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  1. Oky so this topic goes to all you Strava lovers,tell us how many KOMs you have and which one is your best. I have 31 KOMs and my best one is Short uphill in Groenkloof. 1st/1611 people.
  2. Anyone else using an Android phone to record Strava tracks? I'm all out of ideas trying to get this working properly. My old Sony used to work perfectly for this years ago, it gradually started having a tough time recording tracks and I needed a new phone anyway so I specifically went for a Ulefone Armor 8 with Android 10 for cycling/paddling etc since it's pretty much bulletproof and has a nice big battery. The GPS connects instantly and the tracks seem to be quite accurate but almost every ride it disconnects/loses signal and I'm left with long straight lines in my tracks and many lost km's. It's not only Strava that does this, OSM Tracker and a few other apps I've tried all record the same messed up tracks so it has to be a phone/GPS issue. I've read some troubleshooting guides and I can't think of anything I haven't tried... Location is enabled. Strava/OSM Tracker have permission to use location. Battery saver is off. Battery Manager is off. Strava/OSM Tracker are not optimised in Settings>Apps>Special App Access>Battery Optimisation. Is there anything I'm missing? Edit: Also tried GPS Locker and Wakelock apps
  3. I used to have a couple of "Issues" with strava's route planner, when it was still free. The first one, that should have been very easy to fix, was the lack of the ability to change a route from one way to two way without having to re-work all the points. It is a minor issue if your route is on a road, but a major pain the backside if you do manual entries on single-track, off road routes. The second issue was, during manual entries, the system at times refuse to take a point that you pick, resulting in inaccurate distances where the route or segment winds down a single track.. Can anyone comment on whether strava fixed these issues subsequent to the route planner being excluded from the free version? I currently use komoot to plan the routes, but if strava fixed the issues I will take the membership option. If they didn't, there is no use for me to go to the pro membership...
  4. Hi Guys, I need your help. I have bought a Giant Neos GPS and and Giant Heartrate monitor (chest strap). I downloaded the Neostrack App. The computer works wonderfully, the app is fairly easy to use and works. However I cant seem to get the app to talk to my Strava account. How do you get them to sync and has anyone else had a problem?
  5. I'm not much of a techie but have turned into a bit of a stravaholic - me and the wife even do the deed together right after our rides. We don't have matching bikes and avoid wearing matching kit but we do now have matching Garmin 500's after I upgraded from an old 305 last Christmas. This was great until we worked out that when she plugged her Garmin in it immediatley downloaded her ride to my Strava (I don't think plugging mine in has a reciprocal effect). There is probably a very simple, obvious setting that will solve the problem. But where the heck is it?
  6. A question posed to me on another thread, got me thinking of posting a review on the 4 apps I use to create routes, each with their own pros and cons. Below is a summarised look at these apps, including some screenshots and explanation of where to find relevant information about your ride. Garmin ConnectStravaKomootRideWithGPSThere may be others, but these are my go to apps to get the information I need. Mobile/Desktop All 4 apps offer desktop and mobile apps, and allow planning of routes using the app. Garmin ConnectSyncs from both desktop and mobile - allowing on the go route planning. Assuming the head unit connects to the mobile app, eg. older units requiring a cable to sync, will only work on the desktop;Two-step process for each waypoint placement. press the navigation icon, then move icon into position and press the point for waypoint to be placed;Can reverse direction - I like this on a circular route, as it might be better to have climbing early on rather than in the second half. Once complete, it's easier to reverse the route than to try rebuild it;Can search for existing routes in your area, based on distance and course type or elevation gain;Allow placement of course