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  1. Your best bet would be to drive into George and play around at Witfontein, some of the best trails in the area. They are still open.
  2. Rad, all the best. I am right behind you (June).. Curious what container service you are using? I'm contemplating MoveCube.
  3. Is it just for a visit or permanent? I was there in June and eventually decided not to take my bike and rather hire one as it was just too pricey and also quite a gamble when it came to possibly getting in 'impounded' due to grass/dirt on the bike, they are very strict in that regard. If you do decide to take it with, rather deal with the cost and go with the airline because if the bike travels apart from you there are import permits and clearance docs that need to be done, becomes a mission. Also then, strip and clean the bike thoroughly and install new tyres, or better yet, take without and buy new ones there. Edit: Oh, also.. you can contact these people, they do the logistics for many cycling teams, getting their bikes where they need to be around the world. Might help. Triptych Resources (Pty) Ltd021 555 3549 https://www.triptychresources.co.za/bicycle-transfers
  4. I think it all depends on how you like your shock to feel. If with the Debonair you found you ran it with more pressure than the recommended for your weight, so a harder ride. Then maybe think about getting a slightly stiffer spring. If you rode the Debonair with less pressure, softer.. Get a softer spring. Or, if you rode it as per the recommended pressure, then go with the CC calculator. I rode my debonair practically as per recommended pressure and went with the CC recommended spring and have been more than happy. Dunno if that helps.
  5. Yup, I sent a crank set back to them. Normal Post Office (SAPO) land mail tracked. Took about 6 weeks. Once it arrive at CRC, about 48 hours for refund. You can send it airmail tracked, but it is about double the cost. Land (maybe went via sea I am guessing) Mail for the box, was about 40x30x20cm and 1.5kg cost about R220, airmail tracked would've been about R450. Edit: Oh, they told me air would've taken about a week.
  6. Yeah, experienced this as well.. Nowhere near as quick as DHL, previous express orders have been at my door with 48 hours, now with Skynet about 11 days. Here is the tracking record FYI. https://ws01.ffdx.net/v4/etrack_blank.aspx?stid=skynet&pageid=0002&cn=056830757071 Edit: When I saw that the parcel was in JHB I called to request invoice to pay (as I have every time with DHL) to speed up delivery, their reply was simply "we don't do that, you need to wait for us to contact you". And then once paid, their policy is a 48hr turnaround time to release parcels once monies reflect in their account.
  7. To OP if I may suggest something that did wonders for my jumping.... Head over to G-Land, also in Stellies... Either take someone with that can jump or hopefully bump into a friendly rider there, either way pay them with beer. The area is built for confidence inspiring progression, small to big tables and small to big doubles. Start small and work your way up, with the right mindset and mates pushing you it might only take a few hours to be hitting the bigger features. Loan a fullface helmet and pads (assuming you don't) to help with the anxiety of falling. It really is an awesome place to learn! And the feeling when you hit something that scared the s*&t outta you before is amazing.. This is where it is: https://www.google.co.za/maps/@-33.9356843,18.8317008,354m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en
  8. https://www.facebook.com/RedBullBike/videos/1457480327702845/ https://www.facebook.com/RedBullBike/videos/1457480327702845/
  9. There is a local company the specialises in hydrographic printing (water transfer painting).. Amazing stuff, but it will cost. I'd link the company, but can't recall their name, a google search should turn it up.
  10. Get in touch with the guys from www.detourtrails.co.za, they run tours and enduros in the area, there is one in two weeks time where the last stage runs down Sani Pass. They do seem a bit secretive about routes though, but might be willing to help.
  11. I have this thingy lying about that looks similar that you are welcome to. Strap doesn't look detachable though, but you might be able to make a plan somehow.
  12. There is still no word on mine going on 10 weeks.. So the supplier has graciously sent out a replacement which I am getting sent via Aramex instead as they don't work with anyone other than USPS. So, lets hope I have it by next week.
  13. I bought a very simple plastic bottle at Crazy Store, 1L, with drinking spout. Think it was about R50 and it fits my normal cage nice and tightly. The only problem I could foresee (bike dependant) is clearance between the spout and top tube, mine has about 2mm.
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