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  1. Hands down Williams. You can also check out The Hanger Bike Co or Pedalworx
  2. If you have time: elbow grease, WD40 and green scotch brite. Done that to all 3 my previous RAW frame projects
  3. First time out at Hoogekraal. Still recovering from a broken hand and flu, but was awesome being out and about today. Muddy as hell. But great fun.
  4. It was bike addict that had one at a good price. Was looking to replace my cane creek dbair IL. the rebuilds are getting exponentially more expensive, and Isiko sports moved from the Strand to the othet side of the country, so adding courier cost to service cost makes it even more expensive
  5. https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/profile/154930 A fellow hubber helped me track his bikehub handle. His bikehub nicname is Delong
  6. They never replied my emails when I enquired about stock, went for the "second best" option. Fuming about this
  7. I cant remember his bikehub handle. Unless admin can go back on my chat history
  8. I sent him a link to this thread as well incase anyone asks
  9. Hi guys and girls Just a heads up about a dodgy seller in the classifieds, Henrico Jacobs. ( I cant remember his bikehub nikname, stupid me cleared my inbox) About a month ago i bough a Fox DPS rear shock off him, advertised as a 200x57. Upon receiving it, I found out it was a 190x50. We spoke, he promised to rectify the issue and produced another Fox DPS, this time 200x57. I met up with him, swopped the 190 for the 200 and went on my merry way, believing the issues was resolved. Fast forward to last night. I finally fitted the shock to my bike with the hope of setting it up for my ride this morning. While setting the sag in my driveway, I heard the shock clunking on full extension. And decided to deflate the shock and reinflate it, cycling the suspension ever so often to equilize the positive and negative chambers in case that was the issue. (Also found that he rebound dail is also on the frits, no positive detent clicks) On the first compress I saw that I didn't get full travel. I only got 50mm in stead of 57mm. Tried cycling it a few more time, but to no avail, no more than 50mm travel. I refitted my cane creek and went riding today. When i got home i opened the aircan and found that the damper's stanchion is warn and that the top out stopper was removed in order to extend the 190x50 shock to 200mm. I contacted Henrico, but he is igoring my messages. So school fees paid and have a new paperweight for my desk. Be careful when dealing with this bloke. Henrico Jacobs Cell number:076 330 5100
  10. I can confirm that Riyadh is indeed Riyadh (if that make sense). We have ridden together, swopped parts, talk on a regular basis, been to my house on a few occasions. Very solid guy in my book
  11. Ibis Ripley AF...because Ibis and DW link susension. And @ $1899 for a frameset, its a no brainer..for me that is (now..if I only had the money...)
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u7NiBzz9mp8 Seems it more directed at the ebike market?
  13. Get your fork to a proper suspension guru. Like Andrew at Stoke suspension, or Robbie as RBC (in PE though). They will be the best people to asses your fork. I have a RS Recon that is doing the same, and I will be taking it in as soon as I have funds to have it looked at again. As for the best replacement, it all depends how deep your pockets are. I am very happy with my RS SID on my hardtail, the Recon is also sufficient for most application. It all depends on your riding style and how much you want to spend.
  14. I think my heavy foot and all the stop/go to work is a bigger influence on my fuel economy than my roof racks / thule racks. I drove up to the Northern Cape easer weekend, and I got 6.2km/l on the open road (the racks were empty though). My racks stay on, purely due to convenience. We mostly start riding before sunrise, so I dont want to fumble in the dark fitting my racks before I drive to the trailhead
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