markers, eg. summit, decent, food stop, water, danger, etc. It then displays these on your head unit just before you reach the waypoint;Can add the route to a calendar event;Allow users to enter a pace or ride/run time and will calculate the average speed or course time;No subscription required.StravaAvailable to Subscribers only - currently R599.00 for a year subscription (when paid annually);No syncing with devices, but exporting a GPX/TCX is possible on desktop version only;Two-step process for each waypoint placement. Press over the pencil icon, then zoom to the next point and press the point to place the waypoint;Unable to import an existing route - unless I don't know where to look.Can link the route to a club event;Course time is based on average ride speed, and not possible to change it;Desktop version allows for Veloviewer Explorer (see my post for StatsHunters.com and RideEveryTile to understand this feature). This shows the tiles that you've been on and those that you haven't. Makes for easier route optimisation if this is something that interests you... riding in new areas you haven't been to before.KomootPairs with a Lezyne GPS using both desktop (GPSroot) or the mobile (Ally v2) app. Route;Give the most comprehensive summary data after the route is created, and allowing selecting sections of the route to reveal the road surface, grade, start elevation, end elevation, weather forecast for the next three days, the route map, distance markers.Can share the ride with others via email or social media, and they can accept - giving you an idea of who will be attending;Can import from an existing GPX file (.gpx, .tcx, .fit);Reverse route option available;Course time is based on 5 settings, namely couch potato, average, in good shape, athletic and pro. Manual mode available - just click on the "turn off follow ways" button;Offline maps available, for use on the mobile app, as well as on the Lezyne GPS units;Option to report problems on the mapping, to help the developers improve it. I have never used it, so can't comment if it works.RideWithGPSRequires a subscription to use the advanced features, which includes sending to a device;Exporting the route to TCX from desktop version;Capable of showing multi-day rides on one route using different colours;One-click route planning - just click on the selected road and it will auto-route to that point. Drag and drop to re-route on a preferred road if the auto-selection is not acceptable;Reverse route option available;Driving, Cycling or Walking options, with "avoid highway" option. However, the cycling route hardly works for me, so I use driving only;Manual mode for when tracking off road, or through a boomed-off area;​Screenshots - Desktop Garmin Connect Strava Komoot RideWithGPS Note: Images to be uploaded from Tapatalk, to keep the file size as low as possible.
  7. Hi guys, I need some help figuring out what I am doing wrong and if I am doing too much perhaps. Let me explain. I've got a Wahoo Tickr HRM, a Strava account and a Garmin Connect account. I have NO Garmin device. Reason for the Garmin Connect account is because Discovery Vitality syncs to Garmin to pull the activities (on that note, I have yet to see any points allocated for my Garmin MTB Classic the past weekend). Back to the Tickr and Strava. Before I got myself the Tickr, I used to record an activity on the Strava app. With the Tickr, I also initialize a new workout on the Wahoo Fitness app. The issue here is that the Wahoo activity syncs to Strava, indicating all the HR/BPM analysis etc, but then there is the Strava activity itself as well, thus doubling up on my activity feed. So the question is, should I be recording an activity on both, or one of them? Is there a way that the Tickr picks up on my Strava activity recording? Thanks!
  8. Not sure if this has been shared before (Could not find any topics) http://thomaschampagne.github.io/stravistix/ Nifty little add in for google chrome which provides some interesting and added stats to your training data on strava. From the app page;
  9. Is there already a Strava group for bikehub triathletes? If not, is anyone else interested in forming/joining one? The ‘cyclists with a running problem’ have one, which focuses on running & is quite fun to keep tabs on & encourage each other without cluttering up your activity feed. Thoughts, comments & suggestions welcome...
