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  1. There's plenty of worthwhile causes. I'm sure Velokhaya or Songezo will gladly accept, especially considering their kids needs smaller size kit. I'm happy to collect, or connect you to Velokhaya directly I did a big collection in December and they were incredibly thankful. I actually got passed by a kid on Polka who was wearing my old kit
  2. I feel like we'll receive the cancellation email this morning... Oh well, at least we have Tour De Zwift
  3. Are these on the 'Dale yet? Let's see some pics
  4. I'm doing a collection for Velokhaya in Khayelitsha. I've already got some kits, shoes etc and I'll be happy for you to contribute. If you're interested please send me a DM. Last year was a big success and the kids were all very appreciative.
  5. I normally stock up on tubes and tyres on BF, but this year already seems disappointing thus far. I know supply chains have been disrupted this year and the USDZAR has blow out, but this year seems like a non-event for bike shops. Hope I'm wrong and we see a mega clearance sale on Friday
  6. I'm also keen to give them a try...surely they can give us a sneaky Black Friday deal
  7. Thanks Chris! I've been doing incremental tinkering on my position over the years and done a lot of research on bike fit. I agree that most issues are down to the rider position rather than the component itself, but the saddle is more a case of trial and error. I've been riding a old Spez with no issues, but thought I'd try to the Pro Stealth after seeing some amazing reviews...NOPE...doesn't suit me on road or TT position I just wish we had more test saddles available at bike shops
  8. Been struggling with this myself too lately Are there any LBS's with a wide variety of test saddles in Cape Town? Tried CWC but they have a super limited number available
  9. I saw more covidiots riding in groups this morning around the northern 'burbs of Cape Town. The rules are dumb, but please don't be so blatant about your disregard for them. We'll all be painted with the same brush for the actions of few No harm in riding solo for a few weeks
  10. I still can't believe how many group rides I see on the roads in the mornings. People riding in matching club kit with no shame I know that the rules are silly, but being selfish could ruin it for everyone Don't be a covidiot
  11. Likewise, in Cape Town area. Can meet at the nearest Pick n Pay
  12. My 2c: I've been riding on DH wheels for about 3 years now after buying a 2nd hand set here. I've had to replace the rear as the braking surface started to crack and de-form. DH built a new rear wheel for me at a cost, but using their new wheels. Currently my front wheel is the 1st generation DH wheel and my rear is the newer gen. I feel and see a difference in materials and quality, so chapeau to DH for seeking to continuously improve. I wouldn't expect Zipp or Enve performance from DH, but they're worth considering IMO
  13. My 2cents: I'd go for the Ultegra with rim brakes. Much easier to find deep carbon wheels in the 2nd hand market, and easier to mount clip-on TT bars.
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