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  1. When can I expect delivery? Thank you. 🤡 Don't want to spend billions of Euros to get this tee into Mzansi.
  2. Might even find some nice single track as well.
  3. ______________/\_/\_/\_/\___________________________ 42km 4 very small jumps on route....
  4. So then why even come on to this forum and call the driver a d**s, post a picture of him and his number plate? I am not defending the driver but I do not understand what the OP is trying to achieve. Like you said, "He's already called out the driver to his face, so the driver is now aware that he passed too close".
  5. 17. You should've finished the race before submitting a race report on said race
  6. Thanks Myles. How we get to that 100 000 won't matter? I can do the 99 999 and the wife the other point?
  7. My wife is in quite a panic after seeing this on the Discovery site. Can somebody please explain the below? As the main member do you have to get 50 000 points and a dependent can only get to a max of 25 000 points? What happened to getting to 90 000 cumulatively no matter which member contributes the points? Me contributing say 60 000 and the wife 30 000. The wife will find it difficult to get to 50 000, possible, but very difficult.
  8. Yawn... This thread is filled with more complaining and moaning than with actual quality content. If I am a prospective Munga participant and I have to read through all this 'opinions' I'll just fall over and die. Then again, reading through this thread will be excellent mental prep for the race. You are all wrong! You are all right!
  9. Only 13-14 years of training. Started cycling at the age of 45 only. Mike is ‘n yster.
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