  10. Hi all I noticed at the beginning of the year you can now upload and add pics to your Strava ride on your Desktop/PC...until then you could only do so using Android. So after trying unsuccessfully for a couple of rides(it just keeps trying to load ,but never gets anywhere) I dropped the pic size and eventually succeeded in loading some low res ride pics. So anyone know the size cap on the Pics 2meg-3meg? thanks H
  11. So I have let on snippets about this and I have edited a few bits out but guys here are a few considerations on geospatial information in the form of my ineloquent ramblings on things I have noticed. I am happy to be corrected and for stuff to be added as well... Social media has engulfed the world and although there are many trying to avoid it as much as possible, our digital profiles are still present and more and more they are becoming linked, creating and combining data about us, some of that data is spatial. It is up to us to become aware about this data in order to protect ourselves because even though there are privacy policies implemented there is still data out there that can be helpful but can also be harmful. As a Geospatial Analyst my career specializes in asking the question: Where? GIS software and data is used to map and model space, identify locations, routes, terrain and analyze anything with a location. We can target markets spatially and identify potential shop, service and infrastructure locations. From this outlook and skillset we see spatial information very differently to most and with this there are key positive and negative safety points identified. The Google maps app has recently added a function where you can share your mobile device’s location with others for a set amount of time. This is an incredibly useful function and already many use it to monitor their children’s locations or as an ICE (In Case of Emergency) function when travelling or exercising alone. The android interconnectivity also means that one can track an android device linked to the google account via the online Google account management page. This is similar to the find my IPhone app which has seen success retrieving stolen goods locally on a number of occasions. The Google maps and Waze traffic function is a triumph in sharing of spatial information. Locations and current speed of mobile phones moving on public roads is used to give live traffic updates. Allowing Google to access this information is key to having good quality live traffic data. Waze is also at the cutting edge of location based advertising which targets people with adverts only when they are passing by close to the location of a service, this is a streamline method of advertising which accurately targets the clientele. Some of the sport GPS watches and devices such as the Garmin Cycling devices can be paired with a mobile device and this allows them to share a location during exercise for safety however now with the location sharing within Google maps this safety feature is redundant as you would have to run a mobile device anyway. Knowing the location of your mobile device can also come with a whole host of risks. ‘checking in’ at places regularly can build routines which can be a foot in the door for crime knowing someone is always at gym or having coffee at a certain time allows for others to know you are not home or that you are going to be travelling a certain route whilst being tired from a gym session etc. The risk there is not just for crime but this spatial information is a treasure trove for stalkers following their victims. If you are being stalked the likelihood of you clamping down on publically shared information is already high, but remember to focus on the spatial aspect of this information, your home and current location may be easier to trace than you would like to believe. Notable spatial information that you can think is harmless is that supplied from Tinder, the online dating app, where a distance another app user is from you is provided. This may be harmless seeing as it could be in any direction, but much like the triangulation of a GPS position it would take just three readings to narrow down your location. The map below explains this using dummy data. By restarting the app in 3 different locations, 3 recordings for the distance to another app user were recorded. From this a circle is drawn from each point, with the recorded distance to the app user as the radius for the circle. Where the three circles intersect is the location of the other app user. This is a risk as someone can pinpoint your location to a small area again putting you at potential risk. The Facebook app for mobile use has a ‘friends near by’ function which alerts you when you have facebook friends within a certain radius, and while this is convenient for impromptu catch up sessions there is a lot to consider in terms of who knows exactly where you are. Other apps such as Strava, Garmin Connect and Suunto’s Movescount have built in safety features to allow you to hide your sport activities. Strava also has a privacy zone where any activity within a certain radius of your house or office is hidden from others so that people cannot identify the location of your home. This is important seeing as many cycle from home and there is a large increase in bicycle theft. Strava’s Segments or online races over short sections of track or road can easily be used to identify people who may have multiple high end bikes like strong or professional athletes. Some also list the equipment they used so you can approximate the value of the bicycle in question. Using the link to their account you could then use other activities on their training log to pinpoint their home location for a break in. With the value of certain high end bicycles setting a privacy zone is definitely worth doing. The Strava segments are also an admission of guilt for many law breaking athletes, there are segments which people are regularly racing on stretches of road where cycling and running is illegal and GPS data indicating people breaking the speed limits in areas. One segment alone has over 766 people having recorded times cycling in an illegal place in South Africa. Strava segments are also on public roads and putting others and yourself in danger running stop streets in order to claim a KOM is also risky, the use of GPS data for real time racing is also flawed in that the GPS data is stored in plain text and can be altered. So your KOM could have claimed the time and have never even run or cycled the segment. So while segments are great motivation for training it is wise to take into other considerations when charging for that KOM. Suunto, who make high end sport devices have an online portal which records their training data, and the default setting is public, so your training an movements are by default fully visible to anyone with internet activity. Other portals are set to hidden as default but it is worth checking no matter where you store or log your training. Twitter and Instagram are also valuable sources of spatial information and filtering these streams of data allow us GIS professionals to identify where people are posting about certain things, this is useful in market identification and monitoring trends. As with most social media it is important to control the public access to personal information and spatial information is no different so take a moment and review what spatial information you are sharing. Sharing within limit is perfectly safe and there is no reason to hide your training from close friends and family or trainers the same way your input into traffic will only make your estimated times more accurate or the way your tweet locations could possibly help someone provide you a service better one day. But be aware who has access to this data and what their end goal is with the data, a bit of common sense can go a long way.
