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  1. Bogus did some great work for me in the past as well. Plan to use him to respray my rig eventually
  2. Never returned it, back injury, covid restrictions, broken hand. Even though the bike basically stood still for over a year , too much time went past to return it. Bike still looks ok for the most part, Will just respray it again at someone else when I have the cash again. Just to clarify, Never had issues with CBR, used them a few times, will still use them for carbon repair. Spray work will just go elsewherein future
  3. Carbon repair, CBR yes. Respray Jared at BMC or Bogus. Had my bike resprayed at CBR after I needed to color match a new rear triangle after an insurance claim. Paintwork looked good, durability on the other hand, not so good. Paint is flaking off in certain areas, top coat pulled off on my downtube when I replaced my frame protection. Bogus also did carbon repairs. Can maybe drop him a dm for a quote @BogusOne
  4. The olive and barb is single use, you can buy those loose form any bike shop. The banjo fitting is crimped onto the brake hose, you cant just rip it out and reuse it. You can by the whole kit, with olive, barbs and hose with pre-crimped banjo. You will also need a bleeding kit to bleed your brakes with MINERAL and not Dot fluid. (currently out of stock though) the kits come in 1700mm or 2000mm lengths. check which will work best for you. https://evobikes.co.za/product/shimano-xtr-xt-slx-brake-hose-sm-bh90-sbm-2000mm/ Plenty videos on youtube for that can help with guidance. If you don't not have the right tools (and skills/ knowledge) for the job, rather let your local bike shop do the replacement of the hose for you. Will be a lot cheaper than a hospital visit if your brakes fail.
  5. https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/dual-suspension-mountain-bike-frames/505724/bmc-speedfox3-frame-cracked-top-tube I want what he is smoking
  6. Those rings usually have a slotted hole, with the bigger radius of the slot being 96mm and the smaller radius being 94, for the oddball shimano (96mm) and sram (94mm) cranks
  7. https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/dual-suspension-bikes/498481/giant-reign Same bike? Without the crap sales pitch?
  8. Stoke Suspension used to do shockwiz rentals. DM @droo to find out
  9. At least there is one Gavin Anthony Smith for sale
  10. @Menno Schagen This looks like my old fork that I recently sold to another hubber. Its a 2008 Marzocchi Bomber 66 RCV. 26" 180mm travel, 38mm Stanchions, 20x110mm hub. A hope pro 4/hope pro 2 evo with 20mm endcaps will work for it. I also have a GT 20 x 110 hub in my parts bin should you be interested. Even though the fork is 26", I was able to fit a 27.5 x 2.5 Minion dhf in there, no issue, with plenty of clearance. 9k for the fork is a bit on the steep side for the age of the fork. Hence me selling it on the cheap when I sold it. Still a super plush fork. I kept it as a spare for my Ibis mojo hd3 and ran it when I sent my Fox36 to RBC for services. Should you want any additional ifo on the fork/oil level/ service info etc, you can DM
  11. Autosol is any raw aluminium frame's best friend. For the frames i did I used a green 3m pad and WD40 for the initial polish, and then autosol to finish it off. If you want to clear coat, ou will need to use a self etching 2k clear coat. rattlecan won't be durable enough.
  12. Hahahaha, crazyness. Sold mine for R1500 a month ago. Still regret selling it though.. Edit: Looking at it closer makes me think its mine that passed hands again
  13. Hands down Williams. You can also check out The Hanger Bike Co or Pedalworx
  14. If you have time: elbow grease, WD40 and green scotch brite. Done that to all 3 my previous RAW frame projects
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