this bike is not a year old and looks spotless. the cracks are behind the the crankset sprocket so this is not from a fall. I can add the pictures of this bike. They did opt to fix this frame that's got a factory defect. At the end of the day the bike gets fixed but there won't be a replacement to defects. It took TWT 3 weeks to decide to fix the frame. I know about a Titan carbon defect. small crack started showing under the seatpost clamp. Titan replaced the frame within 5 days. I may not go for a Titan, but they are good looking bikes. Raleigh didn't have stock to replace a frame with a broken chainstay. They took a complete bike and stripped it for a frame replacement. We need to know who does stand by their warranty that they offer. i'll add the 2 pic. one of crack and one of full bike just to show the over all condition of this Momsen. You will this its a brand new bike if you next to it. https://plus.google.com/photos/108676693964936694497/albums/5971437948348207521/5971437961598136578?pid=5971437961598136578&oid=108676693964936694497
  12. Does anyone know where we can buy THINK BIKE stickers in Port Elizabeth?
  13. posted on FB by Yadre Gouws from Framing. Bike in PE. Following message pasted. "If you have had a mountain bike solen recently, please contact me...I have a mountain bike in my possession which I'm pretty sure is stolen...If you can provide full description & conclusive proof of ownership, the bike is yours...Regards Yadre Gouws - 0824666622 or yadre@framing.co.za" People need to stop buying stolen bikes!!!!
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