  12. Hey, If like me some of you have gotten a little over being shown runs and cycles from 5 days ago and everything seems to be in a random order, like instagram they say they have an algorithm that will show you what you are interested. For those of you that like to see the most recent first, the awesome guys at Veloviewer have a plugin to fix this. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/veloviewer-strava-plugin/kdgpnlmocdpeckamipkkdblnfcpkgbno?hl=en It also removes that people have started a goal or joined a club or those stupid post things. You can donate to Veloviewer, I have done this and cancelled my strava premium subscription. Happy Friday.
  13. Share your adventureRelive turns your adventure into a personal video worth sharing. Fly over your route, see where you’ve been and view your highlights! https://www.relive.cc/ I have recently downloaded the app and started using it and loving it, will start editing it into my future YouTube videos! Sharing is caring
  14. Hi Hubbers, Just out of curiosity, how many people in Cape Town whom have had their bikes stolen from their property use Strava? I mean you effectively show your start and ending position on a map and a pic here and there of your bike,now the criminals have everything they need to know... your address and what is for the picking inside based on your pictures on Strava? Or am I missing something?
  15. HI Hubbers! Speaking to some fellow cyclists over the weekend got me thinking - should indoor training contribute to your weekly goals (distance or time) on Strava? Give me your opinions!
  16. Started a little club on Strava for everyone cycling or running past Cape Town's traffic. Feel free to join. https://www.strava.com/clubs/191708
  17. While checking out who had borrowed one of my KOM's this morning I noticed these okes. They both doing 150km/h on their GPS so in their car it must have been around 160km/h ish. 1. They were also screaming down roads cyclists use regularly as well as their stunts on the N1. 2. Wonder if the popo could use this data? 3. I have done the right thing and sent them a notification to remove the evidence off strava. I have left of their names etc. Have a lekker Friday.
  18. I always had to wait to get to a PC to upload my ride, obviously useless on a stage race or in the bush but I found and loaded Edgescope. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=it.fulvio.edgescope The blurb: Edgescope is an Android application to view activity data from any Garmin Edge GPS through the USB cable, simply get a micro OTG cable and upload and share your ride. It can load activity .fit files directly from your Edge device or from the file system. It shows main activity information, as well as the graphs and the map. You can also upload your activity on Garmin Connect and Strava sites from Edgescope. My experience: This free app has been a revelation, after my workout/ride I simply connect my Garmin to my phone via a OTG mico USB cable and select the workout from the Garmin. I can then view my ride through a simple summary screen: It is then possible to upload to Strava and Garmin connect by simply touching the screen. Additional screens show your route on a map (similar to a Strava map): or you can review the graphs of your speed, altitude or heart rate. It takes about 30 seconds to upload after a ride, so it's possible to do while waiting for the post ride coffee to arrive. But to do this you will need to carry the OTG cable on your ride. 10g extra weight. Once you upload to Strava, all the additional Strava functionality becomes available, as if you have used your smartphone. With one huge exception. ALL your data is loaded, accurately, not like the phone app where you are given extra metres climbing. I've used Edgescope since February, I can really recommend it if you have an Android phone and a Garmin Edge GPS.
  19. Wahoo Fitness, the leader in workout apps and smartphone connected fitness devices, has just announced the integration of Strava Live Segments within its ELEMNT GPS cycling computer. Click here to view the article
  20. Strava is easily authenticated on the ELEMNT, by simply starring a segment on Strava.com. Then, whenever a starred segment is encountered on a ride, the ELEMNT will then bring up a dedicated Strava Live Segment page showing segment progress, distance remaining, as well as the segment’s full elevation profile. Additionally, the Strava Live Segment page can be customized via the ELEMNT companion app to display other key metrics such as power and heart rate. “We’re very proud of how we were able to implement Strava Live Segments on the ELEMNT,” said Chip Hawkins, CEO of Wahoo Fitness. “Taking full advantage of the ELEMNT’s unique user interface, we were able to offer an incredible amount of functionality and an enhanced user experience using the Strava Live Segments feature.”When riding a Strava Live Segment, the ELEMNT’s LEDs also lend a hand to riders searching for that KOM or personal best. The top row of LEDs indicate a rider’s progress within the segment, lighting up sequentially, while the side row of LEDs indicate the whether the rider is over or under the pace for the KOM, their personal best, or the pace of a pre-selected opponent. The ELEMNT is also capable of tracking multiple Strava Live Segments simultaneously, as well as while following a route (with or without turn-by-turn cues), a feature unmatched by the competition. When a rider enters the final 200m of a segment and is within 2 seconds of their target (KOM, personal best or opponent), a helpful ‘Final Push’ page takes over the display to alert and motivate the rider. Once the segment is completed, a segment history page allows riders to review all Strava Live Segments ridden up to that point in the ride, rather than having to wait until the ride is finished to see how they performed. ELEMNT units will be updated with the new Strava Live Segments feature via an ‘over-the-air’ firmware update and riders will be able to install the firmware with the press of a button, either within the companion app or directly on the ELEMNT. An updated companion app is also available for download on both iOS and Android platforms.Designed by cyclists, for cyclists, the ELEMNT packs ANT+, Bluetooth Smart, and WiFi connectivity that allows riders to easily view key ride metrics, navigate a route, track fellow riders’ locations in real-time as well as receive en-route call, text and email notifications—all on it’s large-format, high-contrast DayBright display. Engineered to transform the way people experience and interact with their ride data, the ELEMNT streamlines the user experience and drastically simplifies the setup process, allowing riders to put the focus back on their ride, providing a seamless connection between the rider and their data. "Cyclists on Strava are increasingly using Live Segments to bring some extra motivation to their rides,” said David Lorsch, Strava VP Strategy & Business Development. “We’re excited that Wahoo is now adding Live Segments to the ELEMNT and bringing them to even more Strava members.” The use of Strava Live Segments requires a Strava Premium membership. If a customer is not already a Strava Premium member, a free 60-day premium membership is included in the purchase of each ELEMNT. The ELEMNT retails for R5,999 and is currently available for purchase at wahoofitness.co.za and authorized local dealers.
  21. I hope someone can help me, on the odd occasion, my strava(running on my Android) gets certain spikes in the route, is there some setting that I change to prevent this,
  22. For the first season of this six-part series we’ll be focussing on areas within the Western Cape, but from there it’s all about some country-wide segment smashing. Take a look at the intro video below where our host for the series, Ollie Munnik (aka. Pinner), takes us through some of the details. Contego Segment Hunter - Intro Video How will it work?The Segment: A suitable segment will be chosen for each episode based on your nominations. The Challenger: We’ll choose a suitable challenger for the segment: A pro, an amateur or person of interest. The Preview: Once we have #1 and #2 sorted the “Pinner” will take us through the segment in some detail to help you set some PBs and give a us preview of what’s to come. The Episode: The final showdown. Our challenger lays it all on the line to take on the segment and bask in the glory of virtual winnings. What was that about prizes? It’s not all about bragging rights for our soon-to-be video super stars. We want YOU to get involved and for your efforts we’ve got some great prizes on offer:Grand Prize: R 30 000 unit trust investment from our sponsors Contego A range of spot prizes to be announced as the series kicks off the series (among them is a set of shiny new South Industries #Handgemaak carbon rims) What next? Nominate your segments in the Western Cape! Road or MTB, uphill or downhill. Just tell us why you think it deserves an episode in the comments section below. Then we’ll get cracking on Episode 1.
  23. Hi All SSC will be having x2 group rides this Saturday. All welcome to join. Please visit our website for details: http://ssccapetown.co.za/events/
  24. Here is an interesting read on an unknown LA-based cyclist who has more doping links than Lance. Oh, and it also appears that he now dopes to win Strava KOMs... Go figure. http://cyclingtips.com/2016/03/who-is-thorfinn-sassquatch-the-mysterious-case-of-a-los-angeles-strava-legend/
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