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  1. My deepest sympathy to family and friends. When will it stop?
  2. Louiso, do you have a photo/pic?
  3. Mmmm, die liefde moet seker serious wees. As 'n man praat van ouer word, dan dink hy gewoontlik aan huwelik - so, do we hear wedding bells before the end of this year when you get your bonus? Or is the tandem gonna come before the crib?
  4. Marius: You losing weight? Can't recall having seen your face looking this gaunt. Ek weet jy's sterk op die fiets, maar jy lyk bietjie "pap". So kom, spill da beans ...
  5. And the cheapest place to buy Garmin Edge 305 locally? At the Expo, Sportsman warehouse were selling at R36?? but claimed their stores had no stock. So where to buy at a better price?
  6. A commendable achievement, Latrinus. Relentless2007-03-12 10:04:04
  7. An hour at Killarney for the sprinters?
  8. Now if you know where I can find one of their pretty carbon road frames for under R5K .... mmmm, I'm in.
  9. Some time ago the specific name of her masseuse was recommended on the Hub. Anyone remember her name. I called their office and was told that there are three in attendance. I need the best one to relieve a stiff cyclists bod. Anyone?
  10. Hour before race, 1 pack 2-minute noodles. Glass of whatever's in my waterbottle - currently enduren.
  11. Thanks for all your responses ... Please keep 'em comin ...
  12. What do you have displayed on your cycle computer during a) training, and b) racing? actual speed, distance, time, cadence, ave speed, heatrate, power, temp, ascent, etc. For myself, I watch actual speed and cadence while training And while racing, I watch ave speed and distance. So, what's on your dial?
  13. Really tragic ... sorry to read this ... my condolences to hubby and her family.
  14. Hear, hear. Three days ago, discussed my tingling in hands problem with Chris Jnr (mentioned that I had come in via TheHub), went in to have a look at a carbon handlebar, placed order, took bike in to have it fitted the next day. Collected the bike the following day. Handlebar fitted perfectly. Expert job with tape. Free bike valet service ... really looks like new. And all for an outstandingly good price. And my ride is superb. Highly recommended buying experience. Count me in as a satisfied customer.
  15. During my solo training side this morning - prep for the Argus - with all the deaths and injuries experienced by our brethren (and sistren) I realised that my mojo has been affected. No longer do I carefree don my cycling kit, saddle up and ride off into the dawn. From the moment I enter the first turn, the hairs on the back of my bristle ... and who knows what may happen over the next hour or two? Anyway, I was contemplating along the ride, that one needs a positive outlet for all this pent-up negativity. And I'm sure that there are others who feel the same way too. Here's my suggestion, and let me know what you guys think? I'd be willing to make a donation, say a coupla hundred rand, to a fund - administered maybe by admin, or someone honest, for them to have some big obviously visible "Beware cyclists" stickers printed. Furthermore, I am prepared to go out one night under the cloak of darkness stick this on all the big road traffic direction signs (those big green ones) on all my popular cycling routes. This will deface, at the very least, the RH corner of the road sign, but will hopefully at least get the message across without detracting too much from the signage. In particular I'd like to focus on the spots where we've had some fatalities (e.g. Bottelery Rd, etc). So what do you guys think? Can this work?
  16. Epoh: brilliant progress. And I thought Marius was gifted. Just a quick question: do you think your current progress is sustainable with you current efforts? i.e. Are you where you wanna be right now? Do you see the same leaps in progress as before?
  17. I'd prefer not to know. What happens off the bike stays off the bike!
  18. Ok, that's it then - hope to drop weight down to 65kg by March and improve fitness level. The target: 3h30 Argus 2007. Thanks for all the suggestions. Ek moet nou haas om 'n klient to gaan sien.
  19. Om en by hoeveel weeg Linus?
  20. So, No. 4 with coaching will not produce the desired results? I have a friend, Barry, who is about 47, spends about the same time I do in the saddle, is a lecturer at Cape tech, rides a Treck 1000, and did last year's Argus in 3:13. Granted, he's done about 10 of them. What does he know or do that I don't, I wonder? Nou dat ek daaraan dink, hy's so 'n bietjie ligter (5kg) - ek weeg 75. Kan dit so 'n groot verskil maak?
  21. Ok so what I can gather it's a question of one or a combination of 4 things: 1. You top notch okes have time on your side - more than 3 hours a week saddle time 2. You meneere have youth on your side (I'm 45) 3. You have better gear/equipment (I ride a stock/standard Giant OCR1) 4. You guys have better technique Suggestions where/what I can focus on to gain immediate results which will motivate me even more? Please don't suggest smarties!!
  22. Bikemax: do you guys and your training/coaching programs actually do this. PM me if you guys can really take a poor climber like me, with 3 hrs free a week, and lift my performance to this level in time for the Argus 2007.
  23. Well, Marius, now you got me thinking as well??? WTF?
  24. FanieFiets: Your figures makes your ave speed 19.44K / hr. That is entirely respectable! My fastest average going up: 14K/hr with 8K/hr at the worst spots. Then again I'm only rated "L" with pedalpower. So, respects man ... just look after your heart ... if you're older than 30, I guess you're looking to blow a gasket